Saturday, April 26, 2008

My Secret Blog

I think I shall make a second blog. An even more secret blog. You'll have to be the Nancy Drew of the web to find it. It'll involve a password and if I could have it with a secret passage way, I would.

The reason?

I now have readers. Yes, I blame you. Six months ago I blogged about NOTHING to my little hearts content. And noone cared. I'd blog about holes in my underoos and why Miranda was only hot in Season Six of SATC. If I didn't blog about it, I at least wanted to.

But now I feel I have to have posts that are funny. Or witty. Or at least will hold their own. Lord knows they don't but still. I mean, you guys have some pretty freaking awesome blogs. Great pictures, funny stories, wacky anedotes. And I have LOLcatz and drinking stories. I'd like to say, well who cares if noone reads my blog other than myself and those I pay to. But the truth is, without you guys I'm just another girl sitting at home on a Friday night crying cause Jimmy won't ask her to the dance.

It's true. And we both know it.

Blogger people are some of the funniest and wittiest people I have ever not met. Well read with great and wordly perspectives. I worry this day will come...

Blog post Don't you guys love the new Miley Cyrus single? I never thought I'd love Disney again since they killed off Mufasa, but dammit that Hannah Montana has won my heart

and it'll be met by the longest silence my comment bar has ever had followed by....

"I can't believe I tagged that girl in my meme think you know someone," woth a forlorn shaking of the head....

"Once I read a story of hers and thought, hey we would have fun drinking together. Now I see she's just a dirty Hannah Montana lover."

"We were gonna meet up in Regina and graze... I feel sick just thinking about it."

It's blog suicide.

And I cannot let it happen. So this blog shall be reserved for perpective, trainwreckiness, and the occasional insight into nothing. Cause really, I owe it to the blogging community. And cause your comments are the green laces in my Chuck Taylors.

But no, seriously, I really do like the new single.


The Divine Miss M said...

Aaawwww my heart bleeds custard for you! :P

I've not heard the new single but I'm sure if I did I'd love it. I'm a total chart/pop whore. I am the least cool person you'll ever meet.

No, seriously. I am.

Maxie said...

my best friend leslie said, "oh she's just being miley."

that's totally my favorite part. Everyone loves that song!

surviving myself said...

you are too nice to us, green laces in your chucks? I'm blushing!

Meghan said...

Miss M- If I had your email I'd send it to you so you can secretly listen to it on your Ipod too :)


Chris-no, you're too good. And if you knew how important green laces are you me, you'd be seriously flattered.

Cat said...

Personally I think the joys of reading blogs are to read about holes in underwear and lolcatz... i love those pictures. It doesn't have to pretty or funny just real ;)

Jamie Lovely said...

That song is the catchiest freaking song in the world and I hate it but love it.

Damn Hannah Montana.

Mike said...

What? Sorry, I was still thinking about the legs behind the head.

What's this about Miley Cirus?

Who is Miley Cirus?

moooooog35 said...

She sings?!?! I had no idea.

I just thought she was a pawn to catch people for the "To Catch a Predator" series.

I won't fall for that again.

Roland Hulme said...

All of your posts are interesting! You can't start stressing about whether or not something's suitable for a blog post now you have an audience. Just write what comes naturally and we'll love you for it.

Meghan said...

Cat- too true. Holy underoos it is then.

Jamie- DAMN her indeed (shaking fist towards the sky)

Mike-just some teeny bopper Disney star who's gonna take over the world while we're too busy flirting. Meh.

Moooooog- she does that too. And she's part of the CSI crime squad. She does it all.

Roland-thanks darlin, sage advice :)

Tricia said...

Nah you're perfect as you are - I love reading about your exploits! LOL

Deutlich said...

Some days I REALLY miss when I had, like, 5 readers.

Meghan said...

Tricia-Thanks darlin and I love reading your stories too

Deutlich- I fear the grass is always greener...

It's Me! said...

Miley Cyrus. Sigh. I think I hate myself a little for liking that song...but it's so fun, and upbeat, and catchy! I groove to it too as I secretly loath myself a little more.

Working Girl Two said...

i not only love the song, WG1 and i watch the show. sometimes we even DVR.

i think that might too much information but sweet nibblets she is hilarious!

Meghan said...

Jess- I have it on my Mp3 playa all day long and when people ask what I'm listening to I say something far cooler. Yup.

Working Girl-I'm off to go rent some dvd's...for my "niece" of course ;)

Anonymous said...