Wednesday, December 31, 2008

How's This for a New Year's Resolution!

I saw this on the lovely Mermanda's blog a while back and have meant to post it but thought it would be best saved for the token New Year's post. I'm pretty good at making and keeping resolutions but this forced me to really thnk about the goals and wants that I have for the next few years. Feel free to try it yourself, it'll force you to really think things through and realize what you can do when you push yourself to do

101 Things in 1001 Days...

I'm So Vain, That I Definately Know This Song Is About Me
1) Wear fake eyelashes.
2) Do 25 situps a day for an entire month.
3) Wear make up every day for an entire month.
4) Get my tattoo touched up.
5) Get another one.
6) Get my nose fixed that is always plugged.
7) See if I can get a nose job out of it.
8) Wear a headband, hats and skinny jeans without looking like a fool.
9) Take more fashion risks.
10) Buy something without looking at the price tag.
11) Get a massage and get over the discomfort of being naked in front of someone

Leaving On a Jet Plane
12) Get my passport.
13) Go to a country where English is not the first language
14) Go back to Stewart and appreciate it in a way I never did growing up.

I Like to Do Stuff

15) Sew an entire outfit. All by myself.
16) Sing. At kareoke. All by myself. Completed Dec 05/09
17) Have a full long weekend of SATC marathon
18) Flair bartend
19) Learn to do the full Thriller dance.
20) Do home renos.
21) Start a herb garden on my patio.
22) Go to an art gallery event
23) Read more.
24) Watch less tv. (Cable cancelled)
25) Train my cat to not play in her litter.
26) Rent and watch St. Elmo's Fire and Sixteen Candles and Pretty in Pink
27) Watch a movie with subtitles.
28) Go to another town. Fake an identity for an evening.
29) Go to a broadway musical.
30) Go to a runway show.
31) Do an extreme sport.

Career and Finance and Bling
32) Have ALL my credit card balances at 0.
33) Have a financial plan towards both retirement and buying a house
34) Get published
35) Stop taking about office spacing the fax. Just do it
36) Love my job
37) Learn a new skill
38) Play hooky from work. Just for a day.
39) Have furniture in my house that is not a hand me down, value village purchase or have a no payments til ____ surplus.

Sexyback, Yup
40) Kiss a rockstar.
41) Make love by candlelight.
42) Be able to say penis without giggling
43) Get kissed during a rain shower.
44) Go on a date with someone I wouldn't normally go on a date with.
45) Do a striptease
46) Have sex in a car.
47) Wait to get to know someone before having sex.

Trying to Work My Way onto Santa's Nice List
48)Volunteer more. And actually do it.
49) Start buying local.
50) Quit using plastic grocery bags.
51) Meghan, meet coffee thermos. Coffee thermos, meet Meghan.
52) Don't hit anything with my car (technically that's doing good)
53) Get over my fear/uncomfort with children .
54) Recycle more.
55) Give away something I love to someone who will appreciate it just as much.
56) Play with my cat more.
57) Give someone flowers, just because.
58) Run for a cure. And actually run it.
59) Try to see someone else's side of the story.

Deeper Than A Fishbowl

60) Make a legal will.
61) Find out what I wanna be when I grow up.
62) Stop saying 'yes' to make people happy.
63) Get to reknow someone I've grown apart from over the years.
64) Get over my irrational fear and get tested for HIV.
65) Have a day where I love my appearance without looking at the flaws.
66) Stop apologizing for who I am.
67) Mend broken friendships.
68) Get rid of toxic people. Don't allow anymore in.
69) Accept my brother for who he is.
70) Get to really KNOW my dad.

Blog Love
71) Make blogging a source of income
72) Meet a fellow blogger, previously unknown.
73) Discover a new blog every day for one month.
74) Learn to use google reader
75) Learn how to upload videos onto a blog

Food? Yes, Please!
76) Eat cheesecake for breakfast. And dinner.
77) Eat cavier
78) Find the perfect veggie bacon.
79) Drink real champagne
80) Eat a meal with no idea what's in it. (Thanks, Cuba!)
81) Bake a cake or cookies from scratch and have them turn out.

