Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I'm a Tease

I was gonna post all sorts of conference pics of Company President and Company Boss but then a shred of clarity struck and reminded me this could make it accesible for them to access my blog and is an all around NOT good idea. Not that I think the Company President would take the time of day to spin in his chair and google his pics while looking up ex girlfriends on facebook....but still.

So you just get the one solitude picture of me. I think it summarizes my thought about the conference and my role in the company dearly as well as everything I am willing to do for the job.



maverick said...

is that a paper item in ur mouth??? :D

The Chronicles of a Fashionista in PDX said...

So long as you had fun :) And yeah, not posting pictures of the company president is definitely a wise choice! :)

PS: You don't want my sports car lol it isn't fast! it just looks fast.

Mike said...

I don't know why, but that is a damned hot picture of you!

Still up for that dinner in regina? :P

Meghan said...

Maverick-Paper AND Plastic. Best of borth worlds.

Fashionista-I'm a really shoddy driver, fast doesn't work for me anyways.

Mike- Thanks darling, I got only 3 hours of sleep before snapping it JUST FOR YOU! Of course dinner is still on. But if going all that way, I wanna go somewhere classy. Like Applebee's or something.

When Tara Met Blog said...

smart move! I wish i could vent about work on my blog too, but I know they read it so I can't.

Steph said...

Blow that horn, girl!!!

Meghan said...

Tara- it's a risky move which is why I don't vent tooo much and leave my company name out of it.

Steph- Oh, I'll blow your horn!

Mike said...

They have Applebee's in regina?

I figured we'd just graze in a wheat field like the locals.

The Divine Miss M said...

Dude what happens at company functions stays at company functions.

Especially when there is tequila involved.

Especially then.

Maik said...

If you are willing to put up with THAT wallpaper you must love your job to bits.

Btw...I agree with Mike...hot pic...in a weird kind of way.

Meghan said...

Mike-then graze we shall.

The Divine Miss M-couldn't have said it better myself. What happens at workshop stays at workshop.

Really workshop is like Mardi Gras but with more PowerPoint....

Maik-The wallpaper hurt my hangover more than the horns. And thanks, I need to rock the hungover/underslept/kill me now look more often it seems.

maverick said...

@meghan...with paper in ur mouth..both comes out as borth.. :D

Anonymous said...