Monday, October 5, 2009

It's Not All Tinfoil Hats and Wraparound Jackets

Okay. I lied. But my tinfoil hat is cute and goes with my new haircut, so work with me here.

But in all seriously, my apologies for the lack of blogging/commenting the last couple weeks. My new noggin pills gave me a bad ass case of the sleepies and the yawnies for the first couple weeks whilst kicking in and so I went all hibernatey on your ass, that and I'm working on getting my winter white Twilightesque palour back. So you just get a hot mess of an update. With lust.

First off I'm loving Vampire Diaries right now and don't even wanna type it out. Sooo bad and good. I figure after this weeks episode I'm going to the highschool across from my place (no, really there is one) so I can find thirteen year old girls to discuss it with. Except I have more street cred as I've been stalking Ian Somerhalder ever since he graced his baby blues in The Rules of Attraction and I blame him for getting me hooked on Lost. He died on the show. I stopped watching. That's how tight we are. Speaking of tight...

I want to work on getting a tight ass? TMI. Too bad. My vanity has reached new peaks when I was approached by a lovely later middle aged man who followed me to my car yesterday and after realizing that he wasn't there to jack my car he handed me his business card. Not to try to sell me something, but as a pickup. And I realized that even though grossed out, I'm at an age where this is becoming a more common place practise and even socially appropriate? I handed back the card. What does this have to do with having a tight ass? Nothing. I just wanted to complain about it.

Although taking tai chi has something to do with getting buns of steel (flex your quarter hands). I know nothing about tai chi. I think it's like Japanese yoga/zen/martial arts. But the truth is that not many people know about it, yet it sounds all mysterious. That way I can look all graceful while kicking ass. I'm the youngest person in the class by roughly fifteen years. That and fight club was full.

Since my life has taken on boringness like never before (what, the best friend has been in Europe and I'm trying to save money) I've taken to trolling dating websites again. But suspect that guys don't like it when you give them helpful tips for spellchecking their profiles and edit and send back the sent messages. Would it surprise you that I'm not getting laid any more frequently since joining up?

Oh and since I've become queen of bad video links, here's one. Of a cat! In a jacket! Trying to play with a string! Oh the shenanigans of it all!

Just look at it.

Ohmigod. I finally accidentally just learned to embed videos. How exciting. And you're all here for this moment. Golf clap anyone?

And that's all I got tonight. Peace out, lovelies and studs.


Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

Omg that video is HILARIOUS!!!! Haha

Ben said...

I might...MIGHT...get giddy for The Vampire Diaries.


Anonymous said...

OMG! Nick sent me the link to the French bulldog puppy video last week and to my delight I discovered this lovely cat video played right afterwards. I watched them both over and over again, cause that's how I roll.

Mike said...

Jeez. Older middle aged business guys have money. You should have gotten him to take you to a nice dinner and shopping and then dissapeared.

See? Older guys have their benefits over guys say our age or younger, who can afford maybe a Casey's and a trip to the glow in the dark mini putt. Except we have working penis's. Or peni. Is peni the plural of penis?

Lucy said...

Hope you are feeling better and cute hair cut.

FYI: Older guys have a working penis too, well at least my guy has no problem at all (lol)

P said...

Oh well, even when you AREN'T around the blogosphere I still have your amusing status updates on facebook to keep me entertained. :)

MsDarkstar said...

Good to see you back. I just got my internetz back after 5 of the longest days of my life (longer if you want to count travel days). Always nice to find you in my reader!

Elizabeth Marie said...

Look at your embedding videos. You came back with new hair and new skills.

FoggyDew said...

See, and I just thought your absence was because you're in the depths of winter up there in the arctic circle and were spending all your time chopping and splitting wood so you won't freeze to death during the next eight months.

Oh, and nice hat.

(Glad to see you're back.)

Jack said...

Love the hair - need less flash though - you're almost as pale as a genuine Irish gal!

Bruce said...

All depressed and whinny....didn't you just recently jump out of an airplane? Ow how the mighty have fallen....

Malice Blackheart said...

Hahaha... Too cute! I love cats. I have no idea why. They're basically just little psychopaths looking for something small and helpless to devour.

Meghan said...

Amber- I keep watching it. Solid gold.

Ben-Heh, I won't tell anyone.

Kelsey- they're both hilariously adorable.

Mike- but I like mini golf.

Lucy- thanks! And I'm sure that's something I'll learn in time too ;)

P- that reminds me, I love your facebook birthday photos!

MsDarkstar- internet loss makes me nuts. And thanks.

Elizabeth Marie- It was only a matter of time til one or the other happened.

FoggyDew- hibernation doesn't start til after thanksgiving, silly :P

Jack-thanks! And I am that pale :S

Bruce- I never said I was whiny, ouch.

Malice- haven't seen you round here in awhile, nice to see you. And agreed about cats.

LiLu said...

That video?

Life = MADE.

Jack said...

You're that pale? Wow! Impressive. Makes red hair look way better though :)

Slyde said...

you know that i'd like to do you when you wear that hat, right?