82) Go to a wine tasting.
83) Make a souffle.
84) Try cooking meat.
85) Host and cook for a dinner party.

The Miscellaneous Category of Course
86) Learn more about Canadian politics.
87.) Camp under the stars
88) Make more lists. I love lists.
89) Find out what 'I love lamp' means or refers to. Not that many people can like actual lamps.
90) Stop waiting for a guy to buy me a diamond. Buy myself one.
91) Stop screaming at bees.
92) Take up photography. Find the beautiful in the little things.
93) Camp. In the woods. For no LESS than 2 days.
94) Laugh til I cry.
95) Give my parents something to show how much I appreciate everything they have given me.
96) Learn to like pancakes.
97) Don't kill a cellphone til I can actually upgrade
98) Throw up some damn pictures on my very bare walls
99) Get over my fear of escalators
100) Learn to drive a standard car.
101) Do namoblopo next November, as well as the 20SB carnivals :)



Mermanda said...

I'm actually doing the 101 in 1001 days... so that should give you some extra time to accomplish all those goals! Good luck!

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Wow! That's an extensive list!

Happy New Year!

May you and yours be blessed with much happiness and many joys in 2009!

May the world be blessed with Peace & Justice in 2009!

It's Me! said...

I notice you didn't put "convince Leonardo DiCaprio that I actually mothered his love-child and marry him in a chapel by the sea". Has that changed?

Excellent list, my dear Magan.

Happy New Year, and may 2009 bring changes a-plenty!

Paula said...

I want to kiss a rock star too!!!

Angela said...

When I was a sophomore in high school my history teacher made us make a "life list" of 100 things we wanted to do before we died. Good luck!

Slyde said...

just be carefull about the nose job. When i had my deviated septum fixed years ago, i also had them fix my nose up, but i breath like shit now... one day im gonna have to have it fixed again..

Mike said...

You might want to do #64 before you try sexyback yup. It's only fair ;)

Also, for #72, you got a place to stay if you're ever in Ontario ;)

Lad Litter said...

Happy New Year, Meghan! That's quite a list. A combo of 44; 16; 45; and 46 in one big night! Maegan said...

Fun list!

Happy 2009!

maverick said...

hey..happy new yr..hope u ve a great yr ahead of u

Hillary said...

great list! I could explain I love lamp to you, if you wanted. Don't know if that's breaking the rules though - do you need to figure it out yourself?

Grace said...

26. Pretty in Pink & St. Elmo's Fire are 2 of my favorite movies.
27. May I recommend Life is Beautiful?

Racquel Valencia said...

These are excellent. My only NYR is to eat something that doesn't come in a can.

Also, I though I was the only one with a cat that makes sand castles in the litter box and mistakes poo for confetti. Oh, Salty Bob. It's a good thing you got looks, babe.

Meghan said...

Mermanda- ooops, that was an embarrassing typo. Thanks :)

Nick- Happy New Years to you too!

Pirate Jess- the next 1001 days?

Paula- if we both kissed the same rock star we could be on an episode of some slutty reality show

Angela- how are you doing on the list?

Slyde- yikes, thanks for the heads up!

Mike- good point. and I may just take you up on that one day :)

Lad Litter- and you'd better believe I'd blog about it ;)

Love Maegan- thanks, Happy New Years to you too

Maverick- thanks, and Happy New Years to you too!

Hillary- well I didn't get toooo specific on the technicalities on the list, educate me please :)

Grace- good one to add to the list thanks!

Racquel (Sasha v.2009)-Salty Bob and Tinkerbell would make fine friends, indeed.

Sarah K said...

I love lamp! I love lamp.

I can help you out with that one sometime. You'll have to come for a visit the length of a movie.

little erin said...

love it, love it, love it! we can encourage each other to keep it up! when does yours end?

Meghan said...

Sarah- sounds like a plan for a movie night :)

Little Erin-and that just sounds like a great plan, period.