Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Tales from a Coal Miner's Daughter

Captain's Log, Tumbler Ridge, Day Five.

Christmas has come and gone and another turkey has bit the dust. Not too much to report from TR other than I'm really happy to spend time with the family and really bored out of my tree. Prezzies did me well with gift certificates to stores I like, body butters, and enough Starbucks cards to last me a month.

While bored I've watched more movies than ever before, which is always nice to catch up on. I love visiitng Ma and Pa, the only thing is that since they move roughly every two years I've never been able to make friends in places they live before moving onto the next spot (boohoo, I have tons of friends at home and am not complaining, just observing). But it's still worth the visit to get a chance to spend time with them, eat real food and have mom do my laundry (yes I'm spoiled).

A few odd points to mention of TR-there's more traffic on the side roads for snowmobiles than on the actual roads. When going into the general store, people knew who I was even when I didn't know who they were. I've heard "you must be Ivan or Linda's daughter" by more than one random stranger. I debated picking up an economy pack of condoms and rollies to get the town talking about what Ivan's daughter is upto. The highspeed internet is as slow as dial up internet, but it's still a welcome portal to the outside world.

Moose and wolf tracks are akin to footprints up here and not having cell reception is not all bad, though I havespent a large portion of the time on the phone with friends. All in all, TR is not that bad and is even an upgrade from Stewart, having one stoplight AND a golfcourse. But seriously, next year Mom and Dad can come down for Christmas. I'll even make the turkey.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Merry Emo Christmas

First off I want to start the post just by saying that everything in life although busy and frantic and a bit overwhelming is great.

The staff party went off without a hitch, Jess's birthday was awesome and in general activities have been good times. At work they are even painting the office that Josh and I share from a hideous pee yellow to a nice taupe with chocolate trim. Sooo much nicer to work in.

The late night shoppers make me wanna jab a candycane up someone's ass sideways but really that's no different from any other shopper on any given year. People have been nicer during this season, goodies have been abound and cheer is in the air.

That being said I'm not sure if it has anything to do with Christmas at all, or maybe the stress-busy-travelling etc factor....but I wanna bawl. And it made me think. Do you ever have one of those days where you just feel overwhelmed and like crying, but you don't have good or even logical reason to cry. So you hold it in. You can feel it in the back of your throat when you hear a sad song or a friend says the wrong thing.

And I'm not a big crier. I can probably count on one hand the times that I cry in a calender year. I will wipe away a tear when watching a sad movie or when angry and feeling like I'm not being taken seriously. But those are few and spotty. But when there's no specific reason? It just seems very emo. cAnd yet I would gladly welcome the tears tonight if they were able to come. Have a big ol' hiccuping sobfest, but logic won't make it possible as I realize that I do not have enough reason to shed tears. B eing overwhelmed with a million things during the season is normal. Does anyone else ever have a similar sentiment?

On a lighter note...worse gift; fruitcake, cheap ol candle or chlamydia?

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Don't Hate the Chef, Hate the Recipe

So last week in the staff room when asked if wanting to volunteer as a part of the staff bake swap, my answer should have been a resounding "Faaaack no!" as baking is an art I have never mastered. In fact it's something I'm downright awful at. But I found my prelobotomized mind thinking 'This could be a fun chance to learn!' so I signed up with gusto.

What was I thinking?

The first attempt was Friday. Chocolate chip cookies are easy, right? Not when you put baking soda in them, in lieu of baking powder to ensure they won't rise. Then you use whole wheat flour instead of white flour to try to make them healthy. And then you eyeball the vanilla rather than using a measuring spoon to make them mmm,mmmm good. Those are mistakes I can take credit for.

The part of the recipe that gets me is the 'preheat the oven' part. Now, not once does it give you an exact timeframe to start preheating. Twenty minutes? Two hours? Who knows. I decided that more preheating would be better to ensure that they were cooked through and it would make the apartment warm and cozy for guests. Also, spraying the pan with pam to ensure non sticking is easy as can be. Nopers! I doused, feeling quite pleased there would be no sticky cookies. They did not stick to the pan, as they were too busy swimming in oil. The cookies that came out of the pan were one large melted cookie with blackened edges and no resemblance to anything cookie like.

With a cheerleading squad of friends drinking the vino at the kitchen table I took on the cookies and failed miserably. The kitchen and myself were coated in floor. There were at least 2 eggs dropped on the floor and one on the counter. The smoke billowed and the apartment was a million degrees. The cookies were not going to make it to the bake swap amongst the delicate truffles and layered bars of the baking friendly staff.

Attempt number two. Also not my fault. The recipe calls for oil to go into the cake mix for, well I don't honestly know what for but I'm sure that it has some purpose to be there. But the recipe did not ensure what sort of oil to use. Canola? Sunflower? Motor? Who knows. The only oil I have in the house is olive oils so I figured that would do. WRONG. Apparently olive oil is a heavier oil than say canola so rather than having nice fluffy cupcakes to serve to the staff I have lead bricks in cupcake liners. Not bad, but more brownie-esque than cupcakey.

So now I am onto attempt three. The cupcakes smell good in the oven, but I already know that it could be a trick. They have the right sort of ingredients, the right measurements, the right oven temperature. All the stars are lined up for the cupcakes to be awesome, and so with crossed finger I am off to check on them.

If this doesn't work I'm off to the store to buy something that would have a recipe to go with it to try to pawn off as my own. Nothing too complex or people will know I didn't do it. Do they sell Rice Krispie squares in bulk?

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Leanne's Chrissy Pressy

Don't anyone else think of getting Leanne the John Deere cookie jar set. I'm calling it now. Best. Present. Ever,

Thursday, November 29, 2007

This is Why We All Get Along

"Still no internet. How primitive. We might as well get tin cans and string to talk to each other." Jessica, showing her distaste for the internet being down at work all day long.

"Why do you have a tire, rollerskates and a home pregnancy test in the back seat of your car, Meghan?" Sarah (through speculated coversation).

"He's emo, but doesn't look like he'd be emo. It's weird." Me
"He's emo in disguise. He's incognEMO." Sarah

"Lets go test drive a truck and use it to haul shit around today and take some trips out to the dump. " Leanne.

"So she got banned from the one bar for nudity, banned from another one for fighting, took my shoes and has passed out in a hallway. WTF. Ummm, are you seriously gonna go on a second date with this girl?" Me
"Probably." Lorne

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

You Can't Always Get What You Want

When I was nineteen I had a friend named Adam. We worked together at the same mine and we spent every break and evening together. He had a crush on me, and I knew it but it was one of those situations where neither of us brought it up. I would go to him with guy problems (not being most sensitive person around) and we would smoke cigarettes (his) and discuss love and life and how much we thought we knew about the world but obviously didn't. He was older, 24 and was one of the sweetest guys I'd ever met. He was smart and non judgemental and worldly. Of course I was interested in the tattooed biker who was playing every girl within 50 metres. Not much has changed sadly as I'm still chasing those boys.

At the end of the summer he took me aside and with a shaking voice told me he had fallen in love with me. I was surprised. I had known he had feelings for me but not to that extent. I'd never even had a guy profess feelings towards me before that point. It was weird. He told me he didn't expect me to feel the same way but just had to say it anyways. I stared with my mouth hanging open on the end of his camp bed. It was his last night and I wouldn't see him in the morning. He kissed me, and we parted way.

Two years later after I had travelled and grown slightly ( but was still full of the arrogance and ignorance of my early twenties) I ended up moving to his home town. I didn't expect to run into him but it wasn't a large city so I was not surprised when I did. He looked the same and I hugged him as if nothing had changed. It felt really nice to see him again as he was someone who was comfortable. We went to the movies together and chatted and caught up and it was just like old times; then he dropped the bomb. He had a girlfriend. It was serious. It was two seconds after he said that when it kicked in- I'm an idiot and I lost my chance to be with him. We tried to maintain a friendship after that but the awkwardness had set in. He was happy and I had to deal with that. I learned a valuable lesson...or not.

Years later I find myself in similar predicaments. Not once or twice but a few times. I had a friend who has been interested for months. I dabbled with the idea but have been too preoccupied with kissing and dating a plethora of men to consider settling down with one. Why have spagetti every day when you can have a buffet. We flirt and everything but I keep it carefree enough that I cannot find myself in any trouble for my behavior as "we're just friends". But then the attention started dwindling. Less phone calls and text messages. They're still there and flirty and fun, but without the same gusto. The spark he had for me was gone and moved elsewhere and I felt sad. I have to admit a part of it was due to the attention and admiration of someone. Selfish as it is, it feels good to have that ego boost in your life. Not enough to feed fuel to the fire of ther attraction, but enough that it makes you feel wanted or at the least attractive. But part of it was more.

Now I know that this is a mind game and I am guilty as charged. It goes hand in hand with the saying how you can't find someone when you're single but when you're taken people flock to you. I'm the person that doesn't realize I want the person until the person is no longer into me. I don't neccesarily think it's "cause I'm a woman" as I've seen many men do this as well. In fact many cheesy 90's teen flicks were based on it. The grass is always greener on the other side is I guess is the point I am making and often we don't realize it until it's too late. I've scolded friends for leading someone on when "all you have to do is say you're not interested and it's that simple". But my own medicine tastes pretty bitter and I'm getting pretty damn tired of taking it. Is there a way to outgrow this behavior or is it just a fact of not always getting what you want.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

If flirting is an artform, Facebook is my canvas

Poke back?
We hooked up and it was ____________
We dated from ____ to ____ and now ___________
Facebook messages are the new email messages.

Not only is facebooking great for getting in touch with old coworkers, classmates, birthday reminders, and to see who will be at which event to see if you'd like to go, but it's also a great forum for flirting.

Search out the cute boy from that night out (and if you're extra facebook stalky like me) see if you have any mutual friends. Facebook messaging each other when both are online pokes tongue in cheek at msn messaging. The random poke here and there for a giggle. Right now my facebook page is a plethora of men I have dated, am dating, or want to date. Screw lavalife or plenty-of-fish, this way is easier and plus I'm already on it 20 hrs a day anyways. It's great to rekindle flirtations with past boys (why? why do i do that to myself?) and to see a little bit about the guys you are into. Ex) First date "sooo my friend facebook tells me your fav band is...."Why not take advantage of the largest social networking site right now.

I can't help but wonder if others have the same sort of facebook encounters or if I'm just progressive enough to take it to a creepy sexual level.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

hello out there?

does anyone read my blog anymore? just curious cause i'm noticing that as i'm starting to get my bloggin mojo back, then comments have gone from flourishing to slim to none. and my friends at sitemeter (which i really don't know how to read) seem to be telling me i have at least 3 readers or more, discluding your mom.

anyone wanna come clean? even attention whores may want a spotlight, but i'll settle for a flashlight of readers....

Sunday, November 11, 2007


There's one thing my friends don't know about me. My family sure doesn't. My boyfriends haven't, and my lov-ah's won't. Period. My sexual number.

To me it's not relevant for anyone to know. Sex is personal involving two (or sometimes if you're a kinky bitch...not like me) or more people. I don't tell because of the judgement involved with teling 'the number'. And don't act as if you don't judge as everyone does it. I have.

I remember being virginal and nineteen (yes I was a late bloomer into the sex world) and talking with a coworker. She flippantly mentioned how she had sex with seven people in her life. I gasped audibly as to how someone could have so little self respect as to have more than one or even two partners in their sexual life. I also have associated a thought pattern of judging a person based on the number. Aka "Hi Meghan!" "Hi Anonymous person!" (all you can think about screaming in your head is "they've had sex with 56 people gross!")

I remember when starting to have sex holding a bar to others. Well I may have had ______ partners but this person has had _____. I'll never be as bad as they are!

Wow, I've been a judgemental bitch.

Maybe it's a cop out not telling people my number. My best friends don't know and they won't. It doesn't matter. I have a don't ask don't tell policy when dating. I don't care what a guy's number is. I don't care if it's the second time he's had sex or he's been with an entire swedish cheerleading squad. The point is as long as he is safe, then it doesn't matter. He's with me at that point and it's what counts. The same goes as far as myself. A guy shouldn't care about who I've been with, he should be secure enough to know that I'm with him exclusively and that's what matters.

Also in the same vein of topic, does a number define promiscuity/sluttiness or is that best left elsewhere. Ex.) I have known people that have had a lot of sex with multiple partners I would not consider slutty. And I've met virgins who I have sneered at and found to be sexually deviant. To myself sluttiness is not defined by a number. Promiscuity maybe but not sluttiness. Sluttiness in my definition is having sexual encounters that are disrespectful to yourself or others.

