Monday, June 15, 2009

Summer Lovin Gal

Things I'm Currently Lovin 'Bout This Sweet Ass Summer

Finally learning to like driving again and feeling comfortable in the driver's seat.

Hot weather=people wearing less clothes=randy folk. Nuff said

Scoops ice cream (with over 50 flavours of ice cream) a block from my work. Coincedence, I think not!

Nom, Nom, Nom Rootbeer Float Iced Cream

Downtown musicians and vendors than make the lunch break so much more enjoyable
Metric- Gimme Sympathy (I have such a girl crush on Emily Haines)

Weekend plans that revolve around maximum time spent outside.


Bbq's with firepits and s'mores.

Maxi dresses. Passionfruit iced tea. Cold Stella's & Corona's.

Dinner salads on downtown patios.

Bright colours everywhere!

Everyone becomes more laid back.

Floating the river and pretending to be a pirate. Actually, screw pretending. I'd declare mutiny for beer or bling.

Summering' at the lake every weekend and trips on the boat. Riding on a dolphin, doing flips and shit.

Working on my golf game.

Balls. I gotz them.

Things I'm Currently Hatin Bout This Sweet Ass Summer

Boob sweat. Thigh sweat. There, I said it.

A broken a/c making my place so unbearable I put my Tinkerbell in the freezer (she has a fur jacket in the summer!) for a minute so she could cool off.

Bug bites the size of a loonie from being at the lake.

Date dude saying he was going off to Vancouver for four days which actually meant going around the coast for three weeks before updating his facebook status to say he moved to Edmonton. Guess I'm not getting that kiss.

Feeling out of the blogging loops cause I've either at work or out and about doing summer stuff.

Working long hours and having people come in with iced caps talking about how "it's soooo gorgeous out today, you should see it!". Like I hadn't thought of that. When in the classroom.

Melty makeup face.

People on bicycles that hog up the whole road. It's hard to save the world when I'm running you over!

Still sucking at my golf game.

But, at the end of the day when you look out and see views like this the positive outweighs the negative anyday!



Hillary said...

I, too, have a massive girlcrush on Emily Haines.

FoggyDew said...

It's kinda funny how the "I don't have AC" complaints get later in the year the further north you go. (I was complaining back in April.)

A beautiful view you've got there, makes me a bit jealous, in fact. The only bad thing about summer is there's so much to do and so little time. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

pros: rootbeer float icecream. period.
metric :)
passionfruit iced tea! (and coronas!)
bright colours!

okay, so i like your whole list and completely agree with the cons. i want to live on the water so bad...

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Whoops! Effed up my comment, so here it is again:

*Kiddy pools to save you from summer-sweats

*Cream Soda Slurpees

*Budlight Lime (presently boycotting until it's back in stock)

*Softball and Golf

*Sandal tans

*Seeing people drive by with their slobbery dog's head hanging out the window

*Sleeping comfortably in the basement while Lanette sweat-sleeps upstairs

*Summer hats, dresses, flipflops, and bikinis


Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

This is my first summer in Kamloops and the heat is KILLING ME! I have multiple showers a day!

Love scoops ice cream, soooo amazing. Seeings how we have probably passed each other in the street (I also work downtown and frequent riverside park) maybe we should meet up one day for coffee, or an ice cream cone!!?

amber (at) girlwiththeredhair (dot) com! Maegan said...

boob sweat ..ahahah yes...horrible. ...and now I want some ice cream.

Sarah K said...

Oh, Scoops, how I've missed thee....

Mike said...

No way man, I get tense in the summer! Heat is not my friend.

Damn this Russian blood.

Still, that means I save money on my heating bills in the winter.

P said...

Ooooh yeah, i HATE boob sweat. Blurgh!

Meghan said...

Hillary- they were amazing at Pemberton Musicfest last year.

Foggydew-it's been hot since early may here but only now that my a/c stopped working. Boo.

wekeepsaying-yeah, but our river can be dirty at times, but still looks pretty.

Kelsey-if it weren't such a long drive I'd come visit and chill with you in the kiddie pool :)

Amber- the first summer is the worst, hands down. I'll email you later today as it sounds like a plan! Maegan- have some and reason that I forced you too ;)(as if you need a reason in the summer)

Sarah K- we could meet there when we're both working downtown one day...

Mike-that's an upside. We're polar opposites there, I'm always cold.

Paula- it's gross and yet unavoidable it seems.

LiLu said...

That is a GORGEOUS view, darlin! Jealous!

Racquel Valencia said...

Summer is for lovers. It's amazing how much nicer people get once the snow melts. For us Maritime folks, that usually means mid-May, but still.

Random Musings Of My Life said...

and its perfectly ok to take pictures of you cat like shes your kid. We do the same with our dog.
Cause she is. only the best thing is you can leave her unsupervised with a bowl of food and not get arrested.

I LOVE the summer too!

Candy's daily Dandy said...


Great post Meghan!

And boob sweat sucks almost as bad as my golf game.

Ha! Let's hit the lynks, then fire up the pit and roast some s'mores in our flip flops and we can bitch about our golf game.

Slyde said...

im with ya on the "less clothes" thing...

my favorite part about summer!

Meghan said...

Lilu-yeah but you can't see the dead hookers floating downstream.

Racquel- summer comes mid May here too but agreed it brings out the best usually.

Random Musings- LOL, good point.

Candy- it's a blogdate!

Slyde-creeping is what summer is for.

PorkStar said...

Boob sweat....s exy!

Roshan said...

Summer in Toronto sounds mostly fun.

Meghan said...

Porkstar- oh yeah baby I threw that in just for you!

Roshan- I;m actually in the Okanagan about 3.5 hrs away from Vancouver, B.C.

Wanderlusting said...

People on bicycles that hog up the whole road. It's hard to save the world when I'm running you over! - YES! RUN OVER THEM BASTARDS!