Sunday, May 3, 2009

Ask Me No Questions and I'll Tell You No Lies

Alright, I have to say those were some interesting, creative and insightful questions so thanks to everyone who threw one my way. I hope I did my best to answer them!

Ben asked, "Your worst personal moment of 'the crazy'? i.e. a time that you look back and go: WTF?!"

Hmmm, it's hard to narrow down just one but I have to say 2 nights that were documented through blog posts represent the reason I don't drink so heavily anymore.

One involved waking up in a bed with my arch nemesis while I was missing clothes/my panties/my cell phone/ my house keys/my money/ my jacket (all lost at various random points throughout town) and of course my dignity.

The second involved accidentally taking home my 22 year old boss from a company I no longer work at.

Oh and when I was twenty I got banned for life from a Denny's after going there mid afternoon to have 'pleasant chat' with what was a very recent ex turned into a screaming match involving throwing things. Yep. I'd say I displayed "The Crazy" very well in that encounter. And yes, I've never gone back to that Dennys since just in case eight years later someone remembers me.

Joyless Prole asked, "Have you ever cheated? "

Plain and simple, yes. I have once in a relationship about six years ago. I do regret it but adamently do not believe "once a cheater always a cheater" as I think there are the people who cheat just to do it or cause they can and the people who find themselves seeking elsewhere cause they aren't getting what they need out of the relationship.

In this instance it was an emotionally abusive relationship where I was made to feel dirty and tarnished and was accused of cheating throughout the duration of the relationship. After months of being degraded as a slut and a cheater I finally caved in a "if he thinks I'm going to do it anyways, why not do it anyways that way he can actually have something to call me a slut about" way. There were also thinly veiled threats about if I ever left if anything I thought that by cheating he would dump me and I wouldn't have to worry about him ever following through on any threats. Cheating to me=dumped=freedom. Instead he just set down more ground rules for me, but by that time the damage was done and it ended. It doesn't make sense and it certainly doesn't make it right but I did it. Now I know the lesson first off not to be in a relationship like that ever again (duh) but also just the basic rule that if you've checked out the relationship before the other person, have the decency to end it. I have not cheated since, nor do I ever intend to.

Maxie asked "Tell a TMI! It doesn't have to be your "big" one that you don't want to tell. Just something hilarious :-)"

I've said someone else's name in bed. I've slept with a guy who's name I didn't know. And I will only take it in the pooper once I'm married and it'll be saved for birthdays and anniversaries.

Angela asked "Have you ever been arrested?

Not officially, but I was slapped on the wrist by police when I was twenty relating to a certain herbal supplement B.C. is known for. Oh to be young and foolish again. Oh and I was charged during my car accident last year for excessive speeding and I certainly deserved that.

What's something you've learned about yourself from blogging?
Through blogging I have realized I'm more hopeful than I let on. During my day to day life I can be quite high strung and a bit of a realist to the point of being cynical. It's nice to see I still have a hopeful side to me when it comes to love, ambition and goals.

What's a career you'd love to do, but it's just not realistic?"
Anything to do with healthcare. Everyone in my family is in the medical field but me and even I have my level 2 first aid (which yes, I have used in emergency situations). Academically I am fascinated by health care and biology, but have a very very weak stomach that would prevent any career in it.

Nivelo asked "What was your proudest moment? Something that you achieved and do you feel you could of done more or less to get there."

Honestly, I have to say getting my degree. It's not that it's particularly hard to get a degree and a lot of people have them, it's just that the road was bumpy through college and I almost gave up many a times. Depression, anxiety,bad relationships, finances and self sabotage all provided large road blocks along the way so when I finally got my degree at 24 it was a very proud moment to be the first person in my family to have a college education. As far as something more I could have done; yeah, not drank away the first two years college/student loan money and gotten a C average. Not the smartest move, but it's all a learning experience.

Random Musings of My Life asked, "One of your biggest regrets from high school?First boy you kissed?First girl you kissed?Most embarrassing moment while drinking too much!"

