Tuesday, June 2, 2009

For One Day

With people dropping like flies in the blogosphere and a struggle to bring steam to the ol' blogtrain myself it brings forth questions; but not the initial question I first thought of-

Why do I blog?

As that one has many answers. I blog to find community. I blog to feel justified in my feelings, thoughts and actions. I blog to write, to clarify and to entertain. I blog because sometimes I don't even know what I'm feeling before the words come out. I blog because there are some stories that are too good to keep to yourself. I blog to come to terms with my past. I blog to help gain hope and perspective for the future. I blog because I have read stories with tears in my eyes due to laughter and deep sadness. I blog because I have found people that I consider friends. I blog because it makes me feel like a writer. I blog because it makes sense.

And yet despite all this it is still a struggle. It could be the sunshine and the warmer weather, but I have troubles sitting down and getting the words out. The keyboard is not my friend. I always feel behind in commenting on other people's blogs. The person who laughs last at the joke. The person who goes too long between posts to not lose readers. The person who isn't as funny or as clever as the profile write up would imply. The person that dreads coming up with new post ideas.

An so instead I posed a new question to myself:

What if you became a writer for a day?

No site meter. No blog surfing....just....a writer. Someone with no focal point of entertainment. No justification through comments. A writer who writes what they want with no deadline. No formatting. Someone who doesn't bedazzle a story with clip art. Raw. Uncensored. Not trying to find the funny in the mundane. Not trying to find the summary of the lesson. Not aiming to please. Just me. Just writing.

I like this idea. I think it's time to introduce writer Meghan to this blog. Hope you like her.
If not, that's okay too.


LiLu said...

*Shakes hand*

Nice to meet you, Writer Megan.

(Why do I feel like I'm in a Mac commercial?) ;-)

Maxie said...

Oh, I totally hate her already...


Bring her out. :-)

Ben said...

Bring it on.

Mike said...

Ahh, no deadlines no obligations.

Sounds like the life of a rich spoiled Kennedy kid.

Can't wait to read what comes out!

Meghan said...

Lilu- It's more like an AA Meeting. My name is Meghan and I haven't posted in twelve days...

Maxie- good call. She's kind of a twat.

Ben- Oh, it's already been broughten! Well not really.

Mike- It's pretty much going to be the same dribble but more pretentious.

P said...

Hello Writer Meghan! :)

No matter what you write, we'll still love ya! That's a promise...

Bruce said...

Basically, I blog to pick up chicks. Chicks dig writers, espeically if they have a higher reader count.

Truefully, I blog for the exact same reasons as you, and there has been a bit of a downturn in the blogging frequency of most. I write it off to a bad economy and the spring weather.

Anyone can be a writer for day.....it is getting 'paid' to be a writer for a day, that is the hard part.

(don't quit you day job)

Please Don't Eat With Your Mouth Open said...

I like the first paragraph. I've been asking myself why I blog recently, because my friends found it and I think I might have to explain things I've written some time soon - and that paragraph pretty much sums it up.

Amber said...

Haha, somehow I've got caught up in "blogging" and posting every day and trying to be funny and get comments, and I've given up on "writing" which is essentially why I started my blog in the first place. Maybe I should try being a writer for a day too.

Sarah K said...

I'm not consistent enough in finding and commenting on other people's blogs to actually experience the turnaround that becomes a 'readership'. So I've only ever been writing to entertain myself.

Although not everything that comes out is entertaining....

I already know I like Writer Meghan. I've met her before and she's pretty fucking cool.

PorkStar said...

hello hello, nice to meet you miss writer Meghan.

Rebekah said...

Hello, Writer Meghan!

I like the days when I feel like a Writer and not a writer. I barely posted on my blog all through November because I was participating in National Novel Writing Month and it turned my brain to sludge. But for one month, I felt like a Writer.

I should do that again. Not write a novel, but be a Writer for awhile. Hm.

Racquel Valencia said...

Love it.

I think this was my problem with blogging; I got really caught up with writing for an audience, as opposed to writing how/what I really wanted. I believe that bloggers ARE legitimate writers, but sometimes the sordid tales of the night before and the endless shout-outs to other Internet friends doesn't exactly feel like Hemmingway.

Whatever. Hemmingway wrote about fish.

Slyde said...

i think that was AMAZINGLY said...

many days i feel the exact same way... im looking forward to writer meghan..

p.s. i meant to post to you the other day, but for SOME reason you must have been in my subconcious last week because i had a dream about you. Yup, THAT kind of dream. Lets just say that if we ever met i dont think i could look you in the eye.. you are a wildcat!

Nick said...

I don't understand how this changes anything. But if you think a blog needs to be even more pretentious than they aren't are by nature, then give'r I guess.

Meghan said...

P- back atcha darlin!

Bruce- good point, I think all bloggers are writers in some sense.

Please Don't Eat with Your Mouth Open- yeah, I find it helps when you can justify the reasons.

Amber-yeah I find it becomes a self inflicted popularity contest for comments that I have to stop sometimes.

Sarah- I adore blogger/writer Sarah. She's pretty fucken awesome herself.

Porkstar- charmed, I'm sure :)

Rebekah- good on you for doing that!

Racquel- once again you read my mind and make me laugh at the same time.

Slyde-tell me more about this dream ;)