Monday, September 7, 2009

Two Weeks Late....

...with posting wedding photos. Wait, what did you think I was gonna say? ;).....

This is Vassy. She was Jessica's bridesmaid. She's all sorts of awesome and even carried the wedding cake on her lap on the plane from Saskatoon. That's loyalty and skill. Oh, and she's hot.

This is Mare. She's Jess's Maid of Shining Honour and is all sorts of hot too. And great at planning surprise Bridal Showers/Stagettes.

This Is Jessica (aka Pirate Jess, aka Emma) walking down the aisle with her Dad. Ten seconds after I told Maureen I never cry at weddings. Then saw Jess and proceeded to bawl.

Jess and Brad make strutting down the aisle look goooooooooood!

Me and my date.

The first dance.

Congrats to Jess and Brad on your happy life and marriage together. I have no real experience with marriage so really cannot merit giving advice. I remember visiting Jessica when she went to BCIT and her and Brad had only recently started dating. They were chock full of infatuation and the giddiness of new love, but it ran deeper. In the three months they had been dating Jessica knew he would be the one she hoped to marry. And seeing the constant grin she had when around him, I hoped she would too. And a couple weekends ago I got to witness such an event. So in retrospect I raise my glass of gingerale to you and just say,

"To one of the warmest and most earnest couples I know, I wish you love, loyalty laughter and good sex. And may all your ups and downs be in the bedroom."



It's Me! said...

I'm so glad you came, and that I succeeded in making you sob (YES!! So far I'm batting a thousand with making people cry in that dress!)
It meant so much to me that you were able to come up for the wedding and the festivities before. Everyone that met you loved you (my aunt and cousin thought you were a riot!)
Thanks again for being such an amazing friend for so many years, you crazy pirate you!
Love Jess/Emma
P.S. Your date is hot.
P.P.S I made periogies tonight. Jealous?

Anonymous said...

Haha. I like that toast a lot :)

Julie said...

Beautiful photos, the wedding looks like it was very sweet. :)

It's Me! said...

FYI, Mare and Jeremy made the playlist and were both told they would be thrown out of the wedding and we would become sworn enemies if the macarena or chicken dance started playing.

Organic Meatbag said...

I must say that you and Canada Dry make a cute couple...hahaha!

miku said...

Aw, it looks like it was a nice ceremony.

Also, thank you for commenting on my blog, I really wasn't expecting it. It was a pleasant surprise considering that ever since I read your last post I have been on the hunt for information about bungee jumping(parachuting is a little too much for me).

So, thank you wholeheartedly for the comment

Mike said...

Damn, that's one lucky Canada dry bottle. Did you take him back to your hotel room, or leave him in the blue box when you were done with him?

Regardless, at least he got a kiss ;)

Jack said...

Don't weddings bring out the best in people? Hell, I'd even go as far as saying that 99% of people look good in a formal outfit.

Everyone looks really happy and seem to be enjoying themselves - jolly good I say! :)

Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

Oooh, I LOVE her dress!

Great pics!

Elizabeth Marie said...

We have the same date. He's slutty! :)

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous picks, and Gingerale looks gooooood on you ;)

LiLu said...

Dood, I am SO stealing that last line for the next wedding I go to... ;-)

Andhari said...

"May your ups and downs be in the bedroom"


And i love the bridesmaid's dress :)

Meghan said...

Pirate J- ummm, yes. Yes I am jealous. And my date made good arm candy.

hellotaylor-why, thank you!

Julie- it was really touching.

Emma- party pooper

Organic Meatbag-wait til you see the Christmas cards we're sending out.

Miku- it was a gorgeous ceremony.

Mike- oh he got more than a kiss. Weddings make me kinda trampy.

Jack- tuxes=droool.

Amber- that dress was stunning. want.

Elizabeth Marie- he said I was the only!

Kelsey- we're going to start wearing matching outfits.

Lilu- do it!

Andhari- sage green is such a pretty colour on everyone.

FoggyDew said...

"Two weeks late" is an interesting title for a blog post. One that could stop the heart, so to speak.

Greaat pictures, but I was so hoping to see one of the coffee shop sushi. Just as kind of a warning. For someone who was as sick as you described, you rock that dress and ginger ale.

Andy said...

And CONGRATS to Jessica. She looked lovely! :0