Sunday, December 24, 2006

not a starbucks in sight

i'm definately up north now. just to pass along to people i have no cell phone reception for the next 5 days and limited internet access.this should be interesting. 'oi.


Melissa said...

Ah there is no place like the North for xmas. Though just to rub it in your face, I have internet access and cell reception in Dawson.

I hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas.

Jen said...

No cell phone/ internet would be the death of me! Thank god Im surfing at work / home. Poor Meggles... Ill drink a starbucks for you ;) Hope you have an awesome Christmas .. I'll see you Friday Miss .. Muah

It's Me! said...

"No Starbucks No Cell Service Make Meghan Something Something..."

Merry Merry! Come on, you made it how many years in Stewart? You can do it! Pirates don't need starbucks! We SWASHBUCK-le instead! Yarrr!

Nick said...

>> "We SWASHBUCK-le instead!

That's the most terrible thing I think I've ever heard.

Meghan said...

Melissa-reason #321 why I have to come see you in dodge. and merry christmas to you and your family too :)

Jen-thaaanks better make sure it is a grande. (and merry christmas lovely)

Jess-this is true. merry christmas to you and your family as well. and we'll be swashbuckers rather than starbuck-aneers.

Nick-you love it. :P Merry Christmas.

sarah said...

merry christmas miss meggles, i will be sure to go and drink a fine starfucks beverage before it closes today, on your behalf :)