Biggest regret in highschool- coloured jeans. Otherwise I have no regrets.

First boy I kissed- his name was Kevin and we were in grade two and we kissed during story time and I was the first girl in my class to kiss a boy. It ended with a meeting with both our parents and the teacher and assigned and different seating. Then over the summer Kevin started dating one of my classmates.

First girl kissed- Her name was Jamie, we were eighteen in an overcrowded hottub and we had some tequila which helped with the decision. It was way before kissing girls ever became cool.

Most embarrassing moment is still the story I have is about

"Loving Sodomy"

which is linked and I insist you go to and read (and yes I just linked it in the last post too). Go on and read it, I'll wait....................done yet? Yeah you can see why it's one of my finer moments.

Lad Litter asked, "Hi Meghan! Have you ever let a friend down really badly."

Yes, yes I have. It's a personal matter but I will say I have hurt a friend badly enough for them to end the friendship with me, and rightfully so. I miss them and always will but respect that they moved on with their life. I can say I have changed a lot since then, but sometimes the hardest lessons have the strongest consequences.

Foggy Dew asked, "Aside from the fact we live in different countries, what is it that makes Canadians and Americans different? Seriously, a friend from Toronto gave me her thoughts and I'm curious what other people think. What Canadian attributes would make Americans better? What American attributes would make Canadians better?"

Well I think fundamentally we're all the same and having travelled through the States I can say I've honestly met some of the nicest people there. I'd say the biggest differences I've noticed are that the media in the States tends to report in a way that creates fear through society rather than information (and that's not to say any media is objective). And with fear comes irrational judgement calls as I have seen with American war policies, health issues and global relations. That's a Canadian attribute I'd say could be passed along to the media, is to find the information, question the resource and then present it in a manner that promotes logic, rather than reaction.

Oh,you don't have Ketchup/ Dill Pickle chips in the States and we do.

As far as American attributes we could use, I find Americans tend to be more appreciative of health care and higher education as both are more expensive in the states which we tend to take for granted here. Also whereas I find Canadians tend to be more well travelled internationally, many (myself included) have not travelled our own country extensively whereas Americans are more travelled throughout their own country and appreciate the tourism more which we could use. Also Americans can be incredibly hospitable to tourists whereas we can be snobbish to American tourists ( I say that as someone who worked in a tourism field for years). Of course this is just my opinion and I'm just one person and I'm not speaking on behalf of Canadians or Canadian society.

But at the end of the day we're all just people doing our people thang.

Slyde asked, "How exactly do you manage to keep your hands off of me? We both know you want me.... why do you fight it so hard?"

It is hard and something I struggle with every single day. Constant masturbation and the good ol' right click/save button have made it easier but distance is only so far away.

Jamie asked, Will you marry me?Also, why aren't you going to Vegas when everyone else in blog world is?"

Ummm, yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But note I am facebook married but am alright with the bigamy of being blogaged too if you're okay with the logistics. And can we get married in Vegas? Who is going to Vegas? I'm so out of the loop :( I wanna come!

Paula asked, "Where is the weirdest place you ever had sex?Plus i think you need to tell the sodomy story again - or at least link to it for those who missed it . . . ;)"

Weirded place- on the presidents desk at my old university.

And that's hilarious that you mentioned that because this is the second post in a row I linked the story :)

Mike asked, "If you could change anything about yourself, what would it be?"

Physically I'd have a cuter nose. Baseball has not been kind to me. And butt. I have no badunkadunk in my trunk. Emotionally I wouldn't take things so personally. Mentally I'd less high strung and not sweat the small stuff, as well as be less judgemental and critical of people. For someone's who has admittedly learned a lot of lessons through making mistakes I sometimes get frustrated with people who maybe have to experience something themselves in order to see the big picture and am in no place to.

Racquel asked, "Spits or swallows?"

Despite my almost vegetarian diet lacking protein I don't get it from the money shot. I tend to spit. But do find that if you use an altoid in your mouth (it creates a nice tingle for the guy) and you deepthroat right when they're about to finish swallowing's not so bad.


