Sunday, February 25, 2007


There you go Lorne. You're linked you whiney baby. Now excuse me while I go cut the brakes to your car so I can have something to post about tomorrow.

Friday, February 23, 2007

No internet and no tv make Meghan go something something

To follow Jenny's layout I'm going to just summarize everything that is happening in my life right now with lists of the good and the bad. Being that I'm emo I'll start with the bad first.

The Bad
-friends that bail on helping move
-the love hate relationship i have with my kitty. she makes me sneezy and itchy and wheezy (all hot I know) and she sheds worse that anything i've seen. I've gotten her out of the habit of scratching my door and wanting people food but she meows as if she's had such a hard life if i don't spend at least an hr a day petting her. and if I go to nap she headbutts me til I wake up and give her attention. And she has a new game she likes where she is able to open the closet door and get into the closet but not get out so she meows until I let her out. that being said I have fallen for said kitty and am having troubles thinking about possibly getting rid of her. Someone offered to take her yesterday and the thought of not having her is devastating. 'Oi. The dilemma.
-bruises from moving/scrapes from the kitty.
-red eyes from the kitty
-not having Internet hooked up yet
-not being able to find anything after moving
-having a roomate that left the cleaning upto me
-the fact that starbucks makes my tummy hurt
-feeling lonely

The Good
-finally having my own space to do what I feel!
-the way my kitty headbutts me to say hello and rolls around with a ball for hours.
-Grande Americano with 5 pumps sugar free cinnamon dolce. Yumm.
-Valentines Days that are neither bitter nor sad.
-friends visiting and catching up over beer
-friends that help you move and put up with your lacking organization.
-the way the sun comes through the window perfectly in me new place
-having a place that I want others to feel welcome to drop by and have coffee and chatty.
-spring coming

Thursday, February 15, 2007

you're going to think i'm a monster...

because i'm thinking of giving tinkerbell up already. that's not to say i do not like her or have not spent a lot of time and money bonding with her. both have been implemented to a high degree.i've even been dealing with the cat poopy quite fine, jenn. but it's day four and the allergies which were supposed to be subsiding at this point have not been. it's not that i was like "cat+allergies=a hell of a good time!" but was under the impression that spending time living with a cat can help with the allergies and can make them go away. this was assured to me by cat owners and animal health technicians alike.

this is a lie.

i'm stressed due to all the cat hair, and all she wants is some love and pets and maybe a cat treat or seems silly to give her back up to the SPCA after spending the time and money getting all the supplies and well, tinkerbell. so rather than seeing this as another shitty idea that failed, i'm hoping someone will be able to give tinkerbell a good home. why pay at the spca when there's a great kitty here who just wants a couple of hiding spots and to chase her shadow?

PS anyone who is thinking of commenting with an 'i told you so' or a 'you knew you were allergic' please don't. i have bonded with tinkerbell and this isn't easy to admit i've made a bad decision and one that will affect my cat. i already know this is a shitty thing, so no affirmations, thanks.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

My new roomate?

This is Sugarplum. She's a 4 yr old cat. She's a redheaded princess who is curious and likes attention on her own terms. Sound familiar? Right now I am having a serious debate about whether Sugarplum should be my new roomate.

The Pro's
-company so i don't go crazy talking to myself
-finally having a pet!
-pet owners live 10 yrs longer on average
-build up a natural immune system
-have responsibility
-general happiness
The Cons
-I am allergic to cats. They make me sneeze and my eyes itchy.
-my dad is allergic to cats and i want my parents to be able to stay with me when visiting
-the constant vacuuming/lint brushing as I hate cat hair
-dealing with gross things like poo and puke and stuff that makes me naseated
-where to put the cat if I go away.
-not all places allow pets so what to do if I move out sometime.
I have not been a pet owner for years and my experience with all animals is limited. I had a hamster named minime I loved very much but common sense tells me a cat is a lot more work. Would it be okay for while I go to work? How do I take care of a cat? So many questions for a spur of the moment decision, but I feel I must act quick before someone else realizes how fabulous Sugarplum is and steals her away. Feel free to throw feedback and opinions about getting a cat, and how to care for a cat.

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

The time's they are a changin'

Some people deal with break ups by getting drunk, or rebounding with someone else to feel better/attractive, or getting angry and bitter. I have done all these in the past. This time I dealt by buying dinnerware and surviving on hot chocolate and pizza for 3 days straight. A new leaf, or just strange behavior, perhaps.

Friday, February 2, 2007

A Pre-Valentine's day poem

Boy meets girl. Girl meets boy.
Spark fly and they start falling hard.
They picture the picket fence together.
It's almost too perfect.
... Six weeks later...
Boy gets transferred jobs to a different town.
It ends.
Game over.