Thursday, February 14, 2008

Is Today a Holiday?

Wait, I hadn't noticed.

But I did get a couple boxes of chocolates on a great sale.

But seriously. I'm someone who should hate Valentine's Day. Over the years on the day of LOVE I have:

  • Been stood up by a guy who was charming and show grandoise plans to make me a yummy (and vegetarian) supper. It didn't happen. If I waited I'd be dead from starvation.

  • Been dumped. About 3 days before Valentine's Day. Where I did not see it coming and yes, I had in fact bought him something. He spent the day with his new girlfriend. I did not.

  • Had a boyfriend choose to get high with his friends other than spend time with me.

  • Gone on a blind date with a guy who I had zero in common with. Zero. There were more awkward silence than the last time I went to church hungover, still in bar clothes

  • Started a fling with a coworker who shall now, and forever be known as fuckface who eventually ended up leaving me for slutface (another coworker with an equally inventive name). They're still together. It still sucks.

  • And finally last year I also broke up with my boyfriend a couple days before the fated day, but with more mutual reasoning. He was transferred to a different town through his career and we respected that the distance would not work and cut the ties.
All in all, you'd think this would make for a very bitter Meghan (who likes to write about herself in the third person!). But nope, I'm oddly blase about it. It's holiday purgatory if you will. Not the excitement of Christmas, not the shenanigans of St. Patty's Day. Pretty much a day just to reflect upon the cool people in your life you appreciate. Oh and to get drunk off wine and bloated off cheesecake. Tonight I'm hosting a spa party for single women that shall have mani's and pedi's and facials and cheesecake and chocolate and all things decadent and divine. Cause I don't need a guy to show my love to, when I can do that to myself just fine thankyouverymuch.

Happy Vantine's Day!


It's Me! said...

The day is more or less set up for either ridiculous happiness or devastating badness. Hopefully your girls night will be the former!

PrincessPolly said...

Well in the bad Valentines Day experience competition you definitely win! :) Probably best to be without a man on the day!

Steph said...

Well, I'd definitely take you on V-day, maybe even grope you a little ;)

Happy Valentines day, gorgeous!

Melissa said...

Ah Fuckface and Slutface - your ability to appropriately name people still amazes me. I'll bring over my bottle of French wine soon and we'll come up with more amazing names for other people whose names must not be mentioned now.

maverick said...

hmm...hope u had a good valentines day.. i wud ve been game :)

Meghan said...

Pirate Jess-thanks darlin, hope yours is great.

Princess Polly- definately not sad about being man free:)

Steph-Happy Valentine's Day back atcha, with a pic like that tell me-would it be classy to motorboat someone for VDay?

Melissa- we need a wine night, stat!

Mav- aww, thanks sunshine! Happy Valentine's to you too!

Maxie said...

Sounds freakin fabulous. Maybe next year (cause we all know I will STILL be single) i'll do a mani-pedi night with the girlies here.

Anonymous said...