For example a virgin who makes a play for another girl's boyfriend is sluttier in my eyes than someone who is enjoying casual sex and is making their intentions clear to all involved. Cheating, lying, going for someone taken, manipulation are all stronger forms of sluttiness to me than a sexual number.

Not that you're going to know mine....

What's your food for thought on the topic?

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Do Over

Do you ever have one of those weeks that starts out shitty and continues to get even shittier?

-death of someone I know, check (suicide is NEVER the answer)

-family problems, check

-cancer diagnosis for someone I'm really close with, check

-friend mad at me, check

-having technical difficulties with another friendship, check

-coming to terms that you may like someone, but now it's too little too late, check

-2 parking tickets, check

-fucking up at work big enough to have to admit to your new boss you fucked up.

-finding out that your insurance renewal is going to cost you roughly a rent cheque monthly, check

I think that we should be able to have one week a year that we can have a "do over" to. This would obviously be mine.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Howling at the Full Moon

It's a full moon tonight. Thank god, cause at least it could explain some of the weirdness that has been happening lately.

*Work place scenarios that scream WTF. Right now when someone comes upto me with a effed up question or scenario rather than giving my best PR face and a "I'll work with you on fixing this" I'm just sighing and getting people to take a number

*Going through my teen stages in my later twenties. What I mean is while everyone else around me is in relationships and seeking more serious solace through members of the opposite sex, my divide is getting stronger. From the time I was twenty to twenty five I was in three of my most serious relationships to date and had the "L" word escape once or twice. Even the dreaded "M" word which is what I wanted more than anything....

Now at twenty seven I'm relishing in making out with different guys. A different guy every weekend. Enough to quench my attention defecit libido without having to worry about syhigonneherpilleas. I flirt, I tease, I taunt and I'm loving it. And what's different than being a tease in my younger years is this time it's guilt free. I'm single and I'm honest about what I'm doing. I'm not being wreckless with people's feelings or breaking hearts and I'm not spreading lies. Why not have some fun. If a cute accent or tattoos or nice set of eyes comes across my path or my bed, who sez I can't have a little fun

*Almost in the same vein of romance I got an add on facebook last week and was surprised by the facebook appearance of my first boyfriend. We were fifteen and too shy to know what we were doing and he moved later that year. We didn't stay in touch but twelve years later suddenly tada, here he is. And he may be moving from Winnepeg to Kelowna aka two hours away. How funnily random.

*I came up with how to get my blogging mojo back. It came in a fit of insomnia as like much of my bad choices/good ideas. One of the last times I had a blast writing was when I was a sex columnist for the Omega. So weekly I am going to start posting about my sexcapades/thoughts/ or lack of both on here. While in full on having fun mode, I might as well cause well if the shoe fits...
That's it for now but expect a good halloween post coming up. And pictures if I can ever learn to work this thing.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Is This Thing Still On?

I'm a douche and have been tooo busy (aka lazy) to blog lately. I'm trying my damdest to get back into bloggety world as I do love writing. But it's the actual doing it that's the problem. Thinking I may revert to

a) blogging when drunk. so that people can try to decipher what "whooooot. thsa sooo much funz, i looooooooooove me beerz. my peopples rocks stuff" means.

b) blogging daily to forcefeed the habit. much akin to forcing myself to not scream at other drivers daily but with better results.

c) If i ever learn to put pictures on here (this is where we all have a chuckle at the fact that I teach college level computer courses) I can skip the writing all together and just make a nice little picture book of my week being that my celly cam is such a clever little moment grabber.

Verdict is out for now so instead you get an overtired highly caffeinated bloggy post.


So being that I only work about 50-55 hrs a week at my one job I have decided that's definately not enough time being stressed during the week. So what would add to that?.....Another job! Yes along with being a College Instructor/Student Services Rep (or TILF as lovingly known by Leannimal) I've also partnered with my friend Tony in starting up a business. I want others to join in the venture but sowly but surely will grab others into the cult of Usana. Come on, try the koolaid. Not gonna pimp too much out on this blog post but maybe in more to come. For now check out

Going to go see Joey's comedy show tonight. Soooo excited. Went and saw Clay's band last weekend and it was pretty nice to try something different on for size. Melissa J. is coming to town. I don't think she's been back here since the Canada Day/birthday festivities. Long overdue. Thinking I am going to go see State of Shock with Jenn next week at CJ's. Should be a grand ol time.

Random question of the day- has anyone been in a car accident, and if so how long was it before you felt comfortable driving? Kind of personal I know but it's been coming up three months now and I still have panic attacks when driving and the thought of going on the highway scares the bejeebers out of me. I've been debating selling the new car and just scootering my way around town, but realize that it's much harder to scream at others on the road effectively when you have no horn. And what about rain? The plus side is I'd pimp out my scooter. Can you get a Louis Vuitton monogrammmed scooter? Or a helmet with Swarovski crystals?

Now while highly caffeinated I'm off to plan out me Hallow's eve costume. Rollergirl or princess...

Sunday, September 16, 2007


I'm 27. And yet there's something to be said about making out with a boy so handsome he makes you blush every time you look him in the eye. I'm giggling like a schoolgirl today and can't help it. Hehehehehe. Hehe. He could have any girl in the world to kiss. And he kissed me. Soooo grade seven and innocent and blissful.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

That's So Going on the Blog...

Rather than summarize the end of the summer season with a poignant post about past events, I figured it would be best done with some of the better quotes of summer. Here goes!

"I'm not drunk. I'm just stupid." Lorne

"My kitty hates me it's been so long...I keep saying I'm going to shove things in her just to shut her up." Leanne (who doesn't have a cat needless to say).

"My name is Leanne Thompson and I own this fucking River!" Leanne's excuse when facing the possibility of a police encounter tubing down the Thompson River.

"Quick, head for international waters!" Matt. Same expedition.

"TGI Friday has now been renamed T G I Trainwreck day courtesy of my friend alcohol." Me

"Jeep jeep." Everyone. Nuff said.

"I don't eat meat. I just fuck it." My words apparently screamed to a hotdog vender in the middle of the night after finding there were no veggie dogs. I put the ass in class.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Piece of' Sheeet

Why has my blogger friend turned into my blogger foe. I am trying to create a nice little picture book of last week's wedding adventures for all to see (ok, mostly myself. and your mom.) and I am having more difficulty with it than humanely possible. This shit is supposed to be easy like Sunday morning and I'm fighting with it like fractions in grade six.

