Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Little Grasshopper

This little chunk o' the internet is where I have been known to shell out advice, mishaps and adventures for people to love by. I'd like to believe it's my civic duty to pass along to the public how to learn at a young age about alcohol tolerance, dating skills and life lessons about vibrators and gag reflexes.You're welcome, really.

But the time has come where I'm turning to you,sitting cross legged, grabbing my notepad and taking notes as I have questions that need answering. I've contemplating a few changes of the blog, maybe some new curtains and disco ball, and I know that you will be the ones with the answers.

So with that in mind...for those bloggers out there, what do you find preferable; blogger or wordpress?

Is there are particular site (ip) tracker you use?

Is there any way to back up all your posts in blogger without the risk of losing everything/crying in a corner/hitting rock bottom?

For those who self host, do you need to be versed in the intenet to do so? (cause I'm not always computer literate. not at all.)

Is there any way I can become a millionaire off of blogging leading to days spent on the beach with my laptop?

How do you make those little hearts on facebook?

Is it just me or does twitter grow more addicting over time?

Healthy natchos; how do I make them?

BloggersinSinCity: a somewhat good idea, or an extremely good idea?

Is it bad to stop shaving your legs cause you're dating someone long distance and they won't see them anyways for a month at a time and you're lazy and its winter and you wear pants anyways?

Please, if you could shower me with answers for any of these I shall owe you my first born, or a hug, or a shot of tequila straight out of my cleav'. Any comment, an email, a drunk text is appreciated. Please, I promise I'll do my bext to take good notes, and shall repay the favour kindly. No, not in that way. Perverts.


J-Rock said...

the little hearts on facebook you type "♥" without the quotation marks...or "<3" again, without the quotes...

J-Rock said...

hehehehe it's & hearts ; without the spaces lol

Camille said...

haha as for the last bf lives two hours away, I see him maybe every two weeks...thus I do not shave my legs but maybe twice between visits. They get pretty gross, but I'm the only one that has to see them so what's the point in taking that extra time in the shower? So no, it's not bad. :D

P said...

Statcounter is good for tracking stalkers. I tried a few different ones and that was the best one.

Ben said...

1) Blogger

2) I don't know what this means.

3) I'm going to go on blissfully unaware of this issue until it happens and I cut myself.

4) My guess is yes.

5) You'll need luck and massive breasts.

6) Don't do it. We're not 12 anymore.

7) #notjustyou

8) Multigrain nachos + light cheese + lots of veggies


10) I'm fine with it.

Organic Meatbag said...

Meg, I'd stick with blogger...I hate the blocky look of wrodpress and I hate filling out my damn name, email addy, web address and comment just because I'm not on wordpress...
but that's just me...

Anonymous said...


I dunno.


If there is, I'm working on figuring out how. I'll keep you posted.


I hadn't used Twitter since November 28th/09 but I signed in last night and my addiction to celebrity gossip took over once again.

Make your own chips by baking whole grain low sodium corn tortillas, partskim mozza cheese, lotsa veggies, and I don't deem anything "healthy" unless it's got a giant dollop of sour cream on top. But that's just me.


Is it bad to stop shaving your legs cause it's been over 3 years and he'll still touch em either way?

Loves oxo

Ps. My word verification was "phazbud." We've gotta incorporate this into our daily lingo somehow...and of course come up with an appropriate definition.

Jolab said...

I believe that you know me well enough to know my answers.....I strongly agree with Ben, in the previous post. We are not 12 anymore....buuuuuut from time to time it feels good to pretend. ;)

jamie said...

Wordpress. Self host. Only way to do it.

Google Analytics and StatCounter.

Twitter is my crack.


Candy's daily Dandy said...

Blogger. Definitely.

Word Press is a complete clusterfuck unless you know what the hell u r doing.

AND if you find a healthy Nacho's recipe please let me know:)

That Kind of Girl said...

