Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Coalition Conundrum

Well we may not be as flashy as the US political elections but we sure do got a lot of dramz happening up here.


On Oct 14th us Canucks had an election and for the second time in as many years we are now lead by a Conservative minority government... a minority government nevertheless, but a government elected by the people.

Of my ten years as a registered voter I have never seen an election where people were so on the fence as to who to choose. The lines were blended as parties fought to represent what they wanted and what they feel the people wanted. I will just say that for the first time ever I voted Conservative. I can see and respect why many people would not agree but I feel it was the best decision and stand by my choice. I have not liked the agenda the Liberals have been taking ever since Cretien left and although I agree with many of the NDP ideals (and don't see why haters are still referred to the fast ferry incident from 1997 as the reason not to vote for them. They fucked up. So have every other party we have). Anyways I digress as do not feel Jack Layton is a trustworthy candidate, or the most out of all if any could be deemed "trustworthy".

It's a time of political unrest in Canada. I love the Green party (and agree there has to be a stronger position in the government both federally and provincially on the environment) and have voted before when not sure how to vote, but lets face it. The green party vote is the 'wasted ballot' here in Canada.

So, to wind down a long wordy road of my political background I can now say my vote and my democratic right is being pushed and bent at this very moment, as an opposition government is currently poised to overthrow the government in power.


Well since the Conservative government is a minority the Bloc Quebecois(separatist party), Liberals and NDP have all formed a governing party together to overthrow the government this week until 2010. It's the pirates of politics in 2008 if you will. What. The. Eff.

I don't realistically see how it is expected to work and I don't agree with this opposition from the government which is currently going through approval of the Govenor General before taking place next week. This is not entirely due to the fact that I voted Conservative but to the fact that we are just supposed to agree that the Oct 14th election DID NOT HAPPEN. If that's the case I ask Mr. Dion to give me back the gas money spent going to the polling station as well as the thirty minutes spent waiting in line. I accept cheques and money orders, thankyouverymuch.

If anything it weakens our countries image in the eyes of other nations as it is hard to take a nation seriously when there is so much political unrest. As well as it is hard for the people of the nation to feel their vote is taken seriously. In a time of political uncertainty and during an 'official' recession I am wanting to lean on my government and know that they have the interest of the people in mind. The employment, health care, education and and the economic sectors should be in the political headlines not gossipy columns about closed door meetings between the Bloc Quebecois and NDP.

I was explaining it to a friend yesterday and the only terminology I could come to think of was to compare it to food (like most of everything else in my life that revolves around food or sex or tv). I then came up with the shittiest anology I can think of.....

It's like there's a dinner party for 14 and everyone has to vote on one dish to be served at the party. Six people decided on eggs whereas the other people could not decide and brought their own things to the dinner party. Decisively people either like or hate eggs (they give you protein.,..but cmon it's dead chicken fetus and they're smelly). The other people brought Mangos. Olives. And Pickles. Rather than eat their own thing and focus on the fact that even though it was the minority that decided, it was in fact the people that decided on eggs and eat them they decided to mix their food into a giant casserole of mangoes and pickles and olives. Yes, it will overthrow the eggs but it's shit and we all know it's shit. However the people are more proud of the fact that they do not have to eat eggs than recognize that the dish they are serving to people is shit and will not mix nor will it taste good.

Right now our government is the equivalent of a shitmix casserole in the making and I am saying no thanks, throwing down my fork and sticking up my middle finger. For the first time in my 28 years I have lived in Canada I feel my vote does not count and I'm just idly sitting by watching a political uncertainty that I did not ask for nor did I ask to pay for.

Rant over.


Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

I suppose things could be worse: France had 22 governments between 1947 and 1959,most coalitions, some of which only lasted a few months.

As one living south of your border, I appreciate your insights.

Slyde said...

theres political unrest EVERYWHERE right now....

Deutlich said...

I feel like a stupid American for not realizing ANY of this was going on just 8 hours away from me.

Mike said...

Amen sister.

Democracies run amok...

This may backfire in their coalition faces if the Governer General does the right thing and forces an election.

Harper needs only three seats for a majority, and this coalition really really really pissed off a lot of people.

Including me and including you.

Canada spoke just 6 weeks ago! This is political greed and power! Those coalition people didn't even wait for the budget to come out. This isn't about what's best for Canada.... it's about what's best for them.

What's best for Canada is what the PEOPLE decide, because WE are the bosses, the government works for US.

Nick said...

I didn't vote Conservative, so on one hand I don't care if Stephen Harper takes it on the chin on this one. But on the other hand, I didn't vote for some shitmix of three different groups either, with the damn separatists in there to boot.

So even though I can't really come up with an opinion on the matter, I definitely agree that it's a mess.

To quote Kent Brockman: "I've said it before and I'll say it again - Democracy simply doesn't work."

ash said...

keep trying!

OH i gave you an award check my blog out to see it:)

Princess Pointful said...

As a Canadian, I'm still a little unsure of my whole opinion on this one, honestly. I'm not a Harper fan, not a big Dion fan... I'm okay with the coalition but I see why people are angry. It is just a messy situation altogether, and unless some mega scandal happens, it feels like we are destined for minority ruling madness for evermore...

Arv said...

Hi Meghan,

It was interesting to read about the political scene in Canada... well, its even worse in India and we have been living with that kinda setup, willingly or unwillingly, ever since the English gave us the freedom. So much for democracy...

Hope you have a good day mate... take care... cheers...

Anonymous said...

I concur.

What in the hell is the point of having an election if the people that lose can just say "Hey, we wanna play"?? Tag, you're out.

Meghan said...

Nick- I didn't know that, interesting.

Slyde- good point

Deutlich- don't feel stupid. This has all gone down within the last couple days....

Mike- couldn't have said it better myself.

Nick- if Kent Brockman says it, I'll listen.

Ash- thanks, I'll go check it out!

Princess Pointful- agreed.

Arv- true, our political problems are minute compared to other nations.

Kelsey- exactly! And for the record, 'concur' is one of the best words ever.

It's Me! said...

My biggest issue is that we all suffered through an election (a POINTLESS election) and all of the bullshit that runs rampant though the process, dealt with the anticlimactic results, and now a hundred-and-some-odd people have decided they have the right to negate what Canadians have said and take over. I say give the power to the Bloc, wait a couple of months until Quebec gives us the finger and leaves, hold a new election and have the western provinces finally have a more substancial say in what's going on.

The bottom line here though is that the "first through the gate" voting system is flawed. Time for a representative vote.

And then there's always the added point that those who want power and are drawn to positions of power are usually the people who shouldn't have it.

That's my two bits...or is it more like three or four?

I like your analogy about the casserole. Made me gag a little. :) Maegan said...

interesting post ...The green party vote is the 'wasted ballot' in the states as well ...I wish it were different though.

Bruce said...

This is why a parlimentary system will never work in the United States. Folks have to feel that they are winning or losing, hence only a two party system and not a 4 or 8 party system as it was envisioned. The American Psyche sees politics like a football game. You rout for one side or other and there is one clear victor in the end. Game Over.

Meghan said...

Jess- you make a very valid point I hadn't thought of :)

Maegan- same

Bruce- I like that we have more divisity in our politcal system (not just one side or the other) but see how it can lead to many problems including the ones we are dealing with now.