Monday, April 21, 2008

Bad Mood

I've been in the foulest of moods all day long.

I ate some yummy buttery croissants and hot chocolate to feel better.
It didn't help.

I thrashed out to some hard rock music, which usually makes me feel better.
It didn't help.

I had a bubble bath and read delicious magazines.
It didn't help.

I just watched my cat twitch during a dream and fall off the tv.
That helped.


maverick said...

lol... :D

hope ur moods better abt a beer???

The Divine Miss M said...

Ye, laughing at poor defenceless creatures always gets me going too ;)

Roland Hulme said...

Hope you're feeling better!

Sarah K said...


The Chronicles of a Fashionista in PDX said...

Aw, I hope you're not pmsing like I am. :P

Poor cat :)

Mike said...

I understand, and I'm scared.

Meghan said...

Maverick- It's 9:53 in the morn here, but sure why not:P

Miss M- it sounds worse that what it really was, honestly. It was 2 feet. She was fine, just confused.

Roland- thanks darlin :)

Sarah- you know it.

Fashionista- Fraid I am too.

Mike- why so scared?

Jamie Lovely said...

Pets are there for our entertainment, even if they don't know it because they are falling off tvs :)

Mike said...

meghan - because that kind of relief comes at the cost of having my nuts kicked and watching me squirm, among other things! The evil relief!!! :P

It's Me! said...

misery loves company, and sometimes the misfortune of others (particularly unsuspecting totally trusting others) is exactly what's needed to lift spirits!

surviving myself said...


hope things are better now.

Tricia said...

Hmm Mike do people often kick you in the nuts and then laugh?

Kiera said...

Ever seen your pet have a nightmare in their sleep? Hilarious, youtube material.

Meghan said...

Jamie- she's my reality cat tv.

Mike-too true.....muahahahaha

Jess-it's akin to laughing at people falling

Chris- slowly but surely

Tricia-thanks for asking what I was thinking :P

Kiera- I may just do that....I clearly don't spend enough time on the internet as is