Wordpress looks prettier and cleaner, but blogger allows you to have followers and stalk people via google analytics, both of which will probably lead to blogger billionaire status much, much more quickly. (ie: only several centuries.)

Twitter is always addictive.

Back when I was dieting to the point of taste-bud delusion, my solution to healthy nachos was roasting tons and tons of bell peppers and onions, then melting garlic & herb laughing cow cheese on them. This is nothing like nachos. So that's kind of a wash.

Not only is your leg-shaving sabbatical on the up-and-up, but I wouldn't fault you for giving your legs the same treatment.

I'll take my payment in the form of cleavquila, please. Only because I love that portmanteau.

Bathwater said...

Oh I can go on for months about this, blogger does offer a way to back up all your posts- go into dashboard and export your blog.

Sitemeter is a good IP tracker if you are just mildly curious who is reading from where. It is free.

Bravenet offers a good amount of tools for free also including a counter and ip tracker.

I also know a free IP blocker that will allow you to block up to two ip's for free.

Anonymous said...

I need more info on this IP blocking. Help?

buffalodick said...

I type with two fingers...I would disregard my knowledge about computers...

Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

Self-hosted, wordpress blog is the ONLY WAY TO GO.

Go to whatever host you want to use website, check and see if your domain name is available, if it is buy it (like $6) and then download the theme you want from and voila. There are a few more steps in the middle which I'm sure you can find by googling or youtubing it!

And OBVIOUSLY bloggers in sin city is an insanely, amazingly great idea. We need to converse on this more soon. XO

Who? Me? said...

I can't answer all of those...but yes to the shaving, I'm married and see my husband daily but I only shave weekly or when a gym visit requires it during the winter. Men don't care about hairy legs. And...wordpress. I like it much better than blogger. Easier to use, more options, etc. Love it.

Stevie said...

I like the ease of blogger, but it sounds like WordPress has some cool features.

The hearts you make by typing alt then 3 (on the 10-key keypad on the right, not the one on the top), then letting go of alt first, then 3. ♥

I use google analytics and google webmaster tools to track my stats.

Wait...regular nachos are unhealthy? I must be missing something.

Jay Ferris said...

Blogger is (arguably) easier to use, WordPress is more customizable. Google Analytics. On your Blogger dashboard, go to "Settings" and then "Export" at the top to save all your posts and comments; template has to be backed up manually. I don't self-host my blog, but have done it with other sites before and it's pretty easy so long as you understand how to structure a website. No. Make sure your Num Lock is on, then hold down the Alt key and hit the number 3 on your 10-key. It's not just you. The only way to get healthy nachos is to just make regular nachos and not eat them. Extremely good, unless you are Mormon and/or addicted to gambling. Not if you're dating Chewbacca it isn't.

The Queen said...

I've done blogger and wordpress.. blogger.. hands down.. so much easier..(what Candy said,, total wordpress cluster fuck)

I didn't shave my legs from July to Dec.. hubs died.. no need.

Kid bought me electric razor.. he he
site meter, because if you change your site, you can take it with you and it's detailed.
found you through a blogroll.. glad I did

Stephany said...

When I self-host, I'm MOST DEFINITELY using Wordpress. I moved from Wordpress to Blogger and I desperately want to move back to their website. It's a billion times more user-friendly and generally looks cleaner and neater.

Bruce said...

So with that in mind...for those bloggers out there, what do you find preferable; blogger or wordpress? I use Blogger, but I beleive Wordpress has more functionality. Just never had the time or the resources to really figure it out.

Is there are particular site (ip) tracker you use? I use on my blogs. It is free and seems to work fairly well, no complaints.

Is there any way to back up all your posts in blogger without the risk of losing everything/crying in a corner/hitting rock bottom? I should know the answer to this, but I don't.

For those who self host, do you need to be versed in the intenet to do so? (cause I'm not always computer literate. not at all.) Self hosting is still going to require some dedicated webspace where you post what ever you do, in what ever format. The only tricky part is figuring out the format and figuring out how to set up the RSS feed. Not as complex as you might think, but not that easy either.

