Thursday, March 19, 2009

A Postcard from Cuba

What, like I wasn't going to give a cheesy title after a week in Cuba.

I understand if you hate me

I'm back after an amazing and exhausting trip to Cuba. It was well worth it in the end, and the trip of a lifetime. I have definately been bitten by the travel bug and want to continue as far as finance will allow. The country was nothing I thought it would be and everything I could ever want. This trip was exactly what the doctor ordered, allowing me to relax, party, and really open my eyes to a whole other culture. Kinda vague, so I figure the only way I'll get through it is to break it down into smaller incriments and subheadings.

I will never master the self portrait

The Good:

White sand powdered beaches like I've never seen or felt.

Crystal blue ocean water that is swimming pool warm.

Grilled fresh lobsters in creole sauces. Fresh squeezed orange juice.

Cuban coffee. Mojitos.

Palm trees everywhere. The architecture. Cities that are clean.

Feeling safer in Cuba than I do in some Canadian cities ( I was able to walk back to the hotel from the bar one night without an ounce of fear).

The heat. Havana. Markets where you can barter but wth no pressure. No beggars.

Love for tourists from the locals.

Austrian men; preferable Austrian good looking men who happen to be police officers. Giggidy.

The fact that Cuba is not 'Canadianized' or 'Americanized' but truly it's own world.

Local pride. Cheap cigarettes. Like.60cents cheap. 3 dollar bottles of rum. Sailing.

Cute stray puppies and kitties. Coconuts. Double decker buses.

Local bars that are okay with the tourists wandering in.

Slight almost-but-not-quite-offwhite tans.

Smoking and drinking are acceptable everywhere and at any time of day by the locals.

The hospitality.

The whitest girl on the beach, hands down.

The Bad:

The hotel food. Now I know as a herbivore I can expect to be limited at times but buffets that had only cabbage and carrots and olives? Really?

Getting charged to use the washroom at the local bars and then getting charged for teepee (damn men for just being able to shake).

Locals trying to take advantage of tourists, aka: price of a drink is the bill that you hold up. Canadian dollar being crap compared to the Cuban peso.

Tour advisors who forget to tell you that there is a dress code required for the evening show, so you get to pick up a dress at the Havana market and borrow shoes off a woman on the tour bus.

Having to wait on the tarmac at the Vancouver airport in the plane on the way there for almost three hours waiting for the plane to be de-iced because of the snow.

Getting food poisoning at the Cuban airport on the way back.

The grosses 24 hours and trip back I have ever experienced.

Getting a bad headcold as soon as I got back.

The, Oh Meghan:

Not my finest moment, but I can say I learned to like rum.

Getting blindly drunk, falling down ass over tea kettle in front of everyone at the local bar (people clapped) and continuing to pick up the hot Austrian guy whilst bleeding profusely.

Learning just enough Spanish to call one of the clapping women a bad name and have her almost kick my scrawny Canadian ass.

Deciding that flipping up a skirt to show your knickers is a universal pickup line.

(note; only Leanne saw)

Chasing stray dogs at 6:00am because I want to pet them. And hoping I don't have rabies right now.

Getting offered marriage by a very good looking local, but turning him down as the fact that he then wanted to jump on a plane right away to Canada made me question whether or not his intentions were true love.

We didn't kill each other. And it was our one year "facebook" marriage anniversary.

I'll definately get into specifics another time but for now I am all about recovering (my skin tastes like salt water and alcohol) and trying to get the sand out of my crack. Here's the link to a few albums I have up on facebook as I'm way too lazy to post all the pics I have up on here.

Buenos noches!


Maxie said...

getting charged for the bathroom??? FUCK THAT.

FoggyDew said...

Words I've never said before (and please take this in the spirit it is intended): For the first time ever I wish I were Canadian. It's been a long time since I've been to Cuba and I'm wishing I could go back. But I'm guessing Gitmo isn't quite like Havana. Me, envious.

Hope ending that damn travel ban is on the top of the Prez's "To Do" list. Although, that might have the effect of Americanizing Cuba.

You're trip looked wonderful.

Mike said...


Heat should be in the "bad" section.

Glad you had a good time.

Hillary said...

your "good" list made me so jealous

and I think it's hilarious that you lipped off some random lady and almost got your ass kicked. sorry.

Hillary said...

I wouldn't think it was funny if you actually got your ass kicked. Just to clarify.

Princess Pointful said...

Eek! Guess where I am going in 9 days?! Cuba!
I'm very excited! Where were you staying? We're just doing a week in Varadero, with a few day trips, but I may have to scam you for advice!

Meghan said...

Maxie- yeah, the one night I just pushed past them. It got tired fast.

FoggyDew- I found most Cubans feel the same way and love Obama and hope he ends the travel ban.

Mike- I'm a summer gal. The hotter, the better.

Hillary- no, it is kind of funny in retrospect. Kind of.

Princess Pointful- I was in Varadero too. Throw out an email to piratemeghan at hotmail dot com and I'll trow you one back with everything you NEED to know :)

Ed Yates said...

Looks like you had an ace time!

Made me yearn to travel again...

And yes, you are pretty white for a pretty white girl!

I just wanted to be clever typing that.

Meghan said...

Ed- you're too sweet. and punny. :)

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