Sunday, January 14, 2007

5 things

Pirate Jessica tagged me with the whole 5 things people don't know about you, and so I better get around to that. The only problem is that I'm not that mysterious so the things are probably quirks or things others could guess. But here goes.

1) Escalators make me extremely nervous
Eever since I was five or six and in Prince George and I saw some kid get his boot caught in the escalator at Sears and the fire department had to come escalators make me extremely nervous and if there is a choice between an escalator/elevator or stairs I'll choose the latter two. Always. Don't even get me started on the escalator at Granville Street station in Van.

2) I've never read anything by Kerouac
I've always been meaning to and whenever a conversation about a Kerouac play or novel comes up I always look serious and nod in agreement as if of course I know that, I've read that book a millions times! Truth is that I've read it none. And yetI've managed to have conversations about Kerouac as if have. Should probably get around to that soon. Although faking it does seem to be working.

3) I think I could have slight obsessive compulsive tendancies
I;ve come to terms that it's probably not normal to wake up during the night to make certain the door is locked, or to turn the car around to check to see if the straightening iron is still on. Yet I do both quite frequently.

4) I hit something with my car at least 3 times a week.
A curb. A sidewalk. Another car. Cement blocks. Fences. Shopping carts. Shhh, don't tell anyone. It gives my car "love scrapes".

5) I'm a neat freak....but hate cleaning.
There's nothing worse than a disorderly home. A little bit of clutter is ok but I like a place neat. Especially the kitchen and bathroom. But even though I like doing dishes I hate vacuuming and cleaning the tub. So when I move to my new place I think I'm going hit the pinnacle of lazy and get a housekeeper to come in once a week to do those things. I'm much too busy blog surfing and being lazy to be bothered.

There you have it, me and all my neurosis!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Great job.
Great boyfriend.
Great friends.
My own place.

Isn't this where I get hit by a bus or something?

Sunday, January 7, 2007

off the market

I have a really amazing boyfriend. His name is Andrew and he's 31. I don't normally talk much about dating on blogs, as I think it's best left private but this time I think it's worth it. He's really funny and smart and makes me smile. It's funny how you can meet somene years ago and not think anything of it, just a passing moment, then years later they can affect you. So far, so good.

PS We went to 'Wildlights' last night and I fell in love with a racoon family. They were all tubby and cute and I decided I want them. The whole lot of em. Then we can talk about the damn 'coons while on the porch whittling wood. Just an idea. Oh and there was a horrible symphony of lights with the 12 days of Christmas accompanied by corresponding lights...but then at the end they threw out like 45 seconds of Bohemian Rhapsody to lights. And noone else seemed to notice. Wtf.

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

lets ring in the new year with babyduck and matinee slims

Or at least that's how I did it. And paid the price the next day. Not a bad enough hangover to pray for death, just bad enough to justify staying on the couch in my gitchies all day long drinking soup. Mmmmmm soooouuuup.

Lets recap the holidays. Went up north and the time passed too quick. Got to see mom and dad (i missed them so much it was ridiculous). Ate yummy food and read old books (SVU and Fear Street 4eva) and watched tele guilt free. It took about 2 days just to destress from everything at work but when I did it was nice. Actually got a long sleep one night and even though I fought a cold it was still great. Gots to see the mine and spend time there. It's amazing to see how much it developed since I was there last Easter.

Christmas was awesome. I got tixs to see the Tragically Hip and a vacuum and autostart for my car. And a pirate ornament and book (HARRRRRRRR) and a spoon rest that says 'will cook for shoes'. I love how every year we break out the fine china and have a gorgeous table setting only to put on the paper crowns and exchange toys and make pull my fingers jokes. Only my family...
It was also nice to see Scottish granny. She's passed on a deep love of tea down to me and for tabloid mags.

But all good trips but come to an end and before I knew it I was back in Kamloops and was at work the next day with a throat that felt like I swallowed hellfire. Trip to the walk in confirmed strep and for one of the first times ever I had to miss rock trivia. Much sadness. Especially after Matt (who said he'd come for the last 6 months) finally showed up on the night I wasn't there. Typical. Doesn't count if I wasn't there to witness it.

Chilled til New Years Eve which was spent at Leanne's (who I still cannot believe has left us til Spring thaw). Allthe regulars were there (Jenn, Lucas, Lorne, Jenny, Leanne, her parents, John and Darren). It was casual but fun and well due to a technicality of antibotics I ended up getting tipsy as every drink doubles its content and I had about 5. Ooops. C'est la vie, it was fun.

Since then I got some good news. My landlord offered me a 1 bedroom apartment int he complex for Feb 15th and I accepted. It's really pretty with a balcony and a walk in closet. You'd think he said it's made of gold or has a hottub on the balcony with how happy I am with the walk in closet. I've been wanting my own pad for years and finally it's coming. I have the deadline. I'm seriously so happy. Anyone wanna help me move :P

Oh and my cold is no longer a cold but the plague. I'm waiting for the buboes to form. Seriously, think it perma moved in. Oh and everyone should watch 'Little Miss Sunshine' cause it's so freaking awesome.