Bah. I will get the best of you blogger, just you wait and see...

Monday, August 27, 2007

The Do's and Don't of Getting Completely Shittered

Do start off the night calmly to trick others into thinking you're civilized and can have conversations

Do eat corn and veggie burgers to help soak up any alcohol beforehand.

Do slam about three doubles in roughly an hour

Don't turn down the chance to have seventy five dollar lip plumper put on. It looks fabulous and I'm going to start making payments.

Do look into collagen for your lips after seeing the lovely Steve (my fav new makeup artist) has it done and it looks great

Don't hesitate to make out with said boy (he's gay so it doesn't count) to see if his lips feel as pillowy soft as they look. They do. Also don't let the fact that the host's parents are in the room discourage such behavior.

Do go with strangers in a car you hope will bring you downtown.

Don't spill the entire content of your purse on the driveway. A black driveway in the middle of the night. Your phone will get lost in a puddle of water and won't work properly after and it'll be an adventure to find it.

Do try to convince a bouncer you're sober enough to get into the bar. Don't do it while your friend is standing there with her underwear tucked into her skirt.

Do go to the next bar that'll let you in. Do make out with said panty-showing friend. Don't be surprised when guys stare at you afterwards.

Do have shots of liquid you have no idea what they are or how they were paid for.

Do go to a friend's place to drink more. Lose your jacket there. Do decide that hottubbing would be fun. Clothing optional. Do at this point lose your socks and knickers.

Do wake up the next day to find you're still completely hammered until 3 in the afternoon. Do attempt to steamrool your friend only to realize that would mean possibly getting sick.

Do go to the mall. Do get a friend to chauffeur your drunk asses. Do get poutine. Don't lay on your couch or you'll be stuck there all night willing yourself not to be so lazy.

*Bonus points if your memory of the night becomes intermittant after 12pm.
*I've since recovered half the lost items

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Yeah yeah, it's been forever...

But apparently crashing a car is time consuming. You'd think I'd have the routine down by now but nopers!

Lawyers and doctors and ICBC oh my! What fun it's been wading through the paperwork. but when the dust has cleared I have me a new car. Or newish. A 1999 Oldsmobile Alero with tint and a spoiler. So this one looks nicer than the last one. Being that driving now scares the living bejeebers out of me now methinks this one may actually stay on the road for awhile (knock on wood).

So as if having scars everywhere from impaled glass wasn't enough now I have an effed up back. Which makes me feel about 80. But a fine looking 80. So extreme dance offs and fights to the death will have to be put off for at least a few weeks.

I was all gearing to post but was just reminded by my hungover ass that i have a hot date with the couch for some spooning action...

expect more later

Sunday, July 15, 2007

luckiest person alive

So my car is done. But I'm alive. It was a close call.

People can joke all they want about me being a bad driver, but an accident is an accident and it could happen to anyone. I can hope people can respect that and not make fun of my driving skills as it had little to do with it.

In twenty seconds my world got turned upside down, literally. I'm not going to get into details of emotions going through my head as it's honestly a blur other than thinking it could be it and closing my eyes. For the last two days all that keeps going through my head is the sound of crunching metal and shattering glass and coming to, to the word "are there any survivors!?! check for bodies!"

I've never been more scared than seeing the blood and hearing the ambulance on it's way and knowing this wasn't just a bad fender bender. Thank god I was the only one involved. My cuts and bruises will heal and I couldn't forgive myself if someone else was involved. Everyone who saw or heard of the accident was amazed that I walked away with minor injuries. The police driver who dealt with the scene told me he doesn't know if he believes in God, but thinks there was someone looking out for me that night. I agree with him.

It made the news, for excitement and embarrassment. I'm ashamed to put my parents through the grief of having to get a phone call from a stranger saying that I was in a serious accident, and the stress of having Blair and Tina search hospitals to see which one I was brought to.

But more than anything I'm blessed to have such great family and friends. My parents who even though scared kept things under control and were planning on driving down that night to be with me. Blair and Tina for doing a million things for me. Leanne and Jenny for being at the Merritt hospital waiting for me and being brave when seeing me in that state. Lorne and Jenn for visiting with food and taking care of me. All the calls and emails that have come in from friends. I love you all more than words can explain. Thank you.

Monday, June 18, 2007

living off carrots and tea

So I've decided to try the new fad of the month. Detox diets. Long story short-between 7-10 days of no sugar/flour/wheat/caffeine/processed foods/dairy/alcohol etc. Pretty much all the yummy stuff in the world gone. What do I eat now? Good question. I've had to get creative and actually broke down and have been cooking.

Homemade tomato soup, steamed spinach, salads, stirfries with brown rice, quinoa, fresh juices and teas. Also a homemade lemonade that is supposed to be detoxifying that has agave syrup, fresh lemons and a touch of cayanne. Sounds weird but is really good.

The weird thing is as much as I started hating it by day 2 and the appeal was lost it's working. My bad head cold is almost gone in a matter of 2.5 days. I am cranky from lacking caffeine but don't have the energy highs and lows. I had a five min nap after work rather than the usual 2 hour one. Fresh vegetables are appealing to me and I've even broken down and have ate some fruit.

The point of being so mean to myself is that through all the processed crap we eat your body starts to become toxic. Then because you get used to it, you crave the sugar highs and the carbs cause you need them to help you recover fromt he lows much like a drug. Then your brain craves the crap food and it becomes an unhealthy cycle which wreaks havoc on your system.

Only 4 days left and I'm rearing to go. If only I would stop craving white bread and brownies this would be so much easier.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Wedding She-bang-alang

The wedding. This post has been coming for awhile, but well I'm lazy. Deal with it.

Josh and Jess have been planning on getting married for awhile. This isn't news as well Jess and I talked about it all the freaking time at the front desk. I practically knew all the details beforehand. All in all though, the events still snuck up fast. First the bachelorette. Heh. Twas a great time had by all. I'm envoking the t-shirt routine as a new part of bachelorette tradition so all you waiting to get married, consider yourself warned beoutches. It's more fun than admittable to drink from phallic straws. Doncha agree Jess ;) Twas my first lapdance and I have to say I'm ever so happy that the 'fucking classy' gene is rubbing off a bit.

