Saturday, November 1, 2008

Dressin Up Like Barbie

With each Halloween that passes I notice a growing trending of well, shrinking clothes. Granted, I'm no longer a child growing up on the border of Alaska with costumes made to fit over top of snowsuits. (Although it was convienent for the year I went as Staypuff).

But the barometre still is far from warm and yet the skirts continue to get shorter and the tops smaller. I'm not one to talk as I had a sexy Robin costume to go with my man's Batman, but at what point is the bar stretched a little too far? Sexy nuse? Hell yeah. Sexy pirate? Harrrdly wrong? But sexy ghostbuster? Sexy Hermoine? Sexy ladybug?

I say if we're going to push, fly over and bastardize the bar the lets just keep on going and not look in the rearview mirror. Hence some of the costumes I have come up with...

Sexy sanitization worker.
(Your garbage can or mine?)

Sexy resident care attendant.
(You'll never look at a catheter bag the same again)

Sexy accountant.
(1+1+1=hellls yeah!)

Sexy meat grinder.
(mmmm, fresh meat)

Sexy wombat costume.
(Help repopulate an endangered species)

The list can keep going on and on, but you get the hint.Think about it. But know I patented these costumes first ;)


Jamie said...

Last year while browsing costumes online, I seen sexy border patrol officer.


Paula said...

Can I be a sexy meat grinder next year please??? :)

How about a sexy zoo-keeper?

Slyde said...

sexy joe the plumber!

p.s. pics! i want halloween pics!

Lanette said...

Oh how I remember those Alaskan border days when all I wanted to be was a fairy princess, or a ballet dancer. Sadly, neither look attractive stretched over a snowsuit.

Lad Litter said...

Love the sexy sanitation worker idea! You know, I thought you could make anything sexy except Irish dancing but then there was all that Riverdance stuff going on in the 90s so go for it.

Bruce said...

When I was a child, Halloween was all about ghosts and witches and staying out after dark. Now it is all about grown men being zombie and women dressing like hookers.

Parasdise Lost indeed......

Meghan said...

Jamie- let the bad puns about frisking begin!

Paula- If you're the sexy zookeeper I'll be the sexy antelope that keeps escaping.

Slyde- heard of Joe the Plumber but still don't know the reference.

Lanette- thanks for the visit :) We really were deprived of some of the better costume options.

Lad Litter- but would I look sexy falling on my face, two seconds after trying to dance? Funny, yes. Sexy, prolly not.

Bruce- zombie hooker? Not a bad idea, thanks :P

Mike from Adelaide said...

Endangered wombats???

They're built like tanks - 100lbs of solid gristle. Hit one with a car and the car loses.....

It's Me! said...

Funny you should mention this topic....
my favorite video on youtube leading up to Halloween was this: