Sunday, February 10, 2008


Blah. Blarg. Bleh.

Get the picture? I'm in a writing funk.

To steal from Pirate Jessica's blog I'm totally feeling the winter doldrums. I find I always get antsy in February. It's like you know spring is coming soon but it can't come soon enough. So I show my disdain for mother nature by holing up and hemitizing. This isn't new, and in fact is something I've just gotten used to come every February.

I get antisocial and find myself having to coax my psyche into social interaction..."I couuuuuld go out for drinks with people.....but I coooouuuuuld also just as easily stay at home in yoga pants eating ice cream watching Scrubs or SATC reruns...." usually the latter wins (btw totally in lust with the show Secret Diary of a Call Girl.)

I broke down and got some tanning minutes today. Usually redheads, muchlike vampires avoid the sun at all costs and tanning beds are no exception. But that's a myth as I find teensy tiny doses of fake sunshine not only help to lighten my mood (god bless Vitamin d) but will help to make me tan. By tan I mean not so glowing white. My version of tan is most people's versions of 'normal' but it's all relative.

Hermatizing has also lead me to believe I can cook as well as the chef's on Foodtv. They make it look soooo damn simple. Two things I learned this weekend. 1.) Never add as much salt as they add. Chefs must like soup that's saltier than the ocean. 2.) Fresh parsley makes everything look better. Even microwave burritos.

But one terrific note of the weekend. When venturing out of the home yesterday, as like most creepy hermits I have to go outside once and awhile for fuel (Starbucks) and rations (mini pizzas) I found my way to Value Village. Often I find crap there. Overpriced crap for a thrift store. But ever since I found my one Louis Vuitton bag for 30$ there has been something magical which brings me back every few months in case the coincedence should ever happen again.

It did!

I was perusing the aisles when I came across my beloved LV bag. It's even in the same pattern as my other one (pics to follow). And it was only 20 dollah. And it's real, you'd better believe. Stitched emblem and everything sewn it it, number coding and all. There was another LV bag next to it that was over 70$. Why the difference? The person pricing it obviously thought the one was a fakie, and the other was real. To the untrained eye, it could have been. I marched it up to the til and paid for it....then told the sales associate it was real. She almost shat a canary and she said that ethically i should be charged me 70$ for it too. Ethically I think I rock at picking out real LV from crap. Sucka.

Not too much else to report. Ohhh, advice time.

* * * * * *
So you hook up with a guy months ago. Lets call him 'Jacket guy' since everytime you see him out drunk he's somehow managed to lose his jacket. Or just 'Fuck up' works. Now you go out with him a couple times and he proves himself to be a topnotch asshat. No manners, no respect, and certainly no decency. It;s discerning cause he looks like one of those guys that's a genuine nice guy. The he talks. Now, you blow him off and as luck has it he gets a gf. That doesn't stop him from hitting on me, but at least you know he's someone else's problem.

Well 2 weeks ago they broke up. I know this because one night when drinking about 3 weeks ago he came upto me and slurred "i'm gonna break up wisth my gerlfrends in exactly two weeksss. will you be there?" to which I wittily replied "huh?" as the fact that he had an exact date in mind threw me off. Oh and the fact that I was with someone while he said and and told the guy "this girl is awesome!" with an actual nudge and wink thrown in while I stook there mortified. I politely declined his advances, which in my drunken state meant going "ummm. no. not at all." which usually would be enough to deter most males.

Then when he broke up with his lady (to her gain) one week later (why one week? why not the two?) he sent me a msg via facebook asking if I would want to "do something sometime. wink, wink" I said I was busy that night. It went like this for a couple occasions, all ending with a polite "I'm busy." I'm not much of one to tell people to fuck off, but thought all were indications towards uninterest. Then a message "so do you want to have sex with me or not?"

Well with tact and charm like that, how could one resist! Wait, I could. And sent a message saying, "I've found the couple times we went out you were extremely rude and disrespectful towards me and I would not want to see you nor would I want to spend time with you again. I will say hi to you if I see you but other than that the ties are severed. Have a good night."

The message is as clear as crystal and I was pleased that I managed to do it with a shred of tact...but he messaged me on Friday asking what I was upto and if I would be at the usual hang out place. At this point a block on facebook is in obvious order, but what else do I have to do to drive home the point "you're as clueless as a sack of potatoes". I mean I don't want to completely call him out because we have a couple similar friends and go to similar social settings, but I mean come on now! What does it take to get the hint!?! Any suggestions?


Lucas said...

pepper spray.
or a projectile glass of rouge right between the eyes

PrincessPolly said...

Sounds like he just thinks you're playing hard to get. I would go with the advice above!

maverick said...

if u r really not interested in him..then block him on facebook..n dont reply to his msgs...if u do he ll get motivated to msg again...u ve send a ignore him...

Maxie said...

I would message him back

"I am NEVER going to have sex with you"

this works. I've been there.

Sarah K said...

I was going to type something incredibly horrible here [that I thought was funny, but you wouldn't have]. I've either been spending too much time with Craig or not enough.

It's hard to tell.

Meghan said...

Lucas- you've dealt with this before, haven't you?

Princess Polly-silly boys.

Maverick-ignore it is!

Maxie- I send the "i will not have sex with you!" message. It did nothing.

Sarah-go on, say it anyways.