Friday, February 29, 2008

My Mr. Big

Have you ever.....

Had someone in your life who you feel "gets" you. Who you can say anything to and it won't matter. Who has seen you at your best and worst and is still there?

Had someone who you have regular sex with and don't feel dirty or ashamed, whose eyes you can look into and know they'll look right back.

Had someone who has never mistreated you in any way, shape or form. Who has been a constant for the majority of a decade, always making a point to show back up in your life.

Had someone who pushes you to be a better person and forces you to think things through in a way that may be difficult. Who makes you face your fears and face the future. Who makes you strive towards being the person they see you as.

Had someone who has seen you grow over the years and change and embraced it. Who has seen you make mistakes and not judge, who has seen you through it all.

Had someone who you have the ultimate highs and lows with. A conversation can have you wanting to throw something at them during a debate and an hour later laughing so hard you want to cry.

Had someone you actually feel really comfortable around. And that's a rareity.

Had someone you talk to almost every day. Who is one of the closest friends you'll ever have.

......and they love you as a friend and won't date you.

I think it's time to close the door and take it for what it is.


Steph said...

Well that sucks extraordinarily hard.
I don't think I could do it.

maverick said...

well i m an experienced campaigner here...lost d count :D

Leanne said...

Oh babe don't i know it! Atleast we have each other my friend or shall i say pseudo wifey *wink*

PrincessPolly said...

Sounds like my boyfriend. I mean, ex-boyfriend. Except he HAS dated me - twice - and apparently now only wants to be friends. It totally sucks, I feel for you.

Kiera said...

Oh geez, well that's a major bummer. =[

Meghan said...

Steph- yeah i'm having troubles myself.


Leanne-you're always gonna be my #1

Princess Polly-yeah this is an ex. It sucks, and we can feel for each other :)

Kiera-the situation..yeah it sucks. The post...yeah it's sad but I'll make sure the next is more chipper

The Chronicles of a Fashionista in PDX said...

I feel your pain! :(

I have a friend who was my Mr. Big for a good seven years. Of course he's married now, but it's all good! I'm over it :)

The Divine Miss M said...

Yup I've had that in most ways minus a couple.

Totally sucks.

I'm still not completely over it.

Meghan said...

The Chronicals-Yeah I think we've all been there at some point or another but it helps to gain perspective.

The Divine Miss M- it totally sucks when it's a pattern. I'm trying to stay optimistic about breaking it:)

Tara said...

I had that, boy I had that. It was weighing me down though and I found someone else who gets me and can give me more, but he was someone else's Mr. Big tho. My friends even call him Big since I moved from NY to CA for him.