Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Carmen San Diego

First off sorry for making it sound like I have HUGE news when in fact it's just an update in the life of Meghan. When days consist of working, surfing the web and shaking my fist at snowflakes little things excite me.

But the last post gots me a thinkin about how maybe it's time to throw a little bit of spice in my life, and so my best friend and I just randomly booked a trip to Cuba for the beginning of March. I mean I want to focus on paying off debt, but it's high time I started LIVING life rather than just watching it happen around me. Yes, in 54 days I shall be sitting on the beach, taking trips to Havana, swimming with the dolphins and scuba diving. And did I mention that this is the view from our hotel?

Yeah, feel free to hate me for a minute..... still hating me? K. I understand......alright. Done yet? Thanks.

I know it may seem lame but this is seriously one of the most exciting things to happen to me in ages. And I never do things on a whim anymore ( so what if it's almost 8 weeks away). Spontaneous to me is the days where my bra and underoos match. Okay wait, that never happens unless I know I'm getting laid. But still. I'm not a risk taker and I don't just up and DO stuff.

In fact to say I'm not well travelled is a complete understatement. Though I'm sure people who have travelled more than a couple hours away will laugh at my excitement and complete nerves for the fact that I am hopping on a plane to a country where I don't speak the language* with my best friend. I've never travelled on anything longer than a road trip without my parents as chaperones.The last time I was on a plane for something other than business was on the family trip to Florida during my teenage years where the following may have happened:

  • everyone got food poisoning on the plane. On the six hour flight. Disgusting doesn't begin to cover it.

  • On the 2nd day in Florida there was a small hurricane which grounded us to the hotel, huddled with the power out hoping imminent death wasn't on the immediate horizon before I ever got a chance to have sex with someone other than my hand.

  • Day 3. Disneyworld closed due to repairs. Another hotel day.

  • massive family fight* Jerry Springer style at MGM studios where I ended up crying like a three year old who lost their mom outside the smelly ball pen.

  • I got a caricature of myself done. Doesn't sound so bad does it? Except in highschool I wasn't what the kids would have called ' a looker'. And although I didn't expect a beautiful portrait I got back a cartoon version of this. If only I had known Disney would have capitalized on my bad overbite years later.

Representation of the Caricature that is still hanging on my parents wall.

It wasn't the WORST trip known to mankind but it definately had it's share of crap moments. I'm hoping this one goes a lot better and I am able to take in another culture without offending anyone, getting pickpocketed, getting thrown in jail or getting lost. One of the things I love about this trip is the fact that even though we are going to an all inclusive, it's right in town and so we are going to get to go to the local flea markets and stores and nightclubs and the such. El caliente!

Time to go rent Dirt Dancing: Havana Nights and start taking notes!

*even though I am rapidly trying to learn some spanish cause I don't want to be one of those asshole tourists that goes to another country and expects everyone to speak the same language

* Do all families fight when on vacation or is it just us? I swear we're like the Griswold's of Canada.


MsDarkstar said...

Never hurts to do something spontaneous (and yeah, even an 8-week away trip is spontaneous). Do you have your passport? If so, then you are more prepared than I to go on a tropical vacation.

Your Florida trip sounds like family trips of my youth (especially the Jerry Springeresque part)

Ben said...

My jealously is holding my ability to leave positive, entertaining comments hostage.

Paula said...

One of my friends went to Cuba in December and loved it - I would be extremely jealous if I wasn't going to Rhodes in May and hopefully somewhere else slightly exotic at the end of July!

Hillary said...

I am so fucking jealous right now. Sorry, the profanity was necessary.

Racquel Valencia said...

Soy muy celosa!

I loved this post. I don't think anyone ever enjoys family vacations... when I was younger we used to drive from Charlottetown, PEI to my mom's hometown of Chicago in a two-door car with no air-conditioning. Did I mention that there were five of us? And this was in July?

