Sunday, May 17, 2009

I'm Not Dead Yet (At Least So Far Today)

Yikes, holy unplanned for hiatus, batman! It's not for a lack of wanting to, but just a lack of having the time to. That and a tich of writers block has set in.


I can't really review the new Star Trek movie other than saying,

Yummmmmmmmm. Same goes for Gambit in X-Men Origins. Yes, I'm apparently twelve. But these men can turn anyone into a bit of a sci fi nerd. Meowch, Spock!

Oh, and speaking of yummy what's summer without downloading some great tunage. Although I'm sure most of my musical tastes are outdated (you know you're old when you don't care about being musically relevent and don't have a time to search out indie bands to sneer at top 40 music). But right now I'm loving....

Lenka- Trouble is a Friend *

Great singalong for in the car. Which brings me to the next bit of summer news, for the first time since I took my car for a steamroll on the highway I drove to and fro at a distance of over ten minutes. I drove out to the lake to spend time at the bestie's cabin. It's only about 70min away but it still means driving on the highway and considering I'm here to write this post its a successful mission. Lame or not its still a feat that took a lot of self pep talks to conquer. But the risk of imminent death is always worth it when you see that her family just got ....

Puppays!** Two of the cutest puppays in the whole world. There is nothing these two little rascals can do that isn't cute. Trust me. They were even cute when waking me up at 6am to chew on my nose. Annoying, yes. Cute, yes.

And this is their very jealous housemate wearing a cowboy hat to try to pull of being cute too. Nice try, but the puppies got the attention right now by default of newness. But I still love Flint too.
Also speaking of pets, you know it's not just my blog I'm currently neglecting to work on my golf game and tan when I was about to go out yesterday and notices SomeOne *hmmm, tinkerbell*had hopped in my purse along for the ride. It's only subtle when you're not the same size as the purse, however.
Other than that, it's been sunshine and roses in Meghanville. Summer is finally hee and even though the skies are still a bit grey for my liking it's the time to work on the tan, ogle people showing more skin (sunglasses are made for creeping) and get the road trips a going. This is what I've been upto so far on this May long weekend, what have you been doing with yours?
*I don't know how to post actual Youtube videos on my blog. If anyone can tell me how (cause I really am that dumb) feel free to comment or email.

**Even though I look ridiculous in this photo it's the best one of the pups so it's the one you guys get. Who says I'm not nice.


Paula said...

I used to have total hassle embedding youtube vids too - you just copy the embed code at the side of the video and then paste it into your post. When you hit preview, it should be there.

Sarah K said...


My puppy is still adorable too. She gets to be spayed for your birthday! Fun times!

Um. I forgot the other stuff I was gonna say.

Ed said...

Cute puppies!

But I always feel a tad sorry for animals dressed up in clothes and hats...they tend to look undignified.

One of our cats loves sitting on bags - usually when you are about to leave the house. We've thought it could be a silent protest about us leaving her in the house by herself.

Maxie said...

not so much for that guy on the left, but chris pine is delish.

Anonymous said...

Puppies puppies puppies!

You know who else is super dreamy, but not in a sci-fi way?? Chuck, from the Food Network, Chuck's Day Off. Yum yummy!

Anonymous said...


I mean, he has a tattoo of Lemon Meringue Pie. How can you resist?

Anonymous said...

yummy is so right. both of those guys can take me to the final frontier anytime.

Mike said...

Cute puppies, almost as cute as mine ;)

I did absolutely nothing this long weekend.

It was wonderful.

Racquel Valencia said...

Hahaha I love that picture of you with the pups. And my cat does similar things... I can't read around her because she'll run over and lie down all over my Faulkner.

That sounded way dirtier than I meant for it to.

LiLu said...

I am SOOOO with you on that yummmm.

But can I take him as Sylar, instead of Spock? (I prefer my stoic men to be sociopaths, apparently.)

Angela said...

The guy from Star Trek on the right, in that photo, looks so much like my ex, I had to do a double take.

Bruce said...

I want to see how cute they still are after they have torn up you 15 pair of shoes.....

Meghan said...

Paula- thanks for the tip, I'm going to try it next time :)

Sarah- agreed, your pup is very cute as well.

Ed-cats are smart and wiley creatures who know how to tug your heartstrings.

Maxie- I'll take the left, you take the right. Double date?

Kelsey-well he is a nice dish, isn;t he ;)

Wekeepsaying- meouwch!

Mike-I'll need pics to prove this fact.

Raquel-yes, yes it did!

Lilu- my last four serious boyfriends have been sociopaths. No joke.

Angela- your ex is freaking hot then.

Bruce- and that's why they're not mine, I just get to visit.

Candy's daily Dandy said...

Meghan, you are adorable no matter!

And the puppies??? I am a sucker for the cutest of faces...
Kill me if I even flirt with the idea of another hell raiser!