Friday, October 24, 2008

A Few Updates

I'm still at the same job. I still love it some days and hate it others. That's not gonna change any time soon, as it's just one of those jobs. Not great enough to love, but comfy enough to make you not wanna leave.

I'm dating someone. Have been since the summer. A man that makes me want to be a better person and strive for more. A man who is so unbelievably intelligent and caring that every day I'm in shock that he has chosen me. He can make me laugh, and learn and love. I trust him. I respect him. It could blow up in my face tomorrow, and yet it would still all be worth it. Did I mention we're going as Batman (him) and Robin (me) for Halloween? Yeah, we're THAT cute.

I voted conservative in the election. That does not make me a bad person, a capitalist, uneducated or a right winger. I still consider myself liberal in standpoint and am proud. I did not choose a party that I feel will give money to the wealth, or is the equivalent of the republican party for the states. I read the platforms, I educated myself and I voted for who I think can lead this country through tough times. Get over it.

This is a tough time economically...and yet it doesn't seem it as I'm still broke as hell. Seriously, with the recession I'm still struggling to pay off debt at the same rate, still blowing money at the same rate and still wondering when I'm gonna be able to start living life rather than paying for it.

I'm 95% certain that I'm going to just ground my car for the winter. 4 months of a parked car (it's not a winter car) means 4 months where I am less likely to get into a car accident, can pay off debt faster and not scrape my windows and curse that I don't have remote starter. It's not a bad idea...but then again it could change when snow starts to fly and I'm out at the bus stop.

I'm currently entering a time in my life where I feel transition coming. I feel an unease during the summer and realized that I wasn't content with my party girl lifestyle and have been slowly shifting. That's not to say I don't like to go out for a social bevvie or three with friends and that I'm never gonna trainwreck again. Cause we all know that's damn near impossible. I've been weeding out the people in my life that I find to be negative or have been dragging me down. I have been embracing positive and healthy friendships and relationships. It's a weight lifted off my shoulder.

Oh, and my cat is still playing in her damn litter. That's about it :)