Wednesday, December 31, 2008

How's This for a New Year's Resolution!

I saw this on the lovely Mermanda's blog a while back and have meant to post it but thought it would be best saved for the token New Year's post. I'm pretty good at making and keeping resolutions but this forced me to really thnk about the goals and wants that I have for the next few years. Feel free to try it yourself, it'll force you to really think things through and realize what you can do when you push yourself to do

101 Things in 1001 Days...

I'm So Vain, That I Definately Know This Song Is About Me
1) Wear fake eyelashes.
2) Do 25 situps a day for an entire month.
3) Wear make up every day for an entire month.
4) Get my tattoo touched up.
5) Get another one.
6) Get my nose fixed that is always plugged.
7) See if I can get a nose job out of it.
8) Wear a headband, hats and skinny jeans without looking like a fool.
9) Take more fashion risks.
10) Buy something without looking at the price tag.
11) Get a massage and get over the discomfort of being naked in front of someone

Leaving On a Jet Plane
12) Get my passport.
13) Go to a country where English is not the first language
14) Go back to Stewart and appreciate it in a way I never did growing up.

I Like to Do Stuff

15) Sew an entire outfit. All by myself.
16) Sing. At kareoke. All by myself. Completed Dec 05/09
17) Have a full long weekend of SATC marathon
18) Flair bartend
19) Learn to do the full Thriller dance.
20) Do home renos.
21) Start a herb garden on my patio.
22) Go to an art gallery event
23) Read more.
24) Watch less tv. (Cable cancelled)
25) Train my cat to not play in her litter.
26) Rent and watch St. Elmo's Fire and Sixteen Candles and Pretty in Pink
27) Watch a movie with subtitles.
28) Go to another town. Fake an identity for an evening.
29) Go to a broadway musical.
30) Go to a runway show.
31) Do an extreme sport.

Career and Finance and Bling
32) Have ALL my credit card balances at 0.
33) Have a financial plan towards both retirement and buying a house
34) Get published
35) Stop taking about office spacing the fax. Just do it
36) Love my job
37) Learn a new skill
38) Play hooky from work. Just for a day.
39) Have furniture in my house that is not a hand me down, value village purchase or have a no payments til ____ surplus.

Sexyback, Yup
40) Kiss a rockstar.
41) Make love by candlelight.
42) Be able to say penis without giggling
43) Get kissed during a rain shower.
44) Go on a date with someone I wouldn't normally go on a date with.
45) Do a striptease
46) Have sex in a car.
47) Wait to get to know someone before having sex.

Trying to Work My Way onto Santa's Nice List
48)Volunteer more. And actually do it.
49) Start buying local.
50) Quit using plastic grocery bags.
51) Meghan, meet coffee thermos. Coffee thermos, meet Meghan.
52) Don't hit anything with my car (technically that's doing good)
53) Get over my fear/uncomfort with children .
54) Recycle more.
55) Give away something I love to someone who will appreciate it just as much.
56) Play with my cat more.
57) Give someone flowers, just because.
58) Run for a cure. And actually run it.
59) Try to see someone else's side of the story.

Deeper Than A Fishbowl

60) Make a legal will.
61) Find out what I wanna be when I grow up.
62) Stop saying 'yes' to make people happy.
63) Get to reknow someone I've grown apart from over the years.
64) Get over my irrational fear and get tested for HIV.
65) Have a day where I love my appearance without looking at the flaws.
66) Stop apologizing for who I am.
67) Mend broken friendships.
68) Get rid of toxic people. Don't allow anymore in.
69) Accept my brother for who he is.
70) Get to really KNOW my dad.

Blog Love
71) Make blogging a source of income
72) Meet a fellow blogger, previously unknown.
73) Discover a new blog every day for one month.
74) Learn to use google reader
75) Learn how to upload videos onto a blog

Food? Yes, Please!
76) Eat cheesecake for breakfast. And dinner.
77) Eat cavier
78) Find the perfect veggie bacon.
79) Drink real champagne
80) Eat a meal with no idea what's in it. (Thanks, Cuba!)
81) Bake a cake or cookies from scratch and have them turn out.

82) Go to a wine tasting.
83) Make a souffle.
84) Try cooking meat.
85) Host and cook for a dinner party.

