Thursday, October 25, 2007

Howling at the Full Moon

It's a full moon tonight. Thank god, cause at least it could explain some of the weirdness that has been happening lately.

*Work place scenarios that scream WTF. Right now when someone comes upto me with a effed up question or scenario rather than giving my best PR face and a "I'll work with you on fixing this" I'm just sighing and getting people to take a number

*Going through my teen stages in my later twenties. What I mean is while everyone else around me is in relationships and seeking more serious solace through members of the opposite sex, my divide is getting stronger. From the time I was twenty to twenty five I was in three of my most serious relationships to date and had the "L" word escape once or twice. Even the dreaded "M" word which is what I wanted more than anything....

Now at twenty seven I'm relishing in making out with different guys. A different guy every weekend. Enough to quench my attention defecit libido without having to worry about syhigonneherpilleas. I flirt, I tease, I taunt and I'm loving it. And what's different than being a tease in my younger years is this time it's guilt free. I'm single and I'm honest about what I'm doing. I'm not being wreckless with people's feelings or breaking hearts and I'm not spreading lies. Why not have some fun. If a cute accent or tattoos or nice set of eyes comes across my path or my bed, who sez I can't have a little fun

*Almost in the same vein of romance I got an add on facebook last week and was surprised by the facebook appearance of my first boyfriend. We were fifteen and too shy to know what we were doing and he moved later that year. We didn't stay in touch but twelve years later suddenly tada, here he is. And he may be moving from Winnepeg to Kelowna aka two hours away. How funnily random.

*I came up with how to get my blogging mojo back. It came in a fit of insomnia as like much of my bad choices/good ideas. One of the last times I had a blast writing was when I was a sex columnist for the Omega. So weekly I am going to start posting about my sexcapades/thoughts/ or lack of both on here. While in full on having fun mode, I might as well cause well if the shoe fits...
That's it for now but expect a good halloween post coming up. And pictures if I can ever learn to work this thing.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Is This Thing Still On?

I'm a douche and have been tooo busy (aka lazy) to blog lately. I'm trying my damdest to get back into bloggety world as I do love writing. But it's the actual doing it that's the problem. Thinking I may revert to

a) blogging when drunk. so that people can try to decipher what "whooooot. thsa sooo much funz, i looooooooooove me beerz. my peopples rocks stuff" means.

b) blogging daily to forcefeed the habit. much akin to forcing myself to not scream at other drivers daily but with better results.

c) If i ever learn to put pictures on here (this is where we all have a chuckle at the fact that I teach college level computer courses) I can skip the writing all together and just make a nice little picture book of my week being that my celly cam is such a clever little moment grabber.

Verdict is out for now so instead you get an overtired highly caffeinated bloggy post.


So being that I only work about 50-55 hrs a week at my one job I have decided that's definately not enough time being stressed during the week. So what would add to that?.....Another job! Yes along with being a College Instructor/Student Services Rep (or TILF as lovingly known by Leannimal) I've also partnered with my friend Tony in starting up a business. I want others to join in the venture but sowly but surely will grab others into the cult of Usana. Come on, try the koolaid. Not gonna pimp too much out on this blog post but maybe in more to come. For now check out

Going to go see Joey's comedy show tonight. Soooo excited. Went and saw Clay's band last weekend and it was pretty nice to try something different on for size. Melissa J. is coming to town. I don't think she's been back here since the Canada Day/birthday festivities. Long overdue. Thinking I am going to go see State of Shock with Jenn next week at CJ's. Should be a grand ol time.

Random question of the day- has anyone been in a car accident, and if so how long was it before you felt comfortable driving? Kind of personal I know but it's been coming up three months now and I still have panic attacks when driving and the thought of going on the highway scares the bejeebers out of me. I've been debating selling the new car and just scootering my way around town, but realize that it's much harder to scream at others on the road effectively when you have no horn. And what about rain? The plus side is I'd pimp out my scooter. Can you get a Louis Vuitton monogrammmed scooter? Or a helmet with Swarovski crystals?

Now while highly caffeinated I'm off to plan out me Hallow's eve costume. Rollergirl or princess...