Sunday, December 14, 2008

Santa Meghan

Sorry, I haven't been in bloggy world much the last week. It's the time of year of scrambling to get last minute presents, Christmas cards out, and going to many events with lots of food you pretended to make (the key-put it in a casserole pan and add more cheese and noone notices).

But not to fear, I haven't been so busy this year to forget about everyone I care for in the blogosphere, so I got prezzies for you all too. Gift receipts are available if you want to exchange, or you can just use it whenever I come over, like the gifts from Granny.

For Steph Much Ado About Sumthin, I give you the gift of coming back to blogger world. Actually that's a gift for myself but lets not focus on that as it's the season of giving, right? Right?

For one of my Favourite international bloggers, Paula Insert My Blog Name Here I give you the gift of another trip to the Canary Islands filled with lots of rose wine and maybe a hot man, or three. Report back with stories, thankyou.

Actually, while I'm at it I'm going to give Edward Yates The Wells of Fancy a vacation too as after finishing up his PhD I'm sure he can use one.

Maxie, I Hate So Much sorry to do this to you girl, but I'm getting you the gift of rail vodka and red bull to mix. It's not that I don't love you it's just that I love the adventures you have when shmammered and think that this could make for excellent blog posting. Bail money is also applicable as part of the gift.

To the witty and talented Deutlich Speak on It and Chelsea Chelsea Talks Smack you both get the gift of a book publishing contract, cause if you're ever to write a book I would buy it and so would everyone else on the blogosphere cause you have such an extrodinary way with words. Then I can just give it out as the gift to everyone next year as well which would be a nice bonus. Oh and Deutlich, since we're both outted country music lovers I figured we might as well embrace it and got us tixs to see The Dixie Chicks.

To So@24 Starting Over at 24 I'm giving you the gift of getting laid. By a girl. Within the next year. I think everyone will thank me for this one, including your balls.

To the man that makes me start every day laughing, Chris Surviving Myself I give you a pre wedding Bachelor party that will include a Robocop theme, appearances by Jay-Z and Kim Kardashian AND her ass. Cause really, her ass is the gift that keeps on giving.

For Mike Mind of Spaz the gift I'm giving you is something you shall not actually receive as I am giving everyone in your town complimentary driving lessons and makeovers. This shall cut your blog foddler in half but also make you much less irate, so it's a tradeoff. Oh and Happy Birthday!

To my fellow redhead Roland Militant Ginger I give you a digital camera to take more pictures of your adorable baby. Really, that's a present for everyone. I also pass along to you the gift of sleep, as since your new arrival I'm sure it's something you could use :)

Ben No Ordinary Rollercoaster, my fellow Canadian comrade, of course I remembered you! You are getting more vests just so you can continue to look like a really hot Jonas brother. Also some puppy treats and I'm going to supply food and drinks for Haliblogoramamaniaobediahiggypop.

For the always fun Tricia Middle Age Mania I give to you a kareoke machine and a ticket to Vegas so that we can do it up right. I'll steer you clear from Tequila this time though.

For the cutest blogger in all the land (dispute this and I'll cut you) Jamie Oh!How Lovely! I shall give tons of cute garb to put on your etsy shop, front row tix to Britney (bitch is fierce) and a dream date with Robert Pattison. Swoon, nor explanation to the bf not included.

For the music lovers Princess Pointful ...and hijinks ensued and Aine Catriona Smell the Glove I give to you my very own mix cd's of musicidontthinksucksverymuch. Considering I like everything from country to rap to indie to top 40 it's gonna be quite the eclectic shitmix.

Malice Blackheart Malice Blackheart:The Ghostwriter I give to you a journal to write down all your poetry, and a date that will knock your socks off. I'm also giving a journal to Bruce Hypocrisy but this one of a photojournal to display and show off to the world the way he photographs and see's the world as it is a gift to everyone.

Speaking of books, I'm not sure if you have this already Jenn You Are Flawed If You Are Not Free but you get all four Post Secret books to go through and enjoy. And magical textbooks that are able to be sold back at any time at full cost with no questions asked.

Although I'm new to reading both blogs I wanted to pass along the gift of stress free wedding planning to the newly engaged Mermanda Cusp of Normal and the gift of stress free puppy training to Hillary two L's please.

