Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Bus Eats My Money

So I've come to terms with something the last couple weeks. Taking the bus is more expensive than driving.

Even with the parking pass I pay monthly for a spot that is only 2 blocks from work. Even with the price of gas rivalling that of the finest cuban cigars that can fill my tank. Even with the astronomical insurance I pay monthly due to the fact that I seem to have a magnet attached to any car I'm driving with gravitational pull towards things that are NOT MOVING.

It's the fact that the bus costs 2 dollars each way to take me to work from home and to home from work. Meh, no big deal. Wrong! I am one of those people that doesn't carry change/cash on me. Now financial analysts will wag their fingers at me and give a lecture about interact fees, but shove it. I don't care. I don't like carrying cash and change because then I spent it. And then I feel guilty.

Why would anyone choose to do that?

So I interact when I will, but minimal at that. And now that I have to carry cash around to take the bus money is literally flying out of my wallet. Five dollars is frolicking towards the magazine stand over there! Three dollars is going to the egg sandwich for breakkie. And odd bits of change here and there are just sucked up into the vortex of my ginormous purse/suitcase with straps.

No other mode of transportation forces me to go to the bank machine throughout the week to get crisp twenties only to break them down into teensy wads of indispensable change which disappear. My gas is paid for in my car in full, on time and without having to break down change. I could get a bus pass, but why do that when right now I am shopping to get a new car anyways! It's like I'm in transportation purgatory.

So I say fuck you to the transit system which is meant to be environmentally safe and a better system for all, because all you're doing is draining money I could be using on more useful things. Like beer and technology things with shiny buttons.


Anonymous said...

Isn't it cheaper to get a monthly bus pass?????

Meghan said...

Yeah, but I'm hoping to have a car within a week or two so don't want to bother with the bus pass...

The Chronicles of a Fashionista in PDX said...

I'm not a cash/change person myself. Although transit systems are an environmental plus it isn't always convenient or cost effective, per se. And I'd do transit if it didn't take me over an hour and 1/2 to get to work! Driving only takes me 15 minutes. :P

surviving myself said...

I live in NY, so I feel your pain more than you can know.

Mike said...

Yea, but you don't see retards picking their nose and eating it or weirdo's talking to themselves when you're in your car.

The Caveat is I have a vehicle. But when you live in buttfuck nowhere and you want to get to the next nowhere over, you need one.

The bonus? Everybody (except me) in buttfuck are a bunch of entertaining troglodytes.

Roland Hulme said...

Hello Meghan!

You know I was a recent fan of your blog before, but I have just spent about two hours reading your old blog posts and I love them! They're all so sweet and funny and honest and awesome!

Steph said...

I hear ya! The getting of change is teh devils work.
I buy a magazine a day, a drink, some gum, maybe a snack and BAM, there goes twenty bucks, just like that!!

Meghan said...

Fashionista-that's an hour and a half you could be sleeping!

Surviving Myself- but you have funny subways stories, so I encourage your public transportation.

Mike- I'm the weirdo that sings along to her Mp3 on the bus so what's that say about me?...Off to go look up the word troglodytes.

Roland- thanks darling, that made my day :) realize people are going to start to catch on that I pay you to say that, right?..right?

Steph- lets search the bottom of our giant purses for change and go on a bender with the loot.

maverick said... which car r u goin in for???

blog updated :)

Sarah K said...

You know. You could get bus tickets. 30 dollars gets you twenty. Which means only 1.50 for each bus ride.

Don't think you'll use them all before getting a car? It's still less costly, I would imagine, than wheedling those crisp twenties on things you don't need simply because the cash is there.

And if you don't use them all, I will gladly take the remainder off your hands, because I don't intend to get a bus pass in May.

Meghan said...

Mav-still not sure yet. I have high standards, so not any ol' car will do.

Sarah- If I get a bus coupon book I shall gladly give you any left :)

surviving myself said...

funny as in hell. yes.

Anonymous said...