Wednesday, May 30, 2007

ice cubes down my pants

Is what I'm gonna have to do to get cool this summer as my a/c is broken. Booo-urns. This makes me want to make a freezer-tent ala Simpsons. Tinkerbell is game for it. And being that I rent would I have to pay for the new fridge?

Sunday, May 20, 2007

no titles. just ramblings.

No real purpose of this post. Just random thoughts strung together. Just a warning for anyone about to read...

First off Jessica's stag-fun fun fun times. I'm proud of my girl for getting down with her bad self and hope you had a blast Jessica. Dinner at Hoodoo's was lovely and it was quite the swank place. Can't wait for the wedding in a couple weeks. It's gonna be great to have everyone come together and celebrate the first of us to get married. Jessica and Josh are lovely and it's going to be amazing.

Rock trivia. Fun as always. Heard the term 'fucking classsy' more than once. Got me thinking. I like to go out and make an ass of myself as much as the next person and have no threshhold for embarrassment. That being said I don't want people to disassociate the words 'Meghan' and 'ladylike' as never appearing in a sentance together. I think I'm just at a realy awkward point of self discovery where I'm working a job where I am required to exude professionalism and confidence (neither which is in my nature) and I feel like 'this is it. I'm settled into the grown up routine'. So going out and getting tipsy or the such is proof to myself and others that 'I can still have fun and rock out'. I'm trying to find a balance and haven't reached that point but know that I'd like to present myself as classy from time to time rather than a general state of 'fucking classy'. There's also the frustration of friends saying they want to hang out in a non drinking environment-which I dig but then never having plans together.

Guys. Crush is dying and I think I'd like another. Is there a store for that? Next, please. Crushes are exhausting and time consuming so maybe I'll take the spare time to learn a new hobby. Knitting? Archery? Origami?

Events. This summer is turning out to be a change from the last if not for the fact that I do not have the vacation privledges avail until my 1 yr time at the jobby-poo. So no Warped Tour this year alas. Also Merritt Mountain-if given a ticket for free I'd go but it is not something that I want to spend the money on. I like country but not enough to spend a lot of money. I'd still like something to go down this summer. Of course there is the July 1st long weekend tubing down the river and if I can get a group to go to stampede on a weekend that would rock. It would be sooo cool to visit Kate!

Thinking of getting healthier as I feel crappy lately. I've taken the first step towards eating healthier (apparently a diet of pizza pops and diet rootbear isn't as nutritional as one would think. go figure) but have come to terms with the fact that being healthy means cutting down drinking and *gasp* exercising too. Not sure my means of exercise yet but will come up with something. Maybe walks at dusk as it's pretty then.

Loves. Sunshine. Highland Grogg coffee. Salmon. Old Offspring albums. My new Christopher Moore book. Friends dvds.

Hates. Being sleepy all the time. Bills. Ironing clothes. Work place stresses. Perception.

Saturday, May 5, 2007

If Myspace and Hi5 had a bastard lovechild together...

It would be facebook, my latest addiction du jour.

This isn't the first blogpost I've seen about facebook and others make some great points. I do hope that the people I went to highscool with are like "wow, she looks hotter/got a good job etc." It doesn't matter in a strong way, but I'm not gonna lie it does cross the mind.

It's also fantastic in the sense that I've been reconnecting with people I used to be close with but due to distance, timing, etc have lost touch with. Ex boyfriends, old schoolmates, crushes, friends, the whole lot of 'em piled together. It makes stalking easy and oh so fun! At any given point you can see who's online and what they're thinking. By the way, Meghan is very happy she's having coffee on this Saturday morning.

Not the annoying trails of voyeurism that Hi5 leaves, or listening to other people's shitty music that myspace has inflicted on me too many times. I said I'd never sway from myspace, but I have to admit within 3 short weeks when I sign in there it's like going to the party everyone's already bounced from.

As far as the fact that Facebook is selling info to big bad men who are using it to track people....umm, newsflash that's already happening. Legal census reports aren't just for fun, and when you have to put your postal code in at a store where do you think it goes? Tracking public info to go towards demographic surveys are not new. It's a tact corporations have used for years. Myspace can be tracked, as can facebook as can your email. Big brother is watching anyways, why not stamp on a fun pic to give him something to look at.

I love that students check their facebook between classes and I roll my eyes, only to run to the office to do the same. Heh, hypocrisy is fun!

No real point to this post, I'm not trying to sway others to get on board, that's your call. The ones that have facebook already know how addicting it is. More an explanation that if anyone needs me and you can't find me answering my phone it's cause I'm in a facebook trance.