For one of the sexiest bloggers around, Maegan ... Love Maegan I'm giving you a shopping spree at Macy's and Nordstroms (are those the high end department stores for Americans?). Also roads that are traffic free on the commute to and from work.

Both Mooog Mental Poo and The Clandestine Samurai Life: The Dynamic get movie reviews as alhtough very different writing styles you could put any newspaper review columnist to shame.

For two of my favourite bloggers Kelsey The Chronicles of Kelsey and Lanette From the Sun to the Sand who are right now stuck in the tundras of a Northern Alberta winter, I give to you heating socks and underwear. It may sound weird, but you'll thank me. Also Kelsey you get a plane ticket to see Scott as you please, and Lanette I'm giving you the gift of someone coming into the new house to decorate so you don't have to worry about Christmas lights.

If The Divine Miss M The Adventures of Miss M ever comes back to blog world, I have the gift of 5 more hours added to every day for you. Actually I'm going to pass that along to another cute blogger Tara When Tara Met Blog as I've never "met" someone so ambitious and with such a great heart.

Oh, and you're going to love me for this one Angela My Quiet Testimony, as your gift is a hot date with Cute Cook. And don't fear as I have someone to do your homework while on the date so you can just relax and go wherever the night takes you.

Nick Nick's Bytes, I've been having troubles thinking of what to get you because you and Alex are already so full of love and laughter on your blog. So I'm just going to pass along some Garfield cartoons to add to your blog and some catnip for Alex.

Oh, Slyde Slydesblog you naughty manx, I'm giving you the gift of electronics that don't break, a job that FORBIDS you to take trips into the city, and all the time in the world to flirt, I mean comment on people's blogs. And to Lad Litter I'm giving you and your wife a weekend getaway on me of course!

And for the people that I see in my "real world" life. Pirate Jessica What Am I Supposed to Do With This I give you go go boots and an inflatable Leo doll. To mah Sarah-Kat Antiphrasis I give the gift of good vibes towards your lovely new hme with Mr. B. To Nick Classic Times I give you another weekend to come upto the Loops for Post J-School Trainwreck The Sequel (we may have to work on the title). Lisa Dream Journal I give you the gift of many good dreams to blog about in the new year. Melissa Beautiful Muse you get the gift of no guy drama in the new year. Note, I didn't say no guys, just no drama to follow it!Danka Danka's World you get a day filled with baking, reading, and no kittens in the tree. And Lorne, Jessica, and Lucas

you all get the gift of learning how to write in your damn blogs again and stop shaming my blogroll :P

To any lurkers out there I give you the welcome gift of coming forward so that in the new year I can give you presents and shout outs too as everyone is welcome at Casa De Meghan, and to anyone I may have missed, sorry about that. It's a lot of people to go through, and I'm kinda dumb when only on the first cup of coffee.

So now you see why I've been so damn busy this last week buying presents!I also invite everyone to come over to my place for a big ol Blogger party with boxes of wine and the chance for twitter updates galore. I hope everyone likes their present, and if not well better luck next year.


Angela said...

Please oh please Santa Meghan, if you could make that happen! That'd be lovely!

Roland Hulme said...

The gift of sleep is VERY much appreciated.

By the way, you totally stole the idea of a blog post I was planning, which you knew nothing about and I hadn't written yet. Biatch.

Great minds thing alike, I guess...

Mike said...


I don't think you'll be able to get more than two people maked over with all the man boobs front ass b.o. and smegma.

I welcome you to try tho ;)

Tricia said...

Would love to go to Vegas with you girl and sing my heart out to karoke! :) Tequila optional.

TaraMetBlog said...

thank you for the gift. I've never "met" anyone so honest and able to express so much in so little words. Your poetic descriptions and storytelling are very humbling.

Alex the Blogging Kat said...

Kat-nippie! Fir ME? I luvz Kat-nippie!

Tank u, Santa Meghan!! Tank u berry, berry muchez! OK?

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

I add my thanks to those of Alex, the furball who owns me.

Many Christmas blessings to you, Meghan!

Ben said...

1) The gift of vests is the one that keeps giving.

2) We read almost all of the same blogs including the underrated Mermanda and Hillary.

3) You have also given me the gift/curse of more blogs to read.

Damnit / thank you.

Deutlich said...

