Monday, June 18, 2007

living off carrots and tea

So I've decided to try the new fad of the month. Detox diets. Long story short-between 7-10 days of no sugar/flour/wheat/caffeine/processed foods/dairy/alcohol etc. Pretty much all the yummy stuff in the world gone. What do I eat now? Good question. I've had to get creative and actually broke down and have been cooking.

Homemade tomato soup, steamed spinach, salads, stirfries with brown rice, quinoa, fresh juices and teas. Also a homemade lemonade that is supposed to be detoxifying that has agave syrup, fresh lemons and a touch of cayanne. Sounds weird but is really good.

The weird thing is as much as I started hating it by day 2 and the appeal was lost it's working. My bad head cold is almost gone in a matter of 2.5 days. I am cranky from lacking caffeine but don't have the energy highs and lows. I had a five min nap after work rather than the usual 2 hour one. Fresh vegetables are appealing to me and I've even broken down and have ate some fruit.

The point of being so mean to myself is that through all the processed crap we eat your body starts to become toxic. Then because you get used to it, you crave the sugar highs and the carbs cause you need them to help you recover fromt he lows much like a drug. Then your brain craves the crap food and it becomes an unhealthy cycle which wreaks havoc on your system.

Only 4 days left and I'm rearing to go. If only I would stop craving white bread and brownies this would be so much easier.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Wedding She-bang-alang

The wedding. This post has been coming for awhile, but well I'm lazy. Deal with it.

Josh and Jess have been planning on getting married for awhile. This isn't news as well Jess and I talked about it all the freaking time at the front desk. I practically knew all the details beforehand. All in all though, the events still snuck up fast. First the bachelorette. Heh. Twas a great time had by all. I'm envoking the t-shirt routine as a new part of bachelorette tradition so all you waiting to get married, consider yourself warned beoutches. It's more fun than admittable to drink from phallic straws. Doncha agree Jess ;) Twas my first lapdance and I have to say I'm ever so happy that the 'fucking classy' gene is rubbing off a bit.

The wedding was gorgeous and it was classic. Jess and Josh looked amazing despite the sweltering heat and the ceremony was traditional but also punctuated with moments of humour. Pictures were good, and chilling with everyone was nice. It was great to be able to catch up with Manny and Auren and it was really cool how we were all together if even to talk about American politics and debate the merits of pretzels. Which rock by the way!

The dinner was really good and I was impressed with the vegetarian options. The speeches rocked and there were some good laughs. I was curious to find out about the stories behind Norm's best man speech about Josh as there were a lot of in jokes. Brian killed it with a speech about stealing cutlery and extra shot glasses. There were some touching speeches and moments such as the first dance. Of course the Kamloops people represented with the speeches.Teh Goooo team Jenny/Manny/Me. Remember 'may all your ups and downs be in bed".

Then things got messy. Potatoe guns came out. People stripped and went in the river (hey Ben?) I tried unsuccessfully to fit into a baby swing. Walked into the guy's washroom which is apparently the way to meet guys I'm finding. Stairs became troublesome for people (for once not me). Cheesy dancing took place. I'm not gonna lie. The running man and the sprinkler dance may have found a place on the dancefloor. A certain tux will have stories to tell to the others at the rental shop. Enjoying the night air and coining the term "anyone can become a gentleman at a two dollar a drink bar".

The next day the gift opening went off well and mixers are the new pink. Oh well, that's what receipts are for. It was a great weekend and it was fun to spend it with Lorne, Ben and Jenny in the hotel room even if they harrassed me mercilessly for my drunken antics. It was the right blend of being touching to watch two people you know love each other dearly get married, surreal to see two friends get hitched as they are the first of the group, fun times with people, and debaucherous wedding crashers shenanigans.

So who's next?

Wednesday, June 6, 2007


So apparently I have to say seven things about myself that are rare or facts or something like that. This is harder than thought as I'm a pretty open book but after ponderance this is what I came up with.

1) I'm really quite shy. No really. I was voted shyest girl in highschool each year. I'm still quite shy in groups of people I don't know. So often I drink in social situation which leads to not being so shy, but I still can't seem to shake that whole socially inept thing no matter what.

2) I'm a vegetarian and often the smell of meat or sight of raw meat makes me naseated. But I watch shows about cooking meat because I presume one day I'll get married and I may marry someone who eats meat and I want to know how to cook it for him.

3) Speaking of foods, I've never outgrown that three year old phase where foods on a plate cannot touch each other (unless lasagna or something intentional). If in a stirfry than vegetables should be seperated and eaten individually. And all sauces should have dipping bowls rather than being on the item. I have more dipping bowls in my home than any other kitchen thing.

4) I adore writing lists of things I would do with lottery winnings of all amounts. I never buy lottery tickets.c

5) I practically lived in Vancouver's Children's hospital for a year when dealing with hearing correction (eighty percent deaf until 6 yrs) and growth issues (I've always been tiny). Despite the occasional blood test and feeling bad I remember it as a fun experience. I got rootbeer popsicles and got to pet the hospital dog and play and watch tv.

6) I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up.

7) I love the tv show Wifeswap. It's a guilty pleasure and I'm turning red as I write this cause it's suuuuch bad tv.

I tag Lisa, Jenny, Jessica, Lorne, Jessica Williams, Sarah and Tara.