The wedding was gorgeous and it was classic. Jess and Josh looked amazing despite the sweltering heat and the ceremony was traditional but also punctuated with moments of humour. Pictures were good, and chilling with everyone was nice. It was great to be able to catch up with Manny and Auren and it was really cool how we were all together if even to talk about American politics and debate the merits of pretzels. Which rock by the way!

The dinner was really good and I was impressed with the vegetarian options. The speeches rocked and there were some good laughs. I was curious to find out about the stories behind Norm's best man speech about Josh as there were a lot of in jokes. Brian killed it with a speech about stealing cutlery and extra shot glasses. There were some touching speeches and moments such as the first dance. Of course the Kamloops people represented with the speeches.Teh Goooo team Jenny/Manny/Me. Remember 'may all your ups and downs be in bed".

Then things got messy. Potatoe guns came out. People stripped and went in the river (hey Ben?) I tried unsuccessfully to fit into a baby swing. Walked into the guy's washroom which is apparently the way to meet guys I'm finding. Stairs became troublesome for people (for once not me). Cheesy dancing took place. I'm not gonna lie. The running man and the sprinkler dance may have found a place on the dancefloor. A certain tux will have stories to tell to the others at the rental shop. Enjoying the night air and coining the term "anyone can become a gentleman at a two dollar a drink bar".

The next day the gift opening went off well and mixers are the new pink. Oh well, that's what receipts are for. It was a great weekend and it was fun to spend it with Lorne, Ben and Jenny in the hotel room even if they harrassed me mercilessly for my drunken antics. It was the right blend of being touching to watch two people you know love each other dearly get married, surreal to see two friends get hitched as they are the first of the group, fun times with people, and debaucherous wedding crashers shenanigans.

So who's next?

Wednesday, June 6, 2007


So apparently I have to say seven things about myself that are rare or facts or something like that. This is harder than thought as I'm a pretty open book but after ponderance this is what I came up with.

1) I'm really quite shy. No really. I was voted shyest girl in highschool each year. I'm still quite shy in groups of people I don't know. So often I drink in social situation which leads to not being so shy, but I still can't seem to shake that whole socially inept thing no matter what.

2) I'm a vegetarian and often the smell of meat or sight of raw meat makes me naseated. But I watch shows about cooking meat because I presume one day I'll get married and I may marry someone who eats meat and I want to know how to cook it for him.

3) Speaking of foods, I've never outgrown that three year old phase where foods on a plate cannot touch each other (unless lasagna or something intentional). If in a stirfry than vegetables should be seperated and eaten individually. And all sauces should have dipping bowls rather than being on the item. I have more dipping bowls in my home than any other kitchen thing.

4) I adore writing lists of things I would do with lottery winnings of all amounts. I never buy lottery tickets.c

5) I practically lived in Vancouver's Children's hospital for a year when dealing with hearing correction (eighty percent deaf until 6 yrs) and growth issues (I've always been tiny). Despite the occasional blood test and feeling bad I remember it as a fun experience. I got rootbeer popsicles and got to pet the hospital dog and play and watch tv.

6) I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up.

7) I love the tv show Wifeswap. It's a guilty pleasure and I'm turning red as I write this cause it's suuuuch bad tv.

I tag Lisa, Jenny, Jessica, Lorne, Jessica Williams, Sarah and Tara.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

ice cubes down my pants

Is what I'm gonna have to do to get cool this summer as my a/c is broken. Booo-urns. This makes me want to make a freezer-tent ala Simpsons. Tinkerbell is game for it. And being that I rent would I have to pay for the new fridge?

Sunday, May 20, 2007

no titles. just ramblings.

No real purpose of this post. Just random thoughts strung together. Just a warning for anyone about to read...

First off Jessica's stag-fun fun fun times. I'm proud of my girl for getting down with her bad self and hope you had a blast Jessica. Dinner at Hoodoo's was lovely and it was quite the swank place. Can't wait for the wedding in a couple weeks. It's gonna be great to have everyone come together and celebrate the first of us to get married. Jessica and Josh are lovely and it's going to be amazing.

Rock trivia. Fun as always. Heard the term 'fucking classsy' more than once. Got me thinking. I like to go out and make an ass of myself as much as the next person and have no threshhold for embarrassment. That being said I don't want people to disassociate the words 'Meghan' and 'ladylike' as never appearing in a sentance together. I think I'm just at a realy awkward point of self discovery where I'm working a job where I am required to exude professionalism and confidence (neither which is in my nature) and I feel like 'this is it. I'm settled into the grown up routine'. So going out and getting tipsy or the such is proof to myself and others that 'I can still have fun and rock out'. I'm trying to find a balance and haven't reached that point but know that I'd like to present myself as classy from time to time rather than a general state of 'fucking classy'. There's also the frustration of friends saying they want to hang out in a non drinking environment-which I dig but then never having plans together.

Guys. Crush is dying and I think I'd like another. Is there a store for that? Next, please. Crushes are exhausting and time consuming so maybe I'll take the spare time to learn a new hobby. Knitting? Archery? Origami?

Events. This summer is turning out to be a change from the last if not for the fact that I do not have the vacation privledges avail until my 1 yr time at the jobby-poo. So no Warped Tour this year alas. Also Merritt Mountain-if given a ticket for free I'd go but it is not something that I want to spend the money on. I like country but not enough to spend a lot of money. I'd still like something to go down this summer. Of course there is the July 1st long weekend tubing down the river and if I can get a group to go to stampede on a weekend that would rock. It would be sooo cool to visit Kate!

Thinking of getting healthier as I feel crappy lately. I've taken the first step towards eating healthier (apparently a diet of pizza pops and diet rootbear isn't as nutritional as one would think. go figure) but have come to terms with the fact that being healthy means cutting down drinking and *gasp* exercising too. Not sure my means of exercise yet but will come up with something. Maybe walks at dusk as it's pretty then.

Loves. Sunshine. Highland Grogg coffee. Salmon. Old Offspring albums. My new Christopher Moore book. Friends dvds.

Hates. Being sleepy all the time. Bills. Ironing clothes. Work place stresses. Perception.

Saturday, May 5, 2007

If Myspace and Hi5 had a bastard lovechild together...

It would be facebook, my latest addiction du jour.

This isn't the first blogpost I've seen about facebook and others make some great points. I do hope that the people I went to highscool with are like "wow, she looks hotter/got a good job etc." It doesn't matter in a strong way, but I'm not gonna lie it does cross the mind.