Jamie said...

Basically everyone in the world will be in Vegas June 5th-7th. Seriously.

Go look at Nicole's blog and check out her meet up page.

Angela said...

The president's desk at your university??? How did you manage that??? Was it WITH your school's president??

Paula said...

Hahaha, this whole post cracked me up! :)

Man, I wish I'd had sex somewhere more interesting than just in bed!

Leanimal said...

Oh I've Got Answers Too..To The Questions She Won't Answer. J/K. And For The Millionth Time Sweetheart You Have Ridiculously Amazing Breasts, Hence Why God Punished You With No Ass. Hahaha

Princess Pointful said...

This was about the funniest post on the planet. So many awesome stories rolled into one post.
And dill pickle chips rule.

Ben said...

The altoid trick is pretty awesome. That being said - I don't let it go in my mouth.

LiLu said...

Oh, I am so with you on the calling someone else's name in bed...

We stayed together for 5 more months, but honestly? It was over in that moment.

FoggyDew said...

We do to have dill pickle chips here. I just had some this weekend on my burger. And on the side. Perhaps this is a case of two countries separated by a common language?

Maxie said...

that's why i don't say anyone's name in bed. Just my own. I tell myself how good I am.

Anonymous said...


Kudos to you Megs, I could never post like this.

Bruce said...

Sorry I missed the original post, but it appears that everyone else came up with better questions that I could have thought about, although mine would have had something to do with Grilled Cheese... for the Denny's incident....that was YOU in the restaurant? I was having a Grand Slam two booths down.

....I think when he asked if you had ever cheated, he was referring to exams or games of chance once you get married, we all know what you will be doing on birthdays and anniversaries.....I better send lots of butter.

....Americans = Anxiety prone with lots of big guns...Canadians = tend to have better looking women. I am off to read the sodomy post......just can't resist.

Lad Litter said...

Hilarious, Meghan! I'm still scratching my head over how the answer to my question contained scant details and the spits or swallows one got the extended dance version ;-)

Random Musings Of My Life said...

Wow.. nice list.. thanks for sharing and being so honest!

I heart you meagan

Slyde said...

hey, thanks for answering my question completely honestly and truthfully :)

Anonymous said...

Well, I am glad you got out of that situation. It's interesting because I always find when you look at it deeper there's usually some extenuating circumstance/reason people cheat (except for those few people who just constantly do).

Meghan said...

Jamie- I'm not going to go and look cause if I do I will book and that's not a good idea considering I just went to Cuba. 20SB Meetup 2010, I'm on.

Angela- I'm not going to get into finer details ;)

Paula- It's never too late to start...

Leannimal-*shakes fists at God*

Princess Pointful- agreed.

Ben- Oh I hear you!

Lilu- There's no real recovery from that.

FoggyDew- I don't think it's easy to pinpoint specific differences between two cultures, but in essense yes.

Maxie- I love you.

Kelsey- I have no shame. None. My friend tequila killed it.

Bruce-better send a shoehorn with that butter. Just sayin.

Lad Litter- it's one thing if I want to spew my dirty tales all over the internet, but not my place to tell a story about hurting a specific person especially when I don't think they would want it told. Just trying to be respectful, but it was a good question.

Random Musings- i heart you too!

Slyde- I'm glad we finally dealt withthat pink elephant in the room.

Joyless- I'd have to agree. But it's about learning from it as to not do it again.

Racquel Valencia said...

We should really do a joint post about all about BJ pointers.

Also, it's Blowjob Week chez Racquel (yeah, I don't have sex when I'm on my period) so I may try the altoid/deep throat thing. Although usually I just swallow that shit. I'm nice like that.

Lad Litter said...

Appreciate your respect for your friend's privacy, Meghan. Good on you.

Roland Hulme said...

You are OFFICIALLY awesome. Although I suspect Jamie's only asking for your hand in marriage because of what you promised you'd only do after you were married!

This is the only post that has ever made me laugh, cry and need a cold shower all at once.