Sunday, December 17, 2006


this is the puppy i fell in love with yesterday. and one day he will be mine, oh yes, he will be mine. me and my pommy are going to be the cutest together. as soon as i figure out the how to clean up poop without gagging part. but where there is a will there is a way and i will prove the people who think i can't handle a pet wrong. *cough*jenny*cough*. we all learn at some point in our lives and just cause i didn't grow up with pets doesn't mean i can't learn. 26 is a bit too young to give up on having a pet/puppy. call me cliche but you're never too old to learn if you are willing.

people have kids all the time that have no idea what they are doing and end up doing a fine job. i'm sure many parents were scared shitless of how to raise a kid and not knowing what to do, but you learn as you go along. and there is never a 'right time to have kids' but if you want it bad enough you make it happen. that is how i feel about my puppy. i want it bad enough that it will happen. maybe not this week or month but it will happen. and am i scared and clueless? hells yeah. but i don't think the puppy will not discriminate about the learning experience of it. i equate the feelings of wanting my puppy more than anything and wanting it for a long time, to what a maternal instinct must feel like. never had one, so don't know but i don't have a boyfriend or husband to worry about, and with no need to procreate, i think the puppy would be a great companion/responsibility.

i will probably be in over my head, want to kill it if it chews on shoes, be disgusted when it barfs or pees or something and be annoyed when i have to go somewhere and need to find out 'what to do with the dog' or am looking for a place to live and cannot convince anyone that "it really is trained and doesn't bark". but for the love it will bring, it's more than worth it. i really cannot explain it any better than that. i know i am diving into the pet deep end without a clue and it could very well end up being a bad idea. but it's my choice and my love and if a puppy will bring me as much happiness as i believe then it is worth it. end of discussion.


It's Me! said...

Will you name it Winkin, Blinkin, or Nod? Getting a dog is most definately not a good idea, therefore, I feel you most definately SHOULD do it! Why not? The best things we do in life are usually the things that seem to have no good reason aside from feeling like you need to. Plus then you can get cutesy little sweaters for it! Hee hee!

Lorne said...

Puppies are not only tasty, but you can make a fine hat with its pelt. More of a Davey Crockett hat than a tricorne, but that works well to stave off frostbite in the winter. Happy hunting.

jenny. said...

i dont care if you get a dog or not. just keep in mind i will be laughin my ass off as you have to pick the little shit balls off it's hairy asshole.

Colleen said...

That dog is closer to a rodent. I think my rabbit's poops are bigger than that dog's poops would be.

Matthew Grunert said...

I have to agree with Lorne on this one. Puppies are like the swiss army knife of the pet world. I use mine for garnish on a fancy meal or as mittens in the winter.

Meghan said...

Jessica- I shall name it Winkin, Blinkin AND Nod. And would it be horrible if I have already purchased such cutesy sweaters?

Lorne/Matt- you're both disgusting and you deserve each other.

Colleen- we should make my puppy and your bunny fight to the death just for the fun of it.


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