Sunday, February 1, 2009

So This Weekend

I finally learned how to use the camera I got for Christmas so am finally going to start posting more relevant pictures rather than just stealing graphics off of google image (okay, I won't stop but slow down). And by relevant pictures I mean...

Pictures of Tinkerbell and me practising Blue Steel in front of the camera. It's still a work in progress. But even better, was receiving my passport in the mail! And was super excited until I saw I look like a criminal in the picture...

And it made me want to flee the country greatly, but I am holding back as I am going to be taking off in 5 weeks and it will take less explaining to my work this way.

I ventured into baking land once again after the last spoiled attempt ended in burnt cookies that even my baked friends wouldn't eat. And a cake that was heavier than a hockey puck. But this time I went for something a little easier (baby steps) with apple crisp...and it turned out!

I'd offer to share some, but then I'd be lying. Suffice to say it's good.

I also added twitter to my blog this weekend. Now I'm not quite certain what it entails but get that it is like text msg/facebook status for blogs so feel free to add me and then you can get updates such as..

Meghan is contemplating torching her office work, if the office goes up with it, so be it.

Meghan is Glen Coco

Meghan didn't watch the Superbowl but used it as an excuse to eat natcho cheese

Meghan did 25 sits ups today as a part of her pact of doing sit ups every day for a month and almost vomited.

Okay, so I may not really be selling myself here, but you should add me anyways cause it's fun and I want to be in on it. I hope everyone else had a fab weekend as well.


Paula said...

wow, i cannot WAIT for your twitter updates if that is a sample of what is to come! hehe.

Tricia said...

Yep - I'm twitter stalking you now! :)

Hillary said...

I just renewed my passport. I tried really hard to smile with my eyes in the photo but it didn't work. I look constipated. And angry.

Maxie said...

I'm in <3 with tinkerbell. adorable!

It's Me! said...

Looking like a criminal is a requirement for getting a passport. I showed my photo to friends and they shied away from me and asked who I had just murdered, begging not to be the next on the list. Now I'm going to sit at home in Canada for the next three years until I can get a new passport with a new photo that will not place me on the No Fly List.

Your blue steel is coming along quite nicely, but i see Tinkerbell has already surpassed you. I'm afraid you'll have to sabotage her by shaving a reverse mohawk into her head. Gotta do whatcha gotta do!

Meghan said...

Paula- do you have twitter?

Tricia- tweet on!

Hillary- It's practically law that no drivers license or passport picture can look normal, I swear.

Maxie- she's a camera hussy.

Pirate Jess- Or I can challenge her to a walk off.

Elizabeth Marie said...

OMG...The superbowl one just caused me to choke on my tea. You are amazing. xo