Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Excuses, Excuses

To put the final nail in the break up posts I have to say life is definately starting to get back to it's normal hectic, crazy self. Stress, god how I missed you. But there's a slight difference to my day to day actvities now. I have a built in excuse. Like"the wrong time of the month" only less gross.

A box of cookies makes for an excellent dinner as does the diet coke and (2) Kit Kat breakfast. The diabetic coma will be worth it...you see cause...I'm dealing with a break up.

The shoes, I need them. Same with the jacket. And the bag. I have to have them.I'm feeling fug. Cause I'm dealing with a break up.

I need to start looking at tropical places to go visit, cause my ex won't be there. Cause you know. It's all about dealing with the break up.

Alcohol? Break up.

Days of watching food tv without putting on pants? Break up.

Dishes in the sink? Definately cause of the break up.

Plants dead? A symbol of my relationship. After the break up.

Cutting off traffic? Due to the stress. Of the break up.

My God. It's genius. And after finally winning the battle and getting my housekeys back, I know life will be not only be good. it will be great. But I better go get that fancy ass makeup kit. Cause my face isn't getting any younger. And I have to be on my game. Ever since the break up.


Ben said...

I had a steady red wine drunk on in the middle of the day for a solid three weeks after my first big break up. It really took the edge off haha

Paula said...

Ha, couldn't have said it better myself. I'm still using my break up as an excuse nine months later!!!

Anonymous said...

Shoes and bags....because of the break-up. I'm with ya on this one, but what kind of excuse can I use?

Nick said...

Kels, you can use this one:

"I live in Northern Alberta, I have to spend money to deal with the horribleness that is my life...because did I mention it's fucking -32 outside?"

Bruce said...

I admire your honesty in the face of adversity. It is the same with guys, only it involves, sports cars, HDTV, the 'good' beer and Strip clubs.......all because of the break up you know.

Meghan said...

Ben-you need an excuse for wine at noon? ;)

Paula-not That's milking it!

Kelsey- refer to Nicks comment.

Nick- I love that you didn't comment on my post you replied to Kelsey's. That's awesome.

Bruce-strippers! thanks, I'll add that to my list.

Melissa said...

Fuck it. I'm breaking up too. Then I'll show up drunk to work, watch you tube videos all day and yell at customers. Seriously Meghan you have the best ideas.

Mike said...


hanging out in your own home with your pants off is like.... the SHIT.

If you see me hangin' in my boxers it means I'm feelin' fine!

...love Maegan said...

a haa... I think you have the perfect excuse to do whatever you want and buy whatever you want!!! lol.

Lisa said...

break ups suck! Hope things get better.

Slyde said...

wait.... i need to break up with someone to watch tv with no pants on?


Meghan said...

Melissa- thanks for putting it in writing.

Mike- I'd hang out watchging food tv in my underoos anyways but now I have an excuse.

Maegan- like I needed more excuses to shop ;)

Lisa- thanks sunshine :)

Slyde- nope. It just sounds better.