Wow, this is totally one of those "uphill both ways" kind of anecdotes...

Bruce said...

A few things....

The picture of the beach is wonderfull...but what you don't see are the WWII era Soviet T34 Tanks out of frame that keep the starving Cubans from harassing the rich gringos.

The age old dilema is, do I save money for an old age that might never come...or do I go into debt NOW and save the memories. Hard question to answer, but as for me, I lean toward the latter.

Do all families fight? Yes....some more than others. Most just smolder all year and explode at Christmas Dinner, but each family is unique.

Finally, they make bras that match underoos? I had no idea.

Erin said...

It will be amazing. I promise.

Now I wish I could randomly go to Cuba. Maybe another year.

TaraMetBlog said...

Wow, I'd love to go to Cuba!! lucky. Also, liked the title of your post. Maegan said...

omg funny! Have fun in Cuba!! I've never been. It sounds amazing!

It's Me! said...

"She's a looker!" I've seen those charicatures! They're not that bad...your bro looks goofier than you.
A trip to Cuba is super spontaeous. I'm jealous beyond all reason. I say this every year but "next year I'm going to be lying on a hot sunny tropical beach somewhere". Damn it.

Meghan said...

MsDarkstar-my passport should be coming to me in around 2-3 weeks!

Ben- I understand completely.

Paula- we can swap postcards.

Hillary- I fucking understand completely.

Racquel-I think the no airconditioning part is what makes it 'character building'.

Bruce-matching sets are an urban myth.

Erin- do it!

Tara- thanks, I liiiived for Carmen SanDiego growing up.

...Love Maegan-me either. Soooo excited!

Pirate Jess- I knew you'd get the picture. And have a mini-midlife, it helps you to make spontaneous irrational decision quite well!

moooooog35 said...

Make sure you do the "Waterboard a GitMo Prisoner Tour" while you're there.

It's like feeding dolphins except they're terrorists and it's more fun.

I hear it's fantastic.

Melissa said...

I'd hate you, but I'm going to China for three weeks in October. Woot! Woot!

Ed Yates said...

Sounds like fun! I'm all for expanding one's horizons in countries that take you out of your safe space. Certainly going to a country where English is not spoken outside of touristy areas will do that for you. I also kept diaries when I was traveling through south-east asia, which helped me make sense of the days as they went. A little like blogging...but I not actually sure that regular blogging while traveling is the best idea, as you should be focused on experiencing the travel rather than on producing serviceable narratives of your experiences. Anyhow, certainly something to look forward to!

Lad Litter said...

Roll on March. Let's hope this trip is less, spectacular than the Florida one. Very funny narrative of those times but then family trips are ever thus. Sometimes trips with friends can be problematic too. Hope it works beautifully.

Kyla Bea said...

That sounds like an amazing trip you're planning! I've been to Cube a couple of times and it's just sublime. If you can go into Havana I really recommend it, it's just outstanding.

I will start packing. What resort are you staying at? ;)

Mike said...

Hey, no water or ice cubes eh.

Also, if you participate in random sex, make sure he wears a condom.

If you participate in group orgy(s), make sure you wear one of those female condoms.

There will be penis coming from every direction and you gotta be covered ;)

Meghan said...

Mooog- You should be a travel agent.

Melissa- we'll compare postcards.

Edward- Good idea about taking travel notes, thanks :)

Lad Litter- thanks!

Kyla Bea- the Palma Real :P

Mike- thanks for the heads up. But I think we have vastly different ideas of my travel itinerary.

ash said...

ohhh you are so funny! i'll say it again i loooovee reading your blog!
Have fun on your trip and good for you! life's too short not to treat yourself ;)

Rebekah said...

I read this post about 20 minutes ago and I am BACK to say that the Carmen San Diego song is stuck in my head and I blame you.


Meghan said...

Ash- thanks!

Rebekah- hahaha, sorry bout that.

Anonymous said...