Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The End of the Night

I love first dates. Love them. There's such a nervousness and electricity abut them that I can't help but get off on the nervous energy. A lot of people hate first dates but I figure a good one will have the right amount of laughter and convo and sexual energy and a bad one is good for the blog foddler so either way it's a win-win.

The one last night was good. Someone I have known for awhile now but never gone on an ctual date with. The right amount of laughter was there. Conversation. Manners. All in all a good date and worthy of a second one.

Then he drives me home and as we pull up to my place it's that awkward know the you kiss or not? So we both did the nervous laughter and the fidgety stuff while saying the prerequisite, "I had a good time" blah blah....and then it's that moment. And we just sit there eyeballing each other to make the move for what had to be a full on thirty seconds ( Do you know how long thirty seconds is to do that? Go on and do it right now, stare down someone down for thirty seconds. Weird, isn't it?).

And he went in for the kiss while I went in for the hug. And he got my hair.

And then to backtrack, I went in for the kiss while he pulled away. So I full on missed.

So I muttered something about calling me and then played with the door handle to unlock it before realizing IT WAS ALREADY UNLOCKED and bolting from the car with a confused and somewhat amused guy waiting behind in it. And then shaking my head all the way to the door.

Goodnight kiss, fail.


Angela said...

You can get it right on the second date, right? You're still gonna have a second date, right?

Mike said...

That would have been way more awkward if you were going for the goodnight backseat screw.

Anonymous said...

You'll get that 2nd date ;) Maegan said...

EEEEEK ...I hate first dates ...too awkward and uncomfortable for me ...I cringe just reading this

Slyde said...

those first ones are DESTINED to fail.. dont sweat it.

p.s. how did you get a picture of me?

Racquel Valencia said...

Awesome. I never kiss on the first date (because I'm old-fashioned). I will, however, go All The Way on the second (because I'm a slut).

This might explain why I almost never have a boyfriend. "Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?" Buy the cow? Hell no, just buy me dinner.

Roland Hulme said...

Too cute! I miss that nervousness and sweet, confused, awkward chemistry.

Bruce said...

It is always good to know I am not the only one that this happened to.

Random Musings Of My Life said...

You'll make up for it on the next date!!

Sarah K said...

You make me giggle.

FoggyDew said...

Thanks for the after-lunch cheer me up. Ranging from a see ya later to a handshake to a kiss to a, well, yanno, the ends of first dates can be confusing. I say kiss him hello on the second date. You'll make up for this and, better, throw him off his second date game.

Maxie said...

Well at least next time you'll know to go for the kill.

LiLu said...

Do over! You need a do over!

Meghan said...

Angela- hopefully!

Mike-LOL. This is true.

Kelsey- thanks :P Maegan- I have a way of making awkward situations even worse.

Slyde- that's the one with the old right click/save.

Racquel- same. Some days I swear we're the same person in a not creepy cloned way.

Roland-you get to live viacriously through my awkward chemistry!

Bruce- nope, not at all.

Random Musings- oh you best believe I will ;)

Sarak K-as do you to me :)

Fpggydew- That's a great idea, thanks.

Maxie -it's pretty much a sure thing. So am I.

Lilu-oh, I'll Do Over you alright! Sorry. Had to.

Lad Litter said...

Don't worry Meghan, we can all turn into awkward teenagers given the right circumstances. Good luck on date 2.