Thursday, March 20, 2008

Another Car Bites The Dust


Don't mind if the spelling is fucked up, I'm a bit shaky and in shock right now.

After the world's shittiest week of work where I almost found myself on the verge of walking out and quitting tonight was the night to go out and forget it all. The Daniel Wesley band was playing at the Grotto and I've been so excited all week to see them. So even though sleep deprived beyond any description I draaaaged myself into the shower and put a few minutes effort into makeup.

Jessica and I went to the Grotto and engulfed the music hungrily and I found myself swaying in a trance for 2 hours of sweet bliss. I took a shitty video feed to add for blogging purposes.After the band was done and we had our fill we decided that we were done for the eve and went to go to my car to start on the trek home.

But as we found ourselves getting closer to the block it was parked on we saw police tape surrounding the whole block. And glass eveywhere. Evidence of a fender bender or minor mishap for sure and I didn't think too much. Until I went to cross the police tape and round the corner to get my car and they stopped me.

Officer, "You can't go past the tape."

Me, "My car is parked right around the corner."

Officer, looking at where my car would be "You don't have a car anymore."


Rounding the corner I see that he is in fact correct. I do have a car, or what is a semblance of a car. But part of the roof is ripped off, the doors pinned, the wheels are sideways and there is glass and mud everywhere. It's at least 6 feet from where I originally parked it and the bumper and other assorted car parts are strewn many feet from it like they were shotput.

The backstory? Drunk driver. Speed through an intersection. Hit a minivan with people (they are hurt and in hospital) bounced off of them, smooshed my car to pieces, rolled the truck (then throwing him into the intersection) and the truck pretty much imploded. The truck had the roof ripped right off of it and was a heap of scrap metal. (The driver will live and is in thehospital).

I wasn't sure what to do so I did what any person would do. Freak out. But finally I did what I do in every situation. I found humour. I told the cops I was pissed off if only because I did the best parking job I've ever done and he ruined it. All four of them stopped the investigation to fall over laughing. They offered to sell my car back to me with new features such as a "downtown look" of scattered glass and "rooftop airconditioning" from the hole in the roof. We all had a laugh cause it's all you could do in the situation.

Mom made the point that life is alright, that's what insurance is for and it could be a lot worse. Me and Jess could have been in the car when it happened.

So for the next few days I shall be busy between getting the contents out of my car (i couldn't even trytonight with pinned doors and glass) dealing with ICBC and visiting with my parents who have decided to come visit so we can have a nice relazing Easter weekend together....which may now include car shopping after my second car write off in one year. At least this one isn't my fault.

Hope everyone has a good Easter!

UPDATE: Is it ironic that if not for my car he would have gone through the glass insurance building? And that it is the same building I insured my car at 8 months ago?

UPDATE: The police now think the truck lauched and started to roll over my car. So in essense my car was steamrolled. I finally get how annoying that is.


Mike said...

Drunk drivers piss me off.

If they were the only people affected by their own stupidity, I wouldn't care if they died in the most horrible ways.

Also, insurance companies piss me off. They can join the dead drunk drivers.

I wonder how much the insurance company is going to up your rates for this?

If you're anything like me, you drive a piece of shit that the insurance can't replace.

Here you go Mr. Spazoid, here's $1,400. Let us know what you find!

Good times. At least you can joke about it!

surviving myself said...

damn, sorry.

It's Me! said...

At least now when people tell me I have the worst luck with cars I can say "well, actually..."

Very glad you're ok. Say hi to your parents for me!

Tricia said...

Actually the drunk driver's insurance should cover her car and her rates should not be affected in any way! ;-) Now if he didn't have insurance then yes she could end up with a rate increase but should be able to fight it - she wasn't even in the car for crying out loud. I've always stuck with State Farm Insurance because they didn't fight me at all when hubby totaled my car and it was his fault. They paid full market value for the vehicle and he lost the good driver discount for 3 years but no rate increase!

Sorry this happened to you! sucks!

Meghan said...

Mike-drunk drivers piss me off too. Thanks for the empathy :)
My car is worth just enough to get a used one that hopefully may almost look newish?

Surviving Myself-Thanks :)

It's Me- And to think you were there for my first. Memories!

Tricia- Thanks for the heads up I was worried. ICBC doesn't open til Tuesday so it's a guessing game til then.

Sarah K said...

Oh gods I am so sorry! I'm really glad that you're okay and thankful you weren't in the vehicle when it happened.

maverick said...

wooooooof...........thts some damage...hope u can recover every penny from the insurance...happy eater to u n ur family :)..btw blog updated..n glad u r safe

TaraMetBlog said...

OMG that's crazy! Thank goodness you weren't in the car or returning to your car as it happened. Sorry you have to go through the hassle of insurance etc, but your mom is right, that is what it's there for. I hope the other family in the mini van is ok.

Meghan said...

Sarah- thanks:)

Maverick- I hope so too! Will go visit

Tara- they were released and have cuts/bruises etc but will be ok.

Steph said...

Well thank fuck you weren't in it! What a disaster, but it could have been much worse hun.

Tricia said...

So as I said the other drivers insurance should pay for the car - but don't necessarily think that what they tell you they will give you for it is really all you can get! You should be able to get at least 2 weeks of a rental car while you either get yours fixed - or if it's totaled shop for another. And the insurance company is going to try and give you low book value if it is, meaning what you might get if you traded it in. Do the research yoruself - find out what similar cars are selling for used and push back on whatever they offer you. When my 2 year old car was totaled they told me I would get $14,000 for it, I said no WAY! and I ended up getting $17,500.

So know your rights! :) good luck with it all.

Meghan said...

Steph- thanks hun :)

Tricia-it is offically totalled according to ICBC. Thanks for the payout advice, you rock :)

Memphis Steve said...

You know, I wouldn't be at all surprised if someone buys the remains of your car and I see it being driven down here in Memphis. That's what most of the ghetto rides look like here. But they all have kickass stereos. And 24 inch rims.

Meghan said...

Memphis Steve- 24 inch rims, eh? My ride would have wanted it that way.

Anonymous said...