Sunday, June 22, 2008

Screw Flanders

Doncha hate it when you have writer's block.

Then again I'm not a writer so, let me rephrase that. Doncha hate it when you have self commentary/editotial block? Better.

I don't have the words in my mental thesausus to post about the events in my day to day life- drinking, dancing, my newfoundlove for golf. Almost rolling a golf cart on Saturday. Stupid hills.

I'd write about work but considering it has to do with a lot of stat reports lately I'd also have to mail pens to every person who reads this so you could jab yourself in the eye. And that would take a lot of stolen office stamps.

I don't have any witty stories to share. None that come to mind. Well I can alwayd tell some of the absurd stories of my life, but they make people go wtf more than anything. Ex "Remember that stalker I had when 21, I wonder what ever happened to him?" "Do you remember that pregnant roomate we had that only ate crackers and talked in a babyvoice?" "Remember that time we accidentally got alcohol banned from our Uni program for an entire year. Man, I think that pissed people off."

Yeah, I got nothing.

Actually, that's a lie. I have pictures of my cat. And if I think she's cute, so will you. But I'm saving those for another day.

I could tell witty stories about my love life, but really if I haven't made up stuff to date, why start now. I'll just say I'm going through a dry spell in all senses and leave it at that.

I could write a cute list of things I like/dislike right now but even that seems boring. I still like pirates and dance offs. I hate mosquitos and golf courses that don't have the beer people that come around.

I could blog about upcoming weekend plans....trips down the river, my birthday, Canada Day, 10 year grad reunion, being females going to a bachelor party, trips to the Okanagan, possible roadtrip drinking with coworkers, Pemberton music festival, Revelstoke baseball tournament, PNE amusement park in Vancouver. My summer is booked! But none of these have happened yet, so there's really nothing to post.

I could give a shout out to all the great blogs I have been reading lately but there's too many to pimp so I'll save that for another day as well.

So instead I'll cop out and throw out another "Ask Meghan Anything" platform and let that decide the next post. Cause right now I feel like Homer S. writing a food article and all I gots to say is Screw Flanders.Screw Flanders.Screw Flanders.Screw Flanders.Screw Flanders.Screw Flanders.Screw Flanders.Screw Flanders.Screw Flanders.Screw Flanders.Screw Flanders.Screw Flanders.Screw Flanders.Screw Flanders.Screw Flanders.Screw Flanders.


Mike said...

I've always wondered how much wood could a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood.

Could you tell me?

For some reason, I always thought you might enjoy discussing wood with me :P

Paula said...

Hmmm - good question, good question . . . let's think . . .

Okay - if you won an award for best blog EVER, what would your acceptance speech be like, AND what would you wear to the award ceremony???

Maxie said...

hmmmm. Most embarrassing moment ever.

Angela said...

The bachelor party, I'm sure, will have a good story to go along with it.

It's Me! said...

I believe I remember the stalker you had at 21, and I remember you telling me of the pregnant roomate. I
also remember the time that "Shammy got Shot", and the go-go boots in the wagon. OK, so that never happened, but damn I wish it had! That's what I say is my major regret when people ask what I'd have done differently in my life; "I'd have bought those damned go-go boots and ridden down the hill with Magan in that wagon". Damn it!

maverick said...

ranuchiest thing u ve ever done?

Roland Hulme said...

You mentioned a threesome in a previous post and promised to tell us all about it*. We (the royal we) await with great interest.

* You might have promised the exact opposite, but that's beside the point.

lotus07 said...

Personally, I think the strange obscure stories would make fascinating reading.....

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

But... you just wrote about something: elf commentary/editotial block!

Slyde said...

i feel your pain, sister...

i get bloggers-block all the time. i dont know HOW people can manage to write 1, sometimes 2 stories a day....

Sarah K said...

You could tell everyone about the time the stripper bought you a shot for your birthday and you had to make me finish it for you.

But I guess I mostly just gave away the ending to that one.

Meghan said...

Mike- I love wood. I could whittle wood ALL DAY LONG ;) That's how much a woodchuck can chuck.

Paula- hahahaha, love it. I shall definately make a post off of that.

Maxie- Go back in my archives to Jan and read the story on sodomy.

Angela- yes, but I think protocol means I can't tell stories fromt he bach party. Meh, you guys won't tell will you :P

Jess- I haven't given up on the dream. We WILL do it one day, mark my words.

Maverick- Although I'm not classy by any means I wouldn't describe my behavior as raunchy.

Roland- not gonna give the story...but a involved a box of wine. Damn wine.

Lotus- you wouldn't believe me even if I tried.

Nick- your logic makes me smile some days :)

Slyde- I know! I give kudos to people that blog more than twice weekly.

Sarah-thanks for sharing the story. The thought was there.