Monday, February 16, 2009

A Belated Love Letter

Dear Veggie Bacon,

When I locked eyes with you across the health food store yesterday I knew there was a spark. You look nothing like other veggie bacon, all false advertising of texture and greyish colour.

You are what has been missing from my life. Smoky, chewy, crisp veggie bacon. You are what shall tide me over during the carnivourous nights where I ponder chasing cows with a fork and knife and watch people grab real pig bacon from the store like a Factory Farm voyeur. I don't see you as plastic and fake or false advertising. It's all you baby, and I'm proud to show you off.
I see so many future plans for us. Bacon and eggs. Perogies with Bacon. BLT's. Bacon with a side of bacon. This is just the start of a very long term relationship. I shall treat you well, I miss you when you're gone and I think I just may be falling in love with you. I know we shouldn't rush this but why stop now when it feels so right.
Lets do dinner tonight. I'll cook.


Ben said...

Veggie meats are the love of my life. This is a fact.

Paula said...

Aw, I hope it treats you good!

Deutlich said...

I'm...gonna have to stick ot the real thing..

Maxie said...

Thats how I felt when I found out how delicious turkey sausage is.

Anonymous said...

If I could eat bacon and sourcream for every and all meals, without turning into the 3,000 pound woman, I'd do it.

Is this veggie version bad for you, at all??!!

I ate a half pound of extra thickcut smoked pig ass this morning and it was soooo glorrrrious!

Random Musings Of My Life said...

Aww thats so sweet!!

Racquel Valencia said...

Preach it, sister.

If it weren't for fake meat now and then, there's no way I would have survived this long-ass ride on the Veggie Wagon.

Meghan said...

Ben- I hear you. It's true love.

Paula- thanks, I hope this one works out too!

Deutlich- totally understand

Maxie- I'm yet to find a veg. sausage that compares to turkey sausage.

Kelsey- that's what perogies are for cause they allow both Bacon AND Sour Cream in the same meal. And it's prob sodium filled and bad for me but I don't care.

Random Musings- thanks. But really I can't take credit, it's all the bacon.

Racquel- soy nuggets calm the urges to kill, I meat eat meat.

Mike said...

I once had a veggie burger that made me rethink beef.

For about 30 seconds.

I still enjoy both.

I may try this veggie bacon though. What brand is it?

Bruce said...

There is no such thing as a bad post about bacon......

Meghan said...

Mike- I linked it in the post (the green writing).

Bruce- LOL. I concur.

Ed Yates said...

Bwahahaha! Most romantic address to vego bacon eva.

Hope you have long lasting smoky encounters and you don't overdo it!

(Cooking pun geddit?)