The Miscellaneous Category of Course
86) Learn more about Canadian politics.
87.) Camp under the stars
88) Make more lists. I love lists.
89) Find out what 'I love lamp' means or refers to. Not that many people can like actual lamps.
90) Stop waiting for a guy to buy me a diamond. Buy myself one.
91) Stop screaming at bees.
92) Take up photography. Find the beautiful in the little things.
93) Camp. In the woods. For no LESS than 2 days.
94) Laugh til I cry.
95) Give my parents something to show how much I appreciate everything they have given me.
96) Learn to like pancakes.
97) Don't kill a cellphone til I can actually upgrade
98) Throw up some damn pictures on my very bare walls
99) Get over my fear of escalators
100) Learn to drive a standard car.
101) Do namoblopo next November, as well as the 20SB carnivals :)


Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Greetings from the North Pole

After 24+ hours with no sleep, a 9 hour bus ride, a 7 hour layover and a 5.5 hour drive, I've finally made it to my parents place for Christmas, which is virtually in the North Pole or Very Very Northern B.C. No cell reception and dial up internet is always worth it whenever I taste my mom's buttertarts though, no questions asked. So if my comments get sporatic for the next week you know why. Dial up+blogging=no fun.

To do what will probably be the last meme of 2009, I saw this one on Aine Catriona's blog the other day and it was intriguing. Pretty much if you want to play along throw out an 'interview me' onto the comments section and I'll email you 5 questions for you to answer on your blog and so forth. Pretty simple and a good chance to get to get to answer some fellow bloggers some of the questions you've been dying to know :)

1. Since you mention them in your blogger bio and in your e-mail address, I'm going to assume that pirates are a bit of a fetish foryou. What is your earliest pirate memory?

Hmm, it isn't so much a fetish as much as it is an ongoing joke. One of my closest friends Jessica and I were watching Finding Nemo in theatre (yes, way past our teen years) and for some reason got onto the topic that if college didn't work out for us we could always have a backup career as pirates and the ball started rolling. Now I have collected some fine pirate garb over the years and make it a tradition to float the the river every year on my birthday with friends on tubes wearing pirate hats. It's immensely fun.

2. What are your thoughts on how mainstream pirates have gotten since Pirates of the Caribbean? Also, do you buy Kiera Knightley as thepirate wench-esque character she plays?

Guilty confession time. I didn't like the first Pirates OTC movie and haven't seen the others. To be honest Goonies is a way better movie about treasure hunts and Chunk is a pretty rad character. As far as Keira, she's ridiculously hot but more fit for cute movies like Love Actually.

3. Recently you posted a virtual gift-swap involving some of yourfavorite bloggers. When and why did you start blogging?

I've been blogging ever since I took a class based on web based journalism through blogging in 2003. I hap hazardly kept a blog throughmy college years to keep my friends back home upto date and never thought much of it and let it die off. The about 2(ish?) years ago I started to get really bad anxiety and found that writing on a blog was actualy a very therapeutic way to release some emotions I didn't know were there. It's very cathartic. Now I blog for a multiple of reasons, to entertain, for emotional clarity, and to get in touch with other bloggers as I find blogger stories and posts to be some of the most interesting, funny and heartfelt reads out there. It really has transformed into a blogger community I'm proud to be a part of.

4. Is there anyone you wouldn't want to read your blog? Why or why not?

My parents knowI have a blog andI have asked them not to read it and as far as I know they have respected that, same with my family. My blog really is like my diary, and just like how I wouldn't tell my parents every aspect of my personal life ("Hey mom, you should see the guy I shagged last night!") I don't feel it would be appropriate to read this deep into my psyche for privacy sake. Same with coworkers. In my "real life" I'm actually a fairly private person so would feel a sense of violation if coworkers were to read.

5. If you could read one celebrity or fictional character's blog,who's would it be and why?
(Assuming, of course, that celebrities arerelatively literate.)

Good question :) I find most celebrities to be vapidly annoying entertainment that are viewed as societal zoo animals. And how many hours can you view a polar bear before you get bored. I don't really like most celebrity blogs as I find they are just another outlet for publicity and pulling the PR strings. That being said, Matt Good actually has a great blog that shows a large sum of intelligence, humour and compassion. I've been reading it for ages and it's a good read.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Operation Red Nose

Very few things in the world get me angry. I mean, reaaaaally angry. Where I could literally hit someone or cry with tears of anger. Where I shake with anger pumping through my veins and feel like a loss of control could happen. That kind of anger is rare. But it does come out.

Like when people drive drunk.

Right now at this time of year there is no excuse. In fact, I'm gonna come right out and say there's no excuse at any time of the year to get behind the wheel intoxicated. You might as well have a loaded gun with the safety off in a room full of people. But with car driving services based soley on donation, extra taxis and sober and willing friends it's a testament to selfish behaviour at it's finest.

It's arrogant to think you're not going to cause the accident. Cause maybe you won't tonight. But how many people have given statements in handcuffs saying the same to a room full of angry lovers and families. You're no different. Get off you're goddamned pedestal.

Yes, you may be bigger but alcohol is alcohol and if you drink too much, then congratufuckinglations. You're then drunk. You will not sober up in twenty minutes with a glass of water. You know better than that and if you don't you're ignorant as well as selfish.

How many people have to die or get hurt from the actions of others. And what pisses me off the most is that it's completely avoidable and preventable. You're stubborn, so you drive. You feel fine, so you drive. Pretty much you don't care if you hurt yourself or others, so you drive.

You're a 'good drunk driver'? I ought to slap you across the face for spouting such vile words.

I have seen the consequences of drunk driving at it's finest. A friend who took her last breaths while a driver swore he didn't see her there and thought the bump was a pylon. Guess that's why he backed up twice over her. Going to her funeral when we were supposed to going to the winter prom. Hearing that the man's wife left him and he was on suicide watch while in jail. The cell he was only in for five years.

I have no respect for the people that decide. Willingly, decide to do this. I can't and I won't. I won't be a part of this anymore. This game where we both pretend you're not drunk and I'm supposed to look the other way. No throwing in my towl and I'm done.

I don't care if you hate me. I'd rather you hate me than kill someone else. So in the future I will be the one dialing the police's number if you grab your keys. I will be the one to announce that you're drunk to anyone who will listen. I will not drink with you if driving is involved and I will not accept bullshit excuses that sound like an adolescent trying to get out of curfew.

If you act like a spoiled child, I will treat you as one.

Because I love my friends. And I choose not to lose any more to drunk driving, even if it is their own.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Santa Meghan

Sorry, I haven't been in bloggy world much the last week. It's the time of year of scrambling to get last minute presents, Christmas cards out, and going to many events with lots of food you pretended to make (the key-put it in a casserole pan and add more cheese and noone notices).

But not to fear, I haven't been so busy this year to forget about everyone I care for in the blogosphere, so I got prezzies for you all too. Gift receipts are available if you want to exchange, or you can just use it whenever I come over, like the gifts from Granny.

For Steph Much Ado About Sumthin, I give you the gift of coming back to blogger world. Actually that's a gift for myself but lets not focus on that as it's the season of giving, right? Right?

For one of my Favourite international bloggers, Paula Insert My Blog Name Here I give you the gift of another trip to the Canary Islands filled with lots of rose wine and maybe a hot man, or three. Report back with stories, thankyou.

Actually, while I'm at it I'm going to give Edward Yates The Wells of Fancy a vacation too as after finishing up his PhD I'm sure he can use one.

Maxie, I Hate So Much sorry to do this to you girl, but I'm getting you the gift of rail vodka and red bull to mix. It's not that I don't love you it's just that I love the adventures you have when shmammered and think that this could make for excellent blog posting. Bail money is also applicable as part of the gift.

To the witty and talented Deutlich Speak on It and Chelsea Chelsea Talks Smack you both get the gift of a book publishing contract, cause if you're ever to write a book I would buy it and so would everyone else on the blogosphere cause you have such an extrodinary way with words. Then I can just give it out as the gift to everyone next year as well which would be a nice bonus. Oh and Deutlich, since we're both outted country music lovers I figured we might as well embrace it and got us tixs to see The Dixie Chicks.

To So@24 Starting Over at 24 I'm giving you the gift of getting laid. By a girl. Within the next year. I think everyone will thank me for this one, including your balls.

To the man that makes me start every day laughing, Chris Surviving Myself I give you a pre wedding Bachelor party that will include a Robocop theme, appearances by Jay-Z and Kim Kardashian AND her ass. Cause really, her ass is the gift that keeps on giving.

For Mike Mind of Spaz the gift I'm giving you is something you shall not actually receive as I am giving everyone in your town complimentary driving lessons and makeovers. This shall cut your blog foddler in half but also make you much less irate, so it's a tradeoff. Oh and Happy Birthday!

