Sunday, April 29, 2007

am i coming down with something?

crushes are stupid. and time consuming. and intoxicating. and complicating. why do you think i avoid them with only brief bouts, like a bad cold. i don't have time for this shit. at least the emo kid in me is jumping for joy.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

I *heart* big surprises

Even if I'm not very good at keeping them. This one was pretty damn hard to keep my pie hole (or big vagina mouth as Leanne would say) closed, but we almost managed to pull it off. As everyone knows the surprise was Ms. Leannikkins coming back.

Fun fun fun. I thought we couldn't top last week. Inappropriate touching, horrible introductions (my name is Meghan and I was raised in a barn), the great dance off 2007 (Monty may have won in numbers, but our table won in spirit and tequila), testing tables durability by dancing on them. Basically condensing a month's worth of shenanigans into a 4 hour time slot. Heh. I said slot. The next day Jenn and I went to the park and Joey's Only. So ghetto fab.

This weekend=pure love.

Friday-another fabulous rock trivia engagement. Glad Amy and Jim came this week as they;re a lot of fun. You know I'm drunk when singing along to Avril and having fun at the T-dog. Possible road trip in the works for a Van councert. Best dancer ever this last week. I think he topped the dance off last week. I need to borrow Matt's video to imput to really show the value as words cannot describe. And speaking of I can't bug Matt for not showing up as he actually has put me in my place the last 2 weeks. Bah.

Yesterday-went to the fair. Soooooooooo mucccccccch fuuuuuun. Prob not the best idea to go the the fair after a night of drinking but that didn't stop up from going on every topsy turvy ride ever. Also eating mini donuts and playing games. And testing driving skills at bumper cars. To beat Jenny to the punchline, we're bastards and rocked the ferris wheel cart. Hey, you said you liked it better when it was moving! Best ever was Joe on the carousel. All ur faces hurt from laughing so hard. Last night-sushi. 5 people with 'O' faces and was it ever worth it. Last night was the lamest person ever and was asleep by 9ish. Also broke in the season by having me first slushee. Yummers.

This next week. Insanity. Between birthdays galore, visiters and j-schoolers back it should be busy. Oh and did I mention that the grad I've been planning is just over a week away. Oh my.

Sunday, April 1, 2007

raindrops keep falling on my head

Sorry. I find writing song lyrics/titles as blog titles witty and/or personally amusing so don't mind the cheesy references.

A curiousity-doesn't anyone else find their mood is strongly affected by the weather? I mean I understand everyone is happier when its sunny (short of vampires) but do others find it can make or break the overall tone for the day/hour?

Example-Yesterday-sunny=happy as can be. Woke up early, cleaned, even though tired had a fantastic day frolicking in the fresh air. Today-snowing and grey=tired, emo, want to sleep all day, noone gets me. Friday-cloudy with sunny periods-kind of neutral with periods of exasperation and well wishing for the weekend.

Anyone else in the same boat, or am I floating down the crazy river by myself on this one?