Sunday, March 25, 2007

Food For Thought

I've been coming to terms lately with a few things. Mostly just random ponderances that prove I have too much time on my hands.

1) When did Home Depot and Canadian Tire suddenly become fun stores to go to on the weekend. I remember back when I would be bored as hell when my parents dragged me there. Now I look forward to comparing bbq prices and flooring costs.

2) When did facebook become the new myspace? I had a nap, and suddenly facebook is bookmarked on everyone's computers. Call me old fashioned but I like myspace.

3) I've been at my job almost 5 months and I still want to giggle when I say the words "my office" or "conference call" or "weekly stat reports" or "let me check my appointment schedule"cause they sound professional. That being said I still manage to quote the Simpsons in the classroom so there's balance.

4) When did business suits become #1 wanted item on my radar? When shopping I am drooling more with business suits than stilettos. And I LOVE stilettos.

5) How did I manage to get more $ at this new job but still manage to be broke all the time? Sheer talent and determination I guess. Oh and having tons of bills.

6) When the frik is summer coming?

7) How come last Sat night (on St. Patty's Day) I managed to drink a shitload of alcohol and barely felt drunk and felt fantastic at 8 on Sunday morn but this Friday drank 3 drinks and felt like ass yesterday morn?

Happy birthday to my good friend Lucas. You don't look a day over 19, youngun.
St. Patty's Day was great. Thanks to all who showed up.
Air guitar never grows old nor does my love for Kate.
Jessica you're birthday present is still riding shotgun in my car.
My parents came up and visited me and it was the best!

Saturday, March 10, 2007

This Homemade Prozac Needs More Ice Cream

I'm not happy, or at least not content. This isn't news. And I am a big believer that if you're not happy you need to choose you own happiness. What this happiness entails, well that's a bigger picture. So here's a few steps to work on. Not that anyone cares but I find that if I write things down it pushes me to do them more than if I don't.

-Finding a new job. I've always thought all professional jobs will push you to the extremes. That's why they're professional jobs as they challenge you. I've come to terms this week that my job goes beyond those means. A good paycheque is not worth working while you're sick with a fever of almost 103 degrees and getting no thanks for it and more work piled on top. A 50 hr work week is turning into a thankless 60 hr work week at the sake of my health and mental well being. No job is worth it. So as of this week I'm looking for a new job. It's not turning in the towel so much but knowing my limits.

-Going on a road trip. Road trips=happy.

-Seeing my parents. Either they are going to come here soon or I am going to go and visit them. I miss them.

-Surrounding myself with people that are good for me. People that I feel I can rely on. If you can't rely on your friends, then they're simply acquantences.

-Not being sick. Working on that one myself with the courtesy of my good friends soup and tea. We meet again, old friends.

-This is where I'd like to say a boyfriend. But that's unrealistic. It's hard to see friends when working a million hrs a week muchless meet new guys. And where would I meet such guys? Most of my friends don't have any 'male suitors' to fit the bill, there's no workplace dating, and I'm often too tired to do anything other than go to the Central for social activity and as explained before everyone at the Central knows everyone. Plus, the obvious part is you can't force dating. It's almost always random. So you busy yourself in the meantime pretending not to be lonely.

-I want to travel. So in the next year I am going to take a trip to a place I have never been.

Of course this is more or less the emo ramblings of someone who's been cooped up inside, sick all weekend downloading sad music so don't mind me. Some sunshine and spring flowers may help too.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

we're here for a good time

not a long time...or so went the song that the lovely Kate and I sang at Saturday night kareoke. I never knew how much fun bastardizing classic songs could be! We're going to have to make another date of it.

First off to summarize what is new lately. Friday night rock trivia-lovely. Did bad but had fun. Saturday-kareoke. Had Jessica and Lisa as moral support and it was fun. Gonna have to drag others back. God bless the central. It's like Cheers where everyone knows your name but doesn't care.

Work is nuts. Plain and simple. Can't get into details but imagine me looking like a deer in the headlights running with scissors. Offices aren't only good to show off, but they're great for when you need to hide and hyperventalate. Who knew!

Friday night went to the Blazers game with Jenn and spent the night at her place. Sleepovers are funner when you don't have to get up at 4 in the morn but still not as bad as expected. Been hanging out with some older friends lately and been bonding with some people. I love reconnecting and also finding common ground.

Hating my lacking motivation for some things and how I don't have a microwave right now. I always thought myself to be a good cook. Turns out that I'm fairly limited without my radioactive oven of love. Pasta/noodles are getting old.

Been feeling...somthing lately. But I can't quite put my finger on it. I wouldn't say unhappy. But not happy. Bored, possibly? Stagnant, perhaps? I need something but I'm not sure what it is and it's frustrating me. It's like I'm currently on a plateau just waiting but not sure what for.

I'm sure after the weekend I'll be in a better place. Having some people over for drinks on Friday which should be fun. Expect a post about it. Also does anyone know how I get my cat to stop scratching at my door and meowing at night? She does it at around 4am every night. And please don't say let her into the bedroom cause that isn't an option.