Monday, January 12, 2009

I'll Show You A Virus *Shakes Fist*

This isn't so much a post but an explanation that my laptop, Winston has been sick with a virus and in the computer hospital trying to get better. With the help of some good computer doctors they now know what's wrong with him but may not be able to fix him without deleting a lot of him memory. This makes me sad as it means I have to rebuild all new memories with him. Also, I think that the hospital bill is going to bit on the pricey side, but nothing too good for Winston!

In the meantime I am suckling from the teet of my workplace interwebs and our workplace server is touch and go at best. I can hardly spend hours a day surfing your blogs while pretending to work, muchless blogging myself so I will be out of commission for a couple more days. But when I get back I'll have some news! K, it's not so much exciting for you, but it is for me.

It has to do with making some changes in the New Year. And no, I'm not knocked up, adopting or getting another slew of cats with the smug satisfaction of being the first pre 30's cat lady.


MsDarkstar said...

Hope Winston feels better soon. I recently had a virus/some other phenomenon that knocked out both my hard drive and network card. Not pretty.

The blogosphere will keep the light on for ya!

Slyde said...

so you got a virus, huh?

What porn site did you get it from? just so i can stay clear...

Deutlich said...

ugh! i hate computer viruses!

Paula said...

Get well soon, Winston! Honestly, men and their "man-flu"!!!

Looking forward to hearing your news!

Mike said...

Did you smack up your car only to get a better one in the following lawsuit?

Lanette said...

Two words: regular back-up.

I wish Winston all the best in his recovery.

My laptop hard drive had a meltdown last month. Thank goodness for the annoying "Product Service Plan" my employed-by-Future-Shop-boyfriend loves so much.

Angela said...

Gosh, you make it sound so sad and such an ordeal! What if WE got viruses like that and needed OUR memories erased to get better? Yikes. I'd hate it!

Maxie said...

everyone's computers are breaking down these days! what's going on?

Meghan said...

Ms. Darkstar- ouch, crappy deal.

Slyde- barnyard animal porn. Is that not sexy?

Deutlich- same :(

Paula- thanks!

Mike, no, that was soooooo last year :P

Lanette- I think it's time to cave and finally get a backup hard drive.

Angela- I have attachment issues with my computer. It's one step down from my cat.

Maxie-a conspiracy?