Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Greetings from the North Pole

After 24+ hours with no sleep, a 9 hour bus ride, a 7 hour layover and a 5.5 hour drive, I've finally made it to my parents place for Christmas, which is virtually in the North Pole or Very Very Northern B.C. No cell reception and dial up internet is always worth it whenever I taste my mom's buttertarts though, no questions asked. So if my comments get sporatic for the next week you know why. Dial up+blogging=no fun.

To do what will probably be the last meme of 2009, I saw this one on Aine Catriona's blog the other day and it was intriguing. Pretty much if you want to play along throw out an 'interview me' onto the comments section and I'll email you 5 questions for you to answer on your blog and so forth. Pretty simple and a good chance to get to get to answer some fellow bloggers some of the questions you've been dying to know :)

1. Since you mention them in your blogger bio and in your e-mail address, I'm going to assume that pirates are a bit of a fetish foryou. What is your earliest pirate memory?

Hmm, it isn't so much a fetish as much as it is an ongoing joke. One of my closest friends Jessica and I were watching Finding Nemo in theatre (yes, way past our teen years) and for some reason got onto the topic that if college didn't work out for us we could always have a backup career as pirates and the ball started rolling. Now I have collected some fine pirate garb over the years and make it a tradition to float the the river every year on my birthday with friends on tubes wearing pirate hats. It's immensely fun.

2. What are your thoughts on how mainstream pirates have gotten since Pirates of the Caribbean? Also, do you buy Kiera Knightley as thepirate wench-esque character she plays?

Guilty confession time. I didn't like the first Pirates OTC movie and haven't seen the others. To be honest Goonies is a way better movie about treasure hunts and Chunk is a pretty rad character. As far as Keira, she's ridiculously hot but more fit for cute movies like Love Actually.

3. Recently you posted a virtual gift-swap involving some of yourfavorite bloggers. When and why did you start blogging?

I've been blogging ever since I took a class based on web based journalism through blogging in 2003. I hap hazardly kept a blog throughmy college years to keep my friends back home upto date and never thought much of it and let it die off. The about 2(ish?) years ago I started to get really bad anxiety and found that writing on a blog was actualy a very therapeutic way to release some emotions I didn't know were there. It's very cathartic. Now I blog for a multiple of reasons, to entertain, for emotional clarity, and to get in touch with other bloggers as I find blogger stories and posts to be some of the most interesting, funny and heartfelt reads out there. It really has transformed into a blogger community I'm proud to be a part of.

4. Is there anyone you wouldn't want to read your blog? Why or why not?

My parents knowI have a blog andI have asked them not to read it and as far as I know they have respected that, same with my family. My blog really is like my diary, and just like how I wouldn't tell my parents every aspect of my personal life ("Hey mom, you should see the guy I shagged last night!") I don't feel it would be appropriate to read this deep into my psyche for privacy sake. Same with coworkers. In my "real life" I'm actually a fairly private person so would feel a sense of violation if coworkers were to read.

5. If you could read one celebrity or fictional character's blog,who's would it be and why?
(Assuming, of course, that celebrities arerelatively literate.)

Good question :) I find most celebrities to be vapidly annoying entertainment that are viewed as societal zoo animals. And how many hours can you view a polar bear before you get bored. I don't really like most celebrity blogs as I find they are just another outlet for publicity and pulling the PR strings. That being said, Matt Good actually has a great blog that shows a large sum of intelligence, humour and compassion. I've been reading it for ages and it's a good read.


Princess Pointful said...

Ah, good ol' rural BC, I know thee well.
Though my parents have cable internet now-- which is utterly shocking.
Anyways, Merry Christmas and enjoy your time with you folks. Buttertarts are my fav, too.

(also, I totally went to see Finding Nemo in the theatre, and cracked up way more than the kids there)

Maxie said...

I have dial up internet at home-- so I feel ya on that one.

Have a very Merry Christmas!!!

Mike said...

Arrrgghhh Merry Chrisknewkwaanzica Pirate Megan!

Doublebanker said...

This is your mom and no I haven't been reading your blog! :)

Seriously, it is difficult to keep your diary open to everyone...but shut those closest out.

Ben said...

Okay...I'm in. Interview me.


Áine Caitríona said...
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Rebekah said...

Merry Christmas to you in the Great White North!

Anonymous said...

I'll miss you this week my love :) Have a very Merry Christmas, a wonderful New Year, and good luck surviving no cell service and dial-up internet. For your virtual Christmas gift, I give to you a cell tower. oxo

Paula said...

merry christmas from the drunken bum!!!

i want to be interviewed!!!! pollypoptart79@yahoo.co.uk . . .

Lad Litter said...

Saw just a tiny bit of BC (okay it was just Vancouver) in 1987 and thought it very beautiful. Lucky you.

Merry Christmas and all the best for the new year, Meghan!

Interview me! Please. ladlitter@hotmail.com

Meghan said...

Princess Pointful- I think we got the jokes better than the kids, right...right?

Maxie-Merry Christmas to youtoo, lovely :)

Mike-Arrrrr, and may ye get the finest of treasures in yer stocking or shall Santa walk the plank!

Doublebanker- mom, stop looking at my blog unless you wanna hear about your bouncing baby girl reverse cowboying on some guy.

Ben- sent 'em your way!

Aine- I think it' a small town Canadian thing. My parents knew when I got into trouble before I even got home growing up due to the gossip circles.

Rebekah- and a MerryChristmas to you too, doll!

Kelsey- I hope all of your Christmases are lovely. Have a great time and report back with stories.

Paula- sent em your way too :)

Lad litter- thinking em up as I type...

little erin said...

it will be y first blogging meme.
although i still don't feel like i've got the best idea of what meme actually means!!


merry christmas lady jane!

ash said...

Happy Holidays!!!

Bruce said...

"I find most celebrities to be vapidly annoying entertainment that are viewed as societal zoo animals. And how many hours can you view a polar bear before you get bored."....probably one of the best definitions of 'celebrity' that I have read.....

SO INTERVIEW "ME"....I DARE YA......[lotus07@gmail.com]

MsDarkstar said...

I'm late to the party and you probably don't know me but...interview me anyhow?

Happy Holidays to you!

Anonymous said...

Matt Good is all sorts of awesome.

Meghan said...

Little Erin- I'll try to take it easy on you, being you're first time ;)

Ash- Happy Holidays to you too!

Bruce- dare completed.

Darkstar-thinking them up...

peterdewolf- I hear he can read minds.