It's also fantastic in the sense that I've been reconnecting with people I used to be close with but due to distance, timing, etc have lost touch with. Ex boyfriends, old schoolmates, crushes, friends, the whole lot of 'em piled together. It makes stalking easy and oh so fun! At any given point you can see who's online and what they're thinking. By the way, Meghan is very happy she's having coffee on this Saturday morning.

Not the annoying trails of voyeurism that Hi5 leaves, or listening to other people's shitty music that myspace has inflicted on me too many times. I said I'd never sway from myspace, but I have to admit within 3 short weeks when I sign in there it's like going to the party everyone's already bounced from.

As far as the fact that Facebook is selling info to big bad men who are using it to track people....umm, newsflash that's already happening. Legal census reports aren't just for fun, and when you have to put your postal code in at a store where do you think it goes? Tracking public info to go towards demographic surveys are not new. It's a tact corporations have used for years. Myspace can be tracked, as can facebook as can your email. Big brother is watching anyways, why not stamp on a fun pic to give him something to look at.

I love that students check their facebook between classes and I roll my eyes, only to run to the office to do the same. Heh, hypocrisy is fun!

No real point to this post, I'm not trying to sway others to get on board, that's your call. The ones that have facebook already know how addicting it is. More an explanation that if anyone needs me and you can't find me answering my phone it's cause I'm in a facebook trance.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

am i coming down with something?

crushes are stupid. and time consuming. and intoxicating. and complicating. why do you think i avoid them with only brief bouts, like a bad cold. i don't have time for this shit. at least the emo kid in me is jumping for joy.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

I *heart* big surprises

Even if I'm not very good at keeping them. This one was pretty damn hard to keep my pie hole (or big vagina mouth as Leanne would say) closed, but we almost managed to pull it off. As everyone knows the surprise was Ms. Leannikkins coming back.

Fun fun fun. I thought we couldn't top last week. Inappropriate touching, horrible introductions (my name is Meghan and I was raised in a barn), the great dance off 2007 (Monty may have won in numbers, but our table won in spirit and tequila), testing tables durability by dancing on them. Basically condensing a month's worth of shenanigans into a 4 hour time slot. Heh. I said slot. The next day Jenn and I went to the park and Joey's Only. So ghetto fab.

This weekend=pure love.

Friday-another fabulous rock trivia engagement. Glad Amy and Jim came this week as they;re a lot of fun. You know I'm drunk when singing along to Avril and having fun at the T-dog. Possible road trip in the works for a Van councert. Best dancer ever this last week. I think he topped the dance off last week. I need to borrow Matt's video to imput to really show the value as words cannot describe. And speaking of I can't bug Matt for not showing up as he actually has put me in my place the last 2 weeks. Bah.

Yesterday-went to the fair. Soooooooooo mucccccccch fuuuuuun. Prob not the best idea to go the the fair after a night of drinking but that didn't stop up from going on every topsy turvy ride ever. Also eating mini donuts and playing games. And testing driving skills at bumper cars. To beat Jenny to the punchline, we're bastards and rocked the ferris wheel cart. Hey, you said you liked it better when it was moving! Best ever was Joe on the carousel. All ur faces hurt from laughing so hard. Last night-sushi. 5 people with 'O' faces and was it ever worth it. Last night was the lamest person ever and was asleep by 9ish. Also broke in the season by having me first slushee. Yummers.

This next week. Insanity. Between birthdays galore, visiters and j-schoolers back it should be busy. Oh and did I mention that the grad I've been planning is just over a week away. Oh my.

Sunday, April 1, 2007

raindrops keep falling on my head

Sorry. I find writing song lyrics/titles as blog titles witty and/or personally amusing so don't mind the cheesy references.

A curiousity-doesn't anyone else find their mood is strongly affected by the weather? I mean I understand everyone is happier when its sunny (short of vampires) but do others find it can make or break the overall tone for the day/hour?

Example-Yesterday-sunny=happy as can be. Woke up early, cleaned, even though tired had a fantastic day frolicking in the fresh air. Today-snowing and grey=tired, emo, want to sleep all day, noone gets me. Friday-cloudy with sunny periods-kind of neutral with periods of exasperation and well wishing for the weekend.

Anyone else in the same boat, or am I floating down the crazy river by myself on this one?

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Food For Thought

I've been coming to terms lately with a few things. Mostly just random ponderances that prove I have too much time on my hands.

1) When did Home Depot and Canadian Tire suddenly become fun stores to go to on the weekend. I remember back when I would be bored as hell when my parents dragged me there. Now I look forward to comparing bbq prices and flooring costs.

2) When did facebook become the new myspace? I had a nap, and suddenly facebook is bookmarked on everyone's computers. Call me old fashioned but I like myspace.

3) I've been at my job almost 5 months and I still want to giggle when I say the words "my office" or "conference call" or "weekly stat reports" or "let me check my appointment schedule"cause they sound professional. That being said I still manage to quote the Simpsons in the classroom so there's balance.

4) When did business suits become #1 wanted item on my radar? When shopping I am drooling more with business suits than stilettos. And I LOVE stilettos.

5) How did I manage to get more $ at this new job but still manage to be broke all the time? Sheer talent and determination I guess. Oh and having tons of bills.

6) When the frik is summer coming?

7) How come last Sat night (on St. Patty's Day) I managed to drink a shitload of alcohol and barely felt drunk and felt fantastic at 8 on Sunday morn but this Friday drank 3 drinks and felt like ass yesterday morn?

Happy birthday to my good friend Lucas. You don't look a day over 19, youngun.
St. Patty's Day was great. Thanks to all who showed up.
Air guitar never grows old nor does my love for Kate.
Jessica you're birthday present is still riding shotgun in my car.
My parents came up and visited me and it was the best!

Saturday, March 10, 2007

This Homemade Prozac Needs More Ice Cream

I'm not happy, or at least not content. This isn't news. And I am a big believer that if you're not happy you need to choose you own happiness. What this happiness entails, well that's a bigger picture. So here's a few steps to work on. Not that anyone cares but I find that if I write things down it pushes me to do them more than if I don't.