Is there any way I can become a millionaire off of blogging leading to days spent on the beach with my laptop? Ask Slyde, he already sold his soul to the devil has sponsor adds on his blog.

How do you make those little hearts on facebook? Don't care...but making little middle fingers on that I would want to learn.

Is it just me or does twitter grow more addicting over time? Not really, I have had an account for about a year and rarely use it.

Healthy natchos; how do I make them? "Healthy" and "Nachos"....isn't that an oxymoron?

BloggersinSinCity: a somewhat good idea, or an extremely good idea? It is only a 4 hour drive for extremely good idea!

LiLu said...

Wordpress is a thousand times better BUT I think it's better to jump from Blogger to self-host Wordpress, without a in between. And yeah, you do need to be somewhat computer literate. But I know someone who is... cough cough.

cavy said...

1) wordpress
2) i have google analytics.
3) ditto to Ben.
4) no, you just have to have lilu and send her something fun in return.
5) sell your body?
6) "<3" - but don't put them in your name like some people i know.
7) more and more
8) multigrain wheat thins, red/yellow peppers, goat cheese, light mozzarella, garlic salt
9) DO IT.
10) no shave november works for girls too. besides the chatch. can't let that get outta control...

SassyGirl said...

I love Wordpress. And I like being self-hosted so I can install all the shit that I want. No seriously, there's way more freedom in terms of templates and add-ons and whatever the hell you want. You could have hearts flying across the screen and your name up in glitter if you wanted. That would be hella annoying and I would never visit your site again, but you could do it. Just sayin'

Lucy said...

I have been wanting to try Wordpress but scared, I am not computer savy and I think Blogger is easier.
I want to lear the Heart thingy on Facebook and I am 44years old, I think they are cute!
I use Sitemeter and I am jealous of the commenters who have stalkers, geez I just want a few followers.
Man, my husband wishes I could make a million dollars, heck he would take just about any amount from my blogging, let me know if you figure it out, you know share!

Healthy Nachaos" Why bother, then they won't be tasty.

I have always shaved my legs every other day no matter what and sometimes everyday in the summer!!!

Cuddleslut said...

Normally I would drunk-text this sort of thing. Ha ha.

Grow your legs out and get them sugared, that's what I do. This is Canada, we need to keep warm!

That's the best I can do this evening. I think our computer skills are equal.

Thanks for stopping by!

Jolab said...

Stick with blogger...easier to maintain. Just give it a facelift and hair implants and it will look a million bucks better!

Slyde said...

as for hosting your own site, i did it for 3 years before moving over to blogger.

i loved having the freedom to code the site the way i wanted to look, but honestly, it was more trouble than it was worth. i'd say stay here.

but yes, you need to know at least alittle about html to make it work.

p.s. i havent shaved my legs in years..

Mike said...

There is NO way to make money online easily, and it's even less likely as a blogger.

Self hosting is WAY worth it. You have to learn a little but check out That's the host I use.

And back to making money. I have put thousands of hours into this:

with my boss/partner in crime. It's cost some money and we just launched and have sold one course so far, but have generated a bunch of interest. Slow and steady, and nothing gets you rich quick.

Got a good idea and several thousand hours? You might come out of it ok.

Just saying.

Jen said...

Wordpress is much easier and functional than Blogger. If you have to move from Blogger to Wordpress it really sucks however. Easier to start over.

Hillary said...

I am going back and forth re: Vegas. I want to go but I don't want to spend the money. Because I do not have the money. You know.

Rebekah J said...

Wordpress ALWAYS. Self-hosted. I did a series of Guidespots and some posts about switching over to self-hosting and how you really don't have to be uber-techno-savvy to do it if you've got a good how-to on hand.

I'm totally happy to help if you decide you want to go that route. It keeps me from wanting to redo my own blog so damn often.

Also, Vegas? Oh, I so want to go.