Friday, October 9, 2009

It's Like Warm Pumpkin Pie

I'm not big on the Grace in Small Things movement, because I'm far better with complaining about stuff than recognizing the good. The glass is half empty because I drank it down and I'll take another while we're at it.

But this weekend marks festivities of Thanksgiving in Canadaland and so I'm feeling the need to bring attention to all the things I'm thankful for including those things that really don't get the recognition they deserve.

I'm thankful for my parents, first off. If they knew their little 5pound preemie bundle of joy would have brought them tampered liquor cabinets, college pregnancy scares, a totalled SUV that they just bought and hours upon hours of stupid questions, I'm sure they would have placed me in a dumpster long ago. But they didn't. Instead you ate the food I've created over the years, burned bits and all. You wheeled the tv into my bedroom when I was sick so I'd be able to watch soapies and didn't complain. You have taken every accident, incident and encounter with stride offering wisdom rather than lectures, and have always addressed me as an adult. You have given me guidance but allowed me to make the mistakes I needed to make in order to grow and I look forward to your call every Sunday morning. Over the years I've come to terms that you're not perfect, but you're human and you're the best parents I could ask for. I am proud of the threads of mannerisms and flecks of personality that have been passed down. For that and a million other things, I thank you.

I'm thankful for my brother. Even though we may not be close and we don't really understand each other, I've never actually thanked him for being such a bad ass delinquent in highschool that I looked like the good kid by comparison. And then switching the roles once we hit college age so I could experience my own rebellion later in life and not give my parents cardiac arrests for having two bad apples in the family photo. For that and teaching me self defense, countless pranks and how to jack the parents liquor cabinet, I say thank you. I don't know if we'll ever be as close as we once were but I thank you for interviewing potential boyfriends, offering to beat up the ones that hurt me, and allowing me to tag along with you and your friends to build forts when you were at an age where you wanted little to do with your little sister. To date I don't think we can ever watch UFC without crying with laughter.

I have to say thanks to my best friend, Leanne (who just got back from Europe)and all my other friends that have put up with me over the years. Helping me find my pants in the morning, piecing together the night, letting me have the last toke, and more with little to no judgement. Helping to pick me up when I'm down physically and metaphorically and being awesome enough to laugh at me about it and come back for more. You're all sadists ,and for that I thank you. There are tons of acquaintances you have in life, but with a select few they are more than friends they are family. They are the people on your emergency list, the people you go to for advice, the ones that will love you no matter what shoes you're wearing and even when you're pmsing and cranky. Cause that is what family does. They don't make fun of you for pmsing and feeling bloated, they're the ones with you at the local DQ eating blizzards and talking you through it. I'm lucky to have a handful of those people and a soulmate in Leanne. Our friendship has been stronger than any relationship I've had to date and I don't see that changing. We're married on facebook and really I think it's a testament of our friendship as there are the ups and downs, the good periods and bad patches, but through out everything there is loyalty and laughter and commitment and and love.

And thanks for all of you in bloggerland, who make me laugh and reflect week after week. You put up with the crap posts, comment on the bad ones and make me feel good about things like new haircuts. You've been there when I've confessed my sins and just laughed along when I've done yet another stupid wine induced antic. You have brought me a sense of belonging. For the first time in my life through blogging I feel like all of the different cliques don't matter. we're all here with different stories, lives and perspectives to share.

So with enough mush out there, I just have to say I don't feel to document the small things I am thankful for because every day all around me it is shown in a large way even though sometimes a holiday surrounding a turkey and stuffing can make you take a step back and really recognize all the things you have going for you.

What are you thankful for this weekend?


MsDarkstar said...

I am thankful I don't live somewhere that it snows anymore. I am thankful that I have a bookshelf (don't laugh, it's a big deal). I'm thankful for the blogosphere and glad that you're here to share your story with us!

P said...

I'm thankful I didn't do anything embarrassing this weekend. Like fall over in the dancefloor in The Shed. Or in the taxi afterwards, like last time.

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

loved this. I'm thankful for MY FAMILY. MY HEALTH. MY LOVE. annnnd keylime pie

Mike said...

I'm thankful my big fat friend big john didn't punch me in the fucking face after I put a pen in his plumbers butt.

Cuz that's what he said. He said he was going to punch me in the fucking face.

He's a big guy, you know?

Random Musings Of My Life said...

Great post... I need to do one too..

LiLu said...

I'm thankful for a three day work week that's still, somehow, wayyyyyyy too long.


jamie said...

I'm thankful for my puppy and my new handbag.


Bruce said...

Bravo...well spoken.

(what am I thankful for? Well, for starters a wife that learned how to work a power rack and airator all by herself so she could put in our rye grass winter lawn here in Arizona. All I had to do was spread the manure.....sweet. )

Candy's daily Dandy said...

That was a great post! It makes me thankful in general.

good work!

Lucy said...

What a great post! I am thankful that we are doing o.k. in my little world!

Meghan said...

MsDarkstar-no snow, that sounds like a wonderful place!

P-LOL, I'm thankful you shared that.

Chelsea- mmmm, keylime pie.

Mike- that lead to quite the visual..

Random- on American thanksgiving?

Lilu- three day work weeks need to happen often.

jamie- i'm thankful for your puppy too.

Bruce- to each their own.

Candy- thanks!

Lucy- that's always a good thing.