-Finding a new job. I've always thought all professional jobs will push you to the extremes. That's why they're professional jobs as they challenge you. I've come to terms this week that my job goes beyond those means. A good paycheque is not worth working while you're sick with a fever of almost 103 degrees and getting no thanks for it and more work piled on top. A 50 hr work week is turning into a thankless 60 hr work week at the sake of my health and mental well being. No job is worth it. So as of this week I'm looking for a new job. It's not turning in the towel so much but knowing my limits.

-Going on a road trip. Road trips=happy.

-Seeing my parents. Either they are going to come here soon or I am going to go and visit them. I miss them.

-Surrounding myself with people that are good for me. People that I feel I can rely on. If you can't rely on your friends, then they're simply acquantences.

-Not being sick. Working on that one myself with the courtesy of my good friends soup and tea. We meet again, old friends.

-This is where I'd like to say a boyfriend. But that's unrealistic. It's hard to see friends when working a million hrs a week muchless meet new guys. And where would I meet such guys? Most of my friends don't have any 'male suitors' to fit the bill, there's no workplace dating, and I'm often too tired to do anything other than go to the Central for social activity and as explained before everyone at the Central knows everyone. Plus, the obvious part is you can't force dating. It's almost always random. So you busy yourself in the meantime pretending not to be lonely.

-I want to travel. So in the next year I am going to take a trip to a place I have never been.

Of course this is more or less the emo ramblings of someone who's been cooped up inside, sick all weekend downloading sad music so don't mind me. Some sunshine and spring flowers may help too.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

we're here for a good time

not a long time...or so went the song that the lovely Kate and I sang at Saturday night kareoke. I never knew how much fun bastardizing classic songs could be! We're going to have to make another date of it.

First off to summarize what is new lately. Friday night rock trivia-lovely. Did bad but had fun. Saturday-kareoke. Had Jessica and Lisa as moral support and it was fun. Gonna have to drag others back. God bless the central. It's like Cheers where everyone knows your name but doesn't care.

Work is nuts. Plain and simple. Can't get into details but imagine me looking like a deer in the headlights running with scissors. Offices aren't only good to show off, but they're great for when you need to hide and hyperventalate. Who knew!

Friday night went to the Blazers game with Jenn and spent the night at her place. Sleepovers are funner when you don't have to get up at 4 in the morn but still not as bad as expected. Been hanging out with some older friends lately and been bonding with some people. I love reconnecting and also finding common ground.

Hating my lacking motivation for some things and how I don't have a microwave right now. I always thought myself to be a good cook. Turns out that I'm fairly limited without my radioactive oven of love. Pasta/noodles are getting old.

Been feeling...somthing lately. But I can't quite put my finger on it. I wouldn't say unhappy. But not happy. Bored, possibly? Stagnant, perhaps? I need something but I'm not sure what it is and it's frustrating me. It's like I'm currently on a plateau just waiting but not sure what for.

I'm sure after the weekend I'll be in a better place. Having some people over for drinks on Friday which should be fun. Expect a post about it. Also does anyone know how I get my cat to stop scratching at my door and meowing at night? She does it at around 4am every night. And please don't say let her into the bedroom cause that isn't an option.

Sunday, February 25, 2007


There you go Lorne. You're linked you whiney baby. Now excuse me while I go cut the brakes to your car so I can have something to post about tomorrow.

Friday, February 23, 2007

No internet and no tv make Meghan go something something

To follow Jenny's layout I'm going to just summarize everything that is happening in my life right now with lists of the good and the bad. Being that I'm emo I'll start with the bad first.

The Bad
-friends that bail on helping move
-the love hate relationship i have with my kitty. she makes me sneezy and itchy and wheezy (all hot I know) and she sheds worse that anything i've seen. I've gotten her out of the habit of scratching my door and wanting people food but she meows as if she's had such a hard life if i don't spend at least an hr a day petting her. and if I go to nap she headbutts me til I wake up and give her attention. And she has a new game she likes where she is able to open the closet door and get into the closet but not get out so she meows until I let her out. that being said I have fallen for said kitty and am having troubles thinking about possibly getting rid of her. Someone offered to take her yesterday and the thought of not having her is devastating. 'Oi. The dilemma.
-bruises from moving/scrapes from the kitty.
-red eyes from the kitty
-not having Internet hooked up yet
-not being able to find anything after moving
-having a roomate that left the cleaning upto me
-the fact that starbucks makes my tummy hurt
-feeling lonely

The Good
-finally having my own space to do what I feel!
-the way my kitty headbutts me to say hello and rolls around with a ball for hours.
-Grande Americano with 5 pumps sugar free cinnamon dolce. Yumm.
-Valentines Days that are neither bitter nor sad.
-friends visiting and catching up over beer
-friends that help you move and put up with your lacking organization.
-the way the sun comes through the window perfectly in me new place
-having a place that I want others to feel welcome to drop by and have coffee and chatty.
-spring coming

Thursday, February 15, 2007

you're going to think i'm a monster...

because i'm thinking of giving tinkerbell up already. that's not to say i do not like her or have not spent a lot of time and money bonding with her. both have been implemented to a high degree.i've even been dealing with the cat poopy quite fine, jenn. but it's day four and the allergies which were supposed to be subsiding at this point have not been. it's not that i was like "cat+allergies=a hell of a good time!" but was under the impression that spending time living with a cat can help with the allergies and can make them go away. this was assured to me by cat owners and animal health technicians alike.

this is a lie.

i'm stressed due to all the cat hair, and all she wants is some love and pets and maybe a cat treat or seems silly to give her back up to the SPCA after spending the time and money getting all the supplies and well, tinkerbell. so rather than seeing this as another shitty idea that failed, i'm hoping someone will be able to give tinkerbell a good home. why pay at the spca when there's a great kitty here who just wants a couple of hiding spots and to chase her shadow?

PS anyone who is thinking of commenting with an 'i told you so' or a 'you knew you were allergic' please don't. i have bonded with tinkerbell and this isn't easy to admit i've made a bad decision and one that will affect my cat. i already know this is a shitty thing, so no affirmations, thanks.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

My new roomate?

This is Sugarplum. She's a 4 yr old cat. She's a redheaded princess who is curious and likes attention on her own terms. Sound familiar? Right now I am having a serious debate about whether Sugarplum should be my new roomate.

