Friday, May 2, 2008

Get Outta My Head

K, I'm on some kickass antibiotic right now. Why? The doctor boiled it down to ear infection/strep throat. That or scurvy. Either or I would suspect.

Anyhooooow. They rock at making me not feel like I have water in my ear, and I dig that. Just like the throat that no longer burns of sweet sweet hellfire. But have been noticing that ever since starting these pills I have occured some of the more messed up dreams I've had in quite some time. Observe...

Night 1) My parent arrive with my car* and I'm hella stoked after being carless for seven weeks. But it's not neccesarily the car they promised. In fact rather than showing up in an Infiniti J83 they show up in a 1980's minivan with Infinity spraypainted on the back. I balk that this is my new set of wheels. They get huffy and call me upgrateful. I'm in the mountains and there's a blizzard so I do what anyone would do. Take a nap in the spacious backseat and hope things work themselves out.

Night 2) I have sex with a fellow blogger. In a confession booth. In a mall. With people watching.

Night 3) I'm in a setting that in very horror movie-esque. Such as 2 killers trying to kill me in an institutional building where I keep having to run and find places to hide. There's even the cheeseball part where there's a morgue and I hide under the bedsheet like another body to avoid imminent stabbing to the face.* Somehow I find a secret passageway to a whole other section of the building which is safe from the killers. And I go to the cafeteria and pay 17 dollars for a fajita and am choked at the price. I also notice my ex boyfriend sitting at the cafeteria and I look like ass from all the running and sweating. I debate going back to serial killer ville. Instead I stay and eat and pretend to ignore him.

* The car arrives next Saturday!
* Even though there's a morgue in the building this isn't a hospital

Now lets see what tonight brings...


Angie hearts said...

on my god! make the nightmares stop!

hope you feel better.

Mike said...

Who's the blogger?
Come on, you can tell us ;)

Meghan said...

Angie- thanks!

Mike- I'm not gonna say :P

The Chronicles of a Fashionista in PDX said...

The third nightmare... soooo random!!!

Deutlich said...

I'm really awful at not taking prescribed medications... I HATE meds. So, if I have the death flu I just ride it out

Not particularly smart or safe.. as it's landed me in the E.R... but it is what it is.

Michelle & the City said...

my dreams have been freaking crazy lately too! as of late they have involved the bf cheating on me and car crashes. not fun at all.

Meghan said...

Fashionista- I know! I woke up scared...then laughed that the prospect of imminent death was better than dealing with the ex

Deutlich- same. Except I take mine for 3 days, get bored and stop taking it. The virus gets stronger and then the dr's have to put me on a stronger antibiotic as it's now immune to the one I ignored. My doctor doesn't seem to like this game as much as I do for some reason.

Michelle-yikes,I'm sending dream vibes of puppies and cute stuff your way

Jamie said...

I've been having some wacked out dreams too. Don't eat junk food before you go to bed.

haha that's what my boyfriend's mom tells me.

moooooog35 said...


What's your doctor got against biotics?

Prejudice people suck.

Vive la biotics!!

Meghan said...

jamie- hmmm, maybe i should stop eating junkfood before bed. or not....

moooog-thank you for bringing to light the blatant discrimination doctors give to biotics. lets stand up for them, one mutation at a time.

lotus07 said...

I am really digging the dreams.....up the dosage on the antibiotics.

Anonymous said...