Sunday, April 19, 2009

This is Meghan, With Your News Update

In the news this week...

  • I'm way too busy with work right now. Like waaaay too busy. In my job there are roughly 2 periods (spring and fall) where for 3 weeks I am running off my feet. I'm halfway through the stretch and burning out fast. Yes, the last two weekends I have brought work home. Add the fact that anything that can go wrong has gone wrong, a cold, and a cranky staff and you have one stressed out Meghan.
  • Susan Boyle is great and all, but she's no Paul Potts. Even so, I do love a good underdog story.
  • I am about to have my third date with the Vancouver Canucks this week and let me tell you it's getting serious. I suspect matching outfits by next week. I've never known anyone to make me scream louder. And they go hand in hand with beer and pizza. Luongo, you make a mouthguard sexy. Cheering for the Canucks during playoffs (because Canuck fans are some of the most loyal in the world. Disagree and I'll shank you). Playoffs always make me think of a bittersweet story I have to share;

When I was sixteen my Scottish grandpa was in the hospital dying of lung cancer and it was at the end stage. We had his hospital room filled with pictures of family and friends, Scottish candies and a Canucks magazine. When my family immigrated in the late 60's and early 70's from Scotland one thing they embraced of Canadiana is hockey. We were Canucks fans all the way. Ever since it's been in my bloodstream. There was a moment of silence in the hospital room where tears had dried and words had been spoken and an emotional exhaustion left us all waiting for the next step. It's then when my uncle turned to my Grandpa and with tears in his eyes, said,

"Dad, I just wish that you could have lived to see the Canucks win the Cup."

He was silent and with tears in his eyes struggled to get his breath and his speech. And said slowly and audibly for all of us,

"Son, with their track record, I don't know if You'll be alive to see the Canucks win the Cup."

It was the perfect moment, as any good Canuck fan can tell you although we've been close to winning the Cup (1994 anyone?) we can admit that we have not always been the strongest team in the series, but we are loyal and determined. Every year I pray that this is the year we prove Grandpa wrong.

  • I updated the good ol' blergroll to the right, so if I haven't added you yet or you want an add just let me know in the comments. I did it while before my first cup of coffee so it's no wonder I know how to sign into blogger, muchless add to the roll.
  • Oh and my bff and facebook wife Leannimal has started her own little spot on the interwebs so lets give her a nice warm welcome.

Alright, I'm out but expect a post later this week having to do with my bad gag reflex and a walk home without shoes. Stay Classy World


Paula said...

A bad gag reflex??? Can identify with that one for sure - looking forward to it.

So I remember you said your family were from scotland before but whereabouts??? :)

Leanimal said...

So What Do You Think...Shall We Start Some Dares??? This Is One Option We Have Not Tried Yet. Perhaps Matching Canuck Tattoos On Our Asses If They Win?

FoggyDew said...

You should see how nutso folks here in D.C. are going over the Caps. Up until two years ago you could barely give Caps tix away. Now it's all but impossible to get into their playoff games if you're not a season tix holder. The really funny thing (to a guy who grew up rooting for Mario and the Pens) is they've lost both of their home games to the Rangers. Hahahahaha.

Hopefully that'll free up some of those season tix for me and my friends next year.

Narm said...

Did you watch the Pitt vs Philadelphia game? They fought like they both showed up to prom in the same dress. This is the second time this has happened to Crosby.

Mike said...

Bad gag reflex?

You know how much I love classy shit.

Can't wait ;)

Maxie said...

I'm sick of that singing lady video-- i mean it was really good the first few times, but I'm over it now.

Hillary said...

I actually left the room yesterday during St. Louis' 5-on-3.
It's only the first round and my stress level is already through the roof.

Anonymous said...

I like hockey more than most sports, but you have to have some special channels here so I don't see it much. Some friends of mine are huge canucks fans, though.

Meghan said...

Paula- Blairgowrie, not that I've been there :)

Leannimal- no dares for hockey, just love.

FoggyDew- good luck getting tix. I'm trying to win some.

Narm- no but I got the highlights on sportnet. Quite the game, my friend.

Mike- Classy is your middle name.

Maxie- same. I'm easily entertained but even more easily bored. Next.

Hillary- Same! Yelling helps, but not always.

Joyless- that's why pubs were made, good ol hocket viewing :)

Bruce said...

When I first read this, I sort of had the impression that you were actually having 'relations' with the entire hockey team...but I know that can't happen.......can it?

FoggyDew said...

Go Canucks! OT win is always something to be happy about.

Racquel Valencia said...

Oh, that story about your grandpa was so sweet. It makes me want to like hockey.

LiLu said...

Oh, thank you for that Paul Potts link. You just made my day.

Slyde said...

i'd like to confirm that gag reflex thing...

yaknow, just for confirmation...

Meghan said...

Bruce- nope. Now if they win the Cup, I may have to do it just as my duty.

Foggy Dew- And the first sweep in Canuck history :)

Racquel- beer helps with liking hockey. The more, the better.

Lilu- Paul Potts also gives me a case of the something in my eyes.

Slye- bad gag reflex=never gonna be a porn star.

Anonymous said...

Did you barf all over a dude???

Lanette said...

Alright missy, you said later this week and by my calculation you have approximately three hours and twenty minutes before the week since your last post expires.

Deadline: not met.

Aren't you a journalist? :P