The Pro's
-company so i don't go crazy talking to myself
-finally having a pet!
-pet owners live 10 yrs longer on average
-build up a natural immune system
-have responsibility
-general happiness
The Cons
-I am allergic to cats. They make me sneeze and my eyes itchy.
-my dad is allergic to cats and i want my parents to be able to stay with me when visiting
-the constant vacuuming/lint brushing as I hate cat hair
-dealing with gross things like poo and puke and stuff that makes me naseated
-where to put the cat if I go away.
-not all places allow pets so what to do if I move out sometime.
I have not been a pet owner for years and my experience with all animals is limited. I had a hamster named minime I loved very much but common sense tells me a cat is a lot more work. Would it be okay for while I go to work? How do I take care of a cat? So many questions for a spur of the moment decision, but I feel I must act quick before someone else realizes how fabulous Sugarplum is and steals her away. Feel free to throw feedback and opinions about getting a cat, and how to care for a cat.

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

The time's they are a changin'

Some people deal with break ups by getting drunk, or rebounding with someone else to feel better/attractive, or getting angry and bitter. I have done all these in the past. This time I dealt by buying dinnerware and surviving on hot chocolate and pizza for 3 days straight. A new leaf, or just strange behavior, perhaps.

Friday, February 2, 2007

A Pre-Valentine's day poem

Boy meets girl. Girl meets boy.
Spark fly and they start falling hard.
They picture the picket fence together.
It's almost too perfect.
... Six weeks later...
Boy gets transferred jobs to a different town.
It ends.
Game over.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

5 things

Pirate Jessica tagged me with the whole 5 things people don't know about you, and so I better get around to that. The only problem is that I'm not that mysterious so the things are probably quirks or things others could guess. But here goes.

1) Escalators make me extremely nervous
Eever since I was five or six and in Prince George and I saw some kid get his boot caught in the escalator at Sears and the fire department had to come escalators make me extremely nervous and if there is a choice between an escalator/elevator or stairs I'll choose the latter two. Always. Don't even get me started on the escalator at Granville Street station in Van.

2) I've never read anything by Kerouac
I've always been meaning to and whenever a conversation about a Kerouac play or novel comes up I always look serious and nod in agreement as if of course I know that, I've read that book a millions times! Truth is that I've read it none. And yetI've managed to have conversations about Kerouac as if have. Should probably get around to that soon. Although faking it does seem to be working.

3) I think I could have slight obsessive compulsive tendancies
I;ve come to terms that it's probably not normal to wake up during the night to make certain the door is locked, or to turn the car around to check to see if the straightening iron is still on. Yet I do both quite frequently.

4) I hit something with my car at least 3 times a week.
A curb. A sidewalk. Another car. Cement blocks. Fences. Shopping carts. Shhh, don't tell anyone. It gives my car "love scrapes".

5) I'm a neat freak....but hate cleaning.
There's nothing worse than a disorderly home. A little bit of clutter is ok but I like a place neat. Especially the kitchen and bathroom. But even though I like doing dishes I hate vacuuming and cleaning the tub. So when I move to my new place I think I'm going hit the pinnacle of lazy and get a housekeeper to come in once a week to do those things. I'm much too busy blog surfing and being lazy to be bothered.

There you have it, me and all my neurosis!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Great job.
Great boyfriend.
Great friends.
My own place.

Isn't this where I get hit by a bus or something?

Sunday, January 7, 2007

off the market

I have a really amazing boyfriend. His name is Andrew and he's 31. I don't normally talk much about dating on blogs, as I think it's best left private but this time I think it's worth it. He's really funny and smart and makes me smile. It's funny how you can meet somene years ago and not think anything of it, just a passing moment, then years later they can affect you. So far, so good.

PS We went to 'Wildlights' last night and I fell in love with a racoon family. They were all tubby and cute and I decided I want them. The whole lot of em. Then we can talk about the damn 'coons while on the porch whittling wood. Just an idea. Oh and there was a horrible symphony of lights with the 12 days of Christmas accompanied by corresponding lights...but then at the end they threw out like 45 seconds of Bohemian Rhapsody to lights. And noone else seemed to notice. Wtf.

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

lets ring in the new year with babyduck and matinee slims

Or at least that's how I did it. And paid the price the next day. Not a bad enough hangover to pray for death, just bad enough to justify staying on the couch in my gitchies all day long drinking soup. Mmmmmm soooouuuup.

Lets recap the holidays. Went up north and the time passed too quick. Got to see mom and dad (i missed them so much it was ridiculous). Ate yummy food and read old books (SVU and Fear Street 4eva) and watched tele guilt free. It took about 2 days just to destress from everything at work but when I did it was nice. Actually got a long sleep one night and even though I fought a cold it was still great. Gots to see the mine and spend time there. It's amazing to see how much it developed since I was there last Easter.

Christmas was awesome. I got tixs to see the Tragically Hip and a vacuum and autostart for my car. And a pirate ornament and book (HARRRRRRRR) and a spoon rest that says 'will cook for shoes'. I love how every year we break out the fine china and have a gorgeous table setting only to put on the paper crowns and exchange toys and make pull my fingers jokes. Only my family...
It was also nice to see Scottish granny. She's passed on a deep love of tea down to me and for tabloid mags.

But all good trips but come to an end and before I knew it I was back in Kamloops and was at work the next day with a throat that felt like I swallowed hellfire. Trip to the walk in confirmed strep and for one of the first times ever I had to miss rock trivia. Much sadness. Especially after Matt (who said he'd come for the last 6 months) finally showed up on the night I wasn't there. Typical. Doesn't count if I wasn't there to witness it.

Chilled til New Years Eve which was spent at Leanne's (who I still cannot believe has left us til Spring thaw). Allthe regulars were there (Jenn, Lucas, Lorne, Jenny, Leanne, her parents, John and Darren). It was casual but fun and well due to a technicality of antibotics I ended up getting tipsy as every drink doubles its content and I had about 5. Ooops. C'est la vie, it was fun.

Since then I got some good news. My landlord offered me a 1 bedroom apartment int he complex for Feb 15th and I accepted. It's really pretty with a balcony and a walk in closet. You'd think he said it's made of gold or has a hottub on the balcony with how happy I am with the walk in closet. I've been wanting my own pad for years and finally it's coming. I have the deadline. I'm seriously so happy. Anyone wanna help me move :P

Oh and my cold is no longer a cold but the plague. I'm waiting for the buboes to form. Seriously, think it perma moved in. Oh and everyone should watch 'Little Miss Sunshine' cause it's so freaking awesome.