Tuesday, August 4, 2009

running behind the pack

I need a week off. Maybe two. I'm burnt out, big time.

Work is starting to eclipse into the personal life and I could almost make a full blackberry schedule out of the personal. Family deciding to surprise visit for over a week was amazing and stressful and time consuming all at once. Laundry and food in the fridge aren't givens and it seems I'm falling behind in my personal life. Coffee dates missed. Friends I don't see as much anymore, some I don't see at all.

I'm sorry but my toothache and vagina are going to have to get a place in line because I don't have time for a dentist appt/pap smear much less a haircut. Someone please tell me where this summer is going?

I can barely find time to upload pics to the new computer before I kill a cell phone and have to find out how to use the next one as well. At this point I'm going to throw fashion aside and wrap everything in bubblewrap as there's no way for finance to keep up with my vengeance for all things expensive and breakable.

Oh and anxiety has reared his ugly head again. How I missed you, you ugly prick.

And then the blog. Sigh. Feeling a week behind all posts. The last to comment. An equally shotty friend on the interworld. Sorry. I suck. And of course that's the one that is stressing me out almost the most.

Which is why I'm going away for a week. Maybe two. And when I come back I'm going to mark all as read, take a deep breath and try to pick up where we left off. For sanity's sake.

Or for the sake of not going postal on the office fax machine, hitting the cell phone with the hammer, crying while uploading pics on the computer, rambling on the blog with random words relating to "fucking split ends.....fucking marking....fucking heat wave" and doing a vlog of drunk crying to Alanis Morisette.


Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

Omg. I HEAR YOU! I feel like I could have wrote this post!!! My family came last week, and they were camping out in Dallas by the wildlife park so not intruding on my apartment and I LOVED having them here but omg it made me busy.

And then when they left I spiralled into an insane amount of homesickness that resulted in bawling my face off multiple times a day and wanting to go home. I'm now climbing out of that to find a million posts in my reader and work piled up to my nose! Ugh.

Enjoy your vacay, wherever you are going. Take a HUGE breather. When you get back let's get together for coffee, finally! OR, better yet, after-work drink?!

Have fun relaxing :-)

Random Musings Of My Life said...

I would love to see that Vblog? What the fuck is that anyways?

Jack said...

Time out is a good thing, but seriously: put everything in a great fuck-off long list and take a step back.

Get the important crappy stuff done first and it's all good - I promise you!

I get random bouts of anxiety and if I have nothing to get anxious about sometimes, I end up with worse anxiety worrying about things I'm supposed to be doing (even if there are none).


Just remember this: no matter how odd or irked you feel, someone out there is worse than you. Always.

See you soon - refreshed and reinvigorated.

(for reference, the validation word I have to enter is 'gorear' ... destiny?)

LiLu said...

I'll miss your face, love.

Mike said...

You know, computers aren't the only things that need rebooting. People need it as well.

Enjoy your break and come back rebooted and running smoothly.

Organic Meatbag said...

Don't worry, we'll still be here waiting for you when you get back, so say "mutherfucker, fuck you in the fucking asshole" as many times as you want and get some rest!

Andy said...

Oh, I'm sorry you feel this way, but I think you're doing the right thing. It's not easy to balance your personal life, your work life and your blog life, EVER.

Sometimes one of them gets complicated and needs more attention, thus screwing the rest.

Take a break and refill with energy!!

P said...

Hope you feel better soon, m'luv!!! ;)

Bruce said...

I have to say, that this is the general mindset in most of the blog-o-sphere these day. Over worked, stressed and feeling like a hampster running around one of those wheels in a cage. I suppose it mass induced hysteria brought on by the economic crisis and working to many hours to keep up. So it ain't just you sister....(do you have any idea how far behind on my blogs I am???...trust me you don't) Take two weeks off and report back with a clearer head.

Lad Litter said...

Do it. Experience a change of scene and return refreshed and reinvigorated. That's the theory, anyway.

Slyde said...

wouldnt it be nice if dentists DID give pap smears? it would save so much time...

FoggyDew said...

Speaking of fax machines: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wzGWvZAd228

Not the original, but just as funny. Have a good break.

Candy's daily Dandy said...

Amen sister, amen.

I hope you found some peace.

little erin said...

come back now?