To my fellow redhead Roland Militant Ginger I give you a digital camera to take more pictures of your adorable baby. Really, that's a present for everyone. I also pass along to you the gift of sleep, as since your new arrival I'm sure it's something you could use :)

Ben No Ordinary Rollercoaster, my fellow Canadian comrade, of course I remembered you! You are getting more vests just so you can continue to look like a really hot Jonas brother. Also some puppy treats and I'm going to supply food and drinks for Haliblogoramamaniaobediahiggypop.

For the always fun Tricia Middle Age Mania I give to you a kareoke machine and a ticket to Vegas so that we can do it up right. I'll steer you clear from Tequila this time though.

For the cutest blogger in all the land (dispute this and I'll cut you) Jamie Oh!How Lovely! I shall give tons of cute garb to put on your etsy shop, front row tix to Britney (bitch is fierce) and a dream date with Robert Pattison. Swoon, nor explanation to the bf not included.

For the music lovers Princess Pointful ...and hijinks ensued and Aine Catriona Smell the Glove I give to you my very own mix cd's of musicidontthinksucksverymuch. Considering I like everything from country to rap to indie to top 40 it's gonna be quite the eclectic shitmix.

Malice Blackheart Malice Blackheart:The Ghostwriter I give to you a journal to write down all your poetry, and a date that will knock your socks off. I'm also giving a journal to Bruce Hypocrisy but this one of a photojournal to display and show off to the world the way he photographs and see's the world as it is a gift to everyone.

Speaking of books, I'm not sure if you have this already Jenn You Are Flawed If You Are Not Free but you get all four Post Secret books to go through and enjoy. And magical textbooks that are able to be sold back at any time at full cost with no questions asked.

Although I'm new to reading both blogs I wanted to pass along the gift of stress free wedding planning to the newly engaged Mermanda Cusp of Normal and the gift of stress free puppy training to Hillary two L's please.

For one of the sexiest bloggers around, Maegan ... Love Maegan I'm giving you a shopping spree at Macy's and Nordstroms (are those the high end department stores for Americans?). Also roads that are traffic free on the commute to and from work.

Both Mooog Mental Poo and The Clandestine Samurai Life: The Dynamic get movie reviews as alhtough very different writing styles you could put any newspaper review columnist to shame.

For two of my favourite bloggers Kelsey The Chronicles of Kelsey and Lanette From the Sun to the Sand who are right now stuck in the tundras of a Northern Alberta winter, I give to you heating socks and underwear. It may sound weird, but you'll thank me. Also Kelsey you get a plane ticket to see Scott as you please, and Lanette I'm giving you the gift of someone coming into the new house to decorate so you don't have to worry about Christmas lights.

If The Divine Miss M The Adventures of Miss M ever comes back to blog world, I have the gift of 5 more hours added to every day for you. Actually I'm going to pass that along to another cute blogger Tara When Tara Met Blog as I've never "met" someone so ambitious and with such a great heart.

Oh, and you're going to love me for this one Angela My Quiet Testimony, as your gift is a hot date with Cute Cook. And don't fear as I have someone to do your homework while on the date so you can just relax and go wherever the night takes you.

Nick Nick's Bytes, I've been having troubles thinking of what to get you because you and Alex are already so full of love and laughter on your blog. So I'm just going to pass along some Garfield cartoons to add to your blog and some catnip for Alex.

Oh, Slyde Slydesblog you naughty manx, I'm giving you the gift of electronics that don't break, a job that FORBIDS you to take trips into the city, and all the time in the world to flirt, I mean comment on people's blogs. And to Lad Litter I'm giving you and your wife a weekend getaway on me of course!

And for the people that I see in my "real world" life. Pirate Jessica What Am I Supposed to Do With This I give you go go boots and an inflatable Leo doll. To mah Sarah-Kat Antiphrasis I give the gift of good vibes towards your lovely new hme with Mr. B. To Nick Classic Times I give you another weekend to come upto the Loops for Post J-School Trainwreck The Sequel (we may have to work on the title). Lisa Dream Journal I give you the gift of many good dreams to blog about in the new year. Melissa Beautiful Muse you get the gift of no guy drama in the new year. Note, I didn't say no guys, just no drama to follow it!Danka Danka's World you get a day filled with baking, reading, and no kittens in the tree. And Lorne, Jessica, and Lucas

you all get the gift of learning how to write in your damn blogs again and stop shaming my blogroll :P

To any lurkers out there I give you the welcome gift of coming forward so that in the new year I can give you presents and shout outs too as everyone is welcome at Casa De Meghan, and to anyone I may have missed, sorry about that. It's a lot of people to go through, and I'm kinda dumb when only on the first cup of coffee.

So now you see why I've been so damn busy this last week buying presents!I also invite everyone to come over to my place for a big ol Blogger party with boxes of wine and the chance for twitter updates galore. I hope everyone likes their present, and if not well better luck next year.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

I May Be Saying This Cause I'm Drunk, But I Love You Wine

It's that time of year again. No, not for eggnog, awkward family get togethers and canapes, even though I'm game for all of those.

I'm talking bout the Staff Christmas parties.

After the last staff get together I'm going to try to learn my lesson and present myself as a classy business woman who can hold her alcohol in the presence of others at workplace functions...

.... or not.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Coalition Conundrum

Well we may not be as flashy as the US political elections but we sure do got a lot of dramz happening up here.


On Oct 14th us Canucks had an election and for the second time in as many years we are now lead by a Conservative minority government... a minority government nevertheless, but a government elected by the people.

Of my ten years as a registered voter I have never seen an election where people were so on the fence as to who to choose. The lines were blended as parties fought to represent what they wanted and what they feel the people wanted. I will just say that for the first time ever I voted Conservative. I can see and respect why many people would not agree but I feel it was the best decision and stand by my choice. I have not liked the agenda the Liberals have been taking ever since Cretien left and although I agree with many of the NDP ideals (and don't see why haters are still referred to the fast ferry incident from 1997 as the reason not to vote for them. They fucked up. So have every other party we have). Anyways I digress as do not feel Jack Layton is a trustworthy candidate, or the most out of all if any could be deemed "trustworthy".

It's a time of political unrest in Canada. I love the Green party (and agree there has to be a stronger position in the government both federally and provincially on the environment) and have voted before when not sure how to vote, but lets face it. The green party vote is the 'wasted ballot' here in Canada.

So, to wind down a long wordy road of my political background I can now say my vote and my democratic right is being pushed and bent at this very moment, as an opposition government is currently poised to overthrow the government in power.


Well since the Conservative government is a minority the Bloc Quebecois(separatist party), Liberals and NDP have all formed a governing party together to overthrow the government this week until 2010. It's the pirates of politics in 2008 if you will. What. The. Eff.

I don't realistically see how it is expected to work and I don't agree with this opposition from the government which is currently going through approval of the Govenor General before taking place next week. This is not entirely due to the fact that I voted Conservative but to the fact that we are just supposed to agree that the Oct 14th election DID NOT HAPPEN. If that's the case I ask Mr. Dion to give me back the gas money spent going to the polling station as well as the thirty minutes spent waiting in line. I accept cheques and money orders, thankyouverymuch.

If anything it weakens our countries image in the eyes of other nations as it is hard to take a nation seriously when there is so much political unrest. As well as it is hard for the people of the nation to feel their vote is taken seriously. In a time of political uncertainty and during an 'official' recession I am wanting to lean on my government and know that they have the interest of the people in mind. The employment, health care, education and and the economic sectors should be in the political headlines not gossipy columns about closed door meetings between the Bloc Quebecois and NDP.

I was explaining it to a friend yesterday and the only terminology I could come to think of was to compare it to food (like most of everything else in my life that revolves around food or sex or tv). I then came up with the shittiest anology I can think of.....

It's like there's a dinner party for 14 and everyone has to vote on one dish to be served at the party. Six people decided on eggs whereas the other people could not decide and brought their own things to the dinner party. Decisively people either like or hate eggs (they give you protein.,..but cmon it's dead chicken fetus and they're smelly). The other people brought Mangos. Olives. And Pickles. Rather than eat their own thing and focus on the fact that even though it was the minority that decided, it was in fact the people that decided on eggs and eat them they decided to mix their food into a giant casserole of mangoes and pickles and olives. Yes, it will overthrow the eggs but it's shit and we all know it's shit. However the people are more proud of the fact that they do not have to eat eggs than recognize that the dish they are serving to people is shit and will not mix nor will it taste good.

Right now our government is the equivalent of a shitmix casserole in the making and I am saying no thanks, throwing down my fork and sticking up my middle finger. For the first time in my 28 years I have lived in Canada I feel my vote does not count and I'm just idly sitting by watching a political uncertainty that I did not ask for nor did I ask to pay for.

Rant over.