That? Is WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWAY sweet of you. I feel all warm and fuzzy now! The good kind, I swear! haha

Oh.. and Dixie Chicks tickets? I literally did a double fist pump at the sound of that.

I LOVE them.

Anonymous said...

You are just so lovely! Thanks Santa Meghan, I am sure the heated gonch will come in very handy (to go with my snazzy new jacket) and I can't think of anything I'd want more than to go see Scott :)

Loves oxo

Jamie said...

Pretty sure this would be the best Christmas present in the world. I would take you to see Britney with me and then call you as soon as I was done with RPattz to tell you all the details!

surviving myself said...

That would be the best bachelor party ever. You should really look into planning those as a career.

miss clover said...

sounds like you've been all up in a lot of blogs. you are living up to your blogwhore rep for reals.

Bruce said...

I am really bummed that Chris go Kim Kardashian and not me, but I will cherish the photo journal never the less and promise I won't re-gift it.

Slyde said...


That is JUST what i always wanted.

all the time i could ask for to flirt? Heaven :)

Paula said...

Yay!!!! I can't wait to go! I can start dtinking the rose wine right now, right???

Nick said...

I'd love nothing more than to have another drunken debaucherous weekend in Kamloops - good gift. Next time though, if you want to give me the gift of getting laid, I won't turn that down either.

Merry Christmas :)

Áine Caitríona said...

Sweet!!! And I LOVE indie country-rap that's cracked the Top 40 chart! Now this is my idea of a gift!

Arv said...

kewl post mate... Happy Holidays :)

take care.. cheers...

Lanette said...

Oh how I love Santa Meghan!

The socks and underwear fit great - how'd you know my size?

MsDarkstar said...

I get the ultimate lurkers gift of getting to read your blog and seeing the awesome gifts you're giving to the blogosphere! Score!

(Oh... I'm not a lurker anymore... dangit!)

Meghan said...

Angela- anytime darlin:)

Roland-sorry about stealing the blog post you were planningbut hadn't written and I knew nothing about.

Mike-I like a challenge.


Tara- thank you for the kind words, they mean a lot :)

Alex- no problemz

Nick-Thanks and Merry Christmas to you too!

Ben-I'm sorry/thankyou.

Deutlich-you know I'm currently humming "so Earl had to die..."


Jamie- aww thanks, that's sweet. Can we do the dances along with Britney at the concert?

Surviving Myself- I consider it a backup career starting the day I go office space on the printer.

Miss Clover- It's more than a title, it's a lifestyle ;)

Bruce- maybe you could do a photo spread of Kim's ass

Slyde- and it fits!

Paula- you should already be two bottles deep

Nick- come back to Kamloops and I'll be the best wing woman ever.

Aine-music nerds unite!

Arv- thanks and Merry Christmas

Lanette- that's another story for another day

MsDarkstar- foiled by your own plan. Oh well, thanks for visiting and maybe Santa M will be good to you too next year.

Jenn said...

How cute are you?! I love PostSecret. I only have three books!

moooooog35 said...

I wanted an electric vagina! Or, better yet, one that doesn't need power.


..that's just being greedy.

So@24 said...

You're the BEST Pirate M!

I better stop talking about it so I don't jinx it.

I'll set out extra cookies...

Mermanda said...

Aren't you a sweetheart! Thanks, doll!

Princess Pointful said...

I love these posts! Thanks for thinking of me... I actually have discovered loads more wonderful music over the past few weeks. Yay!

little erin said...

oh, oh, oh! i loveeeeeee this post. what a fancy idea! not only are you giving people such fun gifts, but for other people, you've just recommended some great blogs!!! i can't wait to read :) its tough being new to the blog world, but i love when i see good ideas like this :)

Meghan said...

So@24- exactly. like birthday wishes if you talk about it, it won't come true ;)

Mermanda- thanks!

Princess Pointful-new music is such a fun present for everyone!

Little Erin-welcome to the blog world, everyone on my reader is nice and I'm sure would love your company.

Edward Yates said...

Thanks for the kind Christmas wishes Meghan! I've just sent another end-to-end draft to my supervisor today and are taking time off starting tomorrow and ending on the 3rd of Jan. Sorry it took me so long to respond too. Busy is all I can say. I hope you get what you want from Santa too! New fur trimmed pajamas perhaps?


Lad Litter said...

Best Christmnas blog gift ever. So sweet of you Meghan!