Wednesday, January 20, 2010

#Love Harder

I am so in love with the internet and the blogging community at 20sb right now, it's hard for words to express. Tears, elated gasps and grinning from ear to ear has done me a lot better as far as communication has gone today. Today has proved its more than words and html codes, it's about friendship and community and sticking up for each other. It's more than a moment, today we became a movement.

Love Harder

But this post isn't about me. It's about Brandy. I may not know her but one month ago she reached out to the Internet with a plea to pray for her boyfriend who had recently been diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma. Posts started dotting 20sb pages and people grasped out and wondered if there was any way to answer her pleas.

The quandry: We feel terrible. Just horrible. And oh so helpless… if only there was something we could DO for them.

The answer: Ummmm. Did you forget that WE ARE THE INTERNET?!?!!??! And also, Yes We Can!!!

The result: Brandy and your Hot Awesome Dude… this one’s for you. Love, The Internet.

So without further ado....the post I jacked from Ben/ Lilu and managed to melt into one. Talent? No. Just good ol' copywriting for a cause.

(These are the people who's lives I stalk daily On video. Singing.)

Our friend Brandy is a brilliant writer, a wonderful teacher, and a generous friend. And she is in love with a man who has just been diagnosed with multiple myeloma.

We are raising money for the Multiple Myeloma Research Fund in his name. For the price of a cinnamon dolce latte, half-caf, hold the whip, you can be part of an effort to cure a disease that affects approximately 750,000 people worldwide.

Every dollar brings us a dollar closer to a cure. And every donation brings a sliver of hope to a girl who needs all the hope she can get.

What You Can Do

•Give. Be part of a worldwide effort to cure a disease that affects approximately 750,000 people worldwide. Every dollar helps.

•Pass it on. Forward this story to five people. Share this blog post. Become our fan on Facebook.

•Love harder. Life is short, love is unbending, and no one knows what could happen next. Tell someone you love them today.

Where Your Money Goes

•The American Institute of Philanthropy recently named The Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation one of the best organizations to give to in terms of their accountability and use of resources.

•By working closely with researchers, clinicians and partners in the biotech and pharmaceutical industry, the MMRF has helped bring multiple myeloma patients four new treatments that are extending lives around the globe.

•The MMRF has advanced twenty Phase I and Phase II clinical trials. They need your support to advance these clinical research programs and accelerate the development of better, more effective treatments.

•The MMRF's Multiple Myeloma Genomics Initiative recently became the first to sequence the multiple myeloma whole genome in its entirety.

•A whopping 98% of your donation to the MMRF will be used immediately to support high-priority multiple myeloma research.

•With diminishing funding for early stage drug development and the next myeloma treatments not expected to be approved until 2011, the MMRF desperately needs your help.


These are the people that made this happen: Go visit their blogs and love them hard: Maxie, Ben, Tia, Alexa, Kyla Roma, Sizzle, Rachel, Jessica, Rachael, Katie, EP, Courtney, Tipp, Nicole, Jamie Varon, Laurie, L G, Ashley Marie, Wishcake, Matt, Doniree, Chelsea, Lisa, that short chick, Princess Pointful, Derek, Jess, Marie, Jamie, Jenn, Ashley, Erin, Jessica, Renee, Allie, Grace, Rachel, Restaurant Refugee, Titania, Brad, Jolee, DC Princess, Patrick, and Deutlich.


Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

I loved this today. So much. The internet is amazing.

MsDarkstar said...

It goes beyond 20SB, too. Some of us old folks are linking, too.

But it is all sorts of awesome to see this kind of love!

Mike said...

There are two other things you can do to help, and it will help more people in addition to:

#1 - Donate to cancer charities. Preferably one that works on the root causes of cancer rather than a specific type. Knowing a general root cause will go far to destroying the disease in it's entirety.

#2 - Stifle the religious right and others who appose stem cell research. This little miracle can reverse damage done by cancer, multiple sclerosis and just about any disease you can think of.

Christopher said...

This is so awesome. The sort of thing that really reminds you that hey, blogging isn't just a waste of time!

Meghan said...

Amber- agreed.

MsDarkstar- good call, sorry didn't mean to group.

Mike- good points.

Christopher- we're so much more than just slacking!