Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Wanna Know What Really Grinds My Gears?

I work in an office where I am required to live here from Monday to Friday. And although I won't talk (much) about my job on blog I can say that a lot of my day is spent staring at a computer, working with computers, numbers, events, people, places and things.

All in all, my job title is glamourous but the job itself can be far from it. In fact on days where I am running errands, climbing under dusty desks to rewire cord and trying to manage (not burn) paperwork it's all I can do to not jab a pen in my eye, claim it somehow as workers comp and frolick my one eyes, parrot on the shoulder wielding self home.
But there's one thing that can make the day go inherently better or worse. The dealbreaker, one may say.


A good lunch will get me excited like a six year old bringing the kids size kitkat to school to go with the Lunchables. A Subway day makes any stat report worth it as I know that for 30 minutes I'm going to be mowing on a delicious combination of veggies layered with processed Monteray Jack cheese and Chipotle sauce. I would eat my cat if she was covered in that Chipotle sauce. Don't think I'm kidding.

Unfortunately for me my lunch yesterday. Was. A Bust. A Lean Cuisine meal that was four whole dollars. That's a lot of dollars for a meal encased in a plastic shell to be pierced and radiated to goodness. At 6:45 am when I was getting ready to make my trip via the bus (which reminds me that I'm getting my hep shot today) I was stoked as I knew that a meal that cost four dollars and included both shrimp AND pasta and a creamy sauce was going to be delicious.

It wasn't good. Not at all. And this is the second meal I've had in the last week that has been a false advertisement of good taste. The padded bra of the lunch world , if you will. Don't these people that manufacture meals know that the time I spend eating lunch during the day is my escape from office suck? Do they not realize that if they feed me ass food the rest of the day is shot? That I depend on them to push me through the rest of the afternoon fueled by a moderate amount of carbohydrates, sodium and slight requirements from the Canadian food guide?

Apparently not. And so today I have brought not one, not two, but three slices of veggie pizza with me. And a kitkat. And a apple-pear. And a banana. To ensure that today is not going to be a day where I let a bad lunch ruin my day. Today I will have the best lunch in the staffroom where all the others are going to stare at me and wonder how awkward it will be to offer to trade me their leftover casserole for my pizza (and I'll refuse of course). Because no office work is bad after pizza. That's just a statistical fact.

( Yes. It's a slow week in my world when I'm posting about lunch. But in other news I finally found out what I Love Lamp means!)


Mike said...


I got excited when the all u can eat indian place opened down the road.

Both because I love indian food, and I love playing stink wars with my more low brow co-workers.

Deutlich said...

work is horrendous without a real lunch hour.

Arjewtino said...

A bad lunch can ruin my entire day.

That's why I love turkey Tuesdays at my neighborhood deli. Except when it gives me salmonella poisoning.

Hillary said...

dude, I totally have the leftover casserole in the fridge right now

and all I can think about is the all-you-can-eat sushi place down the street from my office

stupid year of frugality

Paula said...

pizza for lunch ROCKS!!!

one day last week i had risotto and it was so horrible it made my day worse. so i totally know how you feel! :)

Candy's daily Dandy said...

I am right there with you!! Lunch is a VERY important meal of the day and if it is disappointing, the rest of the day is indeed a bust.

I am a salve of habit and when I was gainfully employed, lunch was always one of two things-a tuna pocket with pickles and American cheese or a greek salad.

The guys at the sub shop even called me, "greek salad".

Roland Hulme said...

I TOTALLY agree with you. Lunch is often the highlight of my working day. It's the difference between sucky and stupendous.

Bruce said...

In lunch related news...you know the economy sucks when the vending machine at the end of the hall now dispenses candy bars for a whole dolloar ($1.00) each, and they are half the size they they used to be 6 months ago. This is called he inflation diet.

MsDarkstar said...

I agree... lunch can make or break a day. A good Quiznos Sammie Lunch used to make getting yelled at by doctors somehow less horrible. And Indian Buffet for lunch or Chinese Buffet for lunch almost makes me not want to go back to the office (when I actually HAVE a job) so as not to destroy the lunch-related joy!

Random Musings Of My Life said...

I heart you..

Meghan said...

Mike-who's winning the game?

Deutlich- agreed.

Arjewtino-That's part of the fun gamble of Turkey Tuesday!

Hillary-but casseroles get bonus points if they have cheese on them

Paula- dang, risotto is normally happy food.

Candy's Daily- But greek salad rocks.It's better than Filet o' Fish girl :)

Roland- I've missed you! And agree lunch is the dealbreaker.

Bruce- Go to costco, get the giant box and then you don't feel guilty for eating two.

Ms. Darkstar- Quizno's pickles make any day a better day.

Random Musings of My Life- thanks! I heart desk. And carpet. And in time, you.

Slyde said...

we are very much un-alike in this. i usually just skip lunch to leave earlier out of this hell-hole, or i will hit the gym for an hour...

Racquel Valencia said...

The lunch hour is seriously what gets me out the door in the morning. If it weren't for the knowledge that I get to dick off for an hour and stuff my face with Subway and treats from the coffee shop across the street, I would seriously never go to the office at all.

ash said...

i know how pivoital lunchtime is! our jobs sound similar :)

Meghan said...

Slyde- what is this gym you speak of?

Racquel-it's the only perk of office jobs.

Ash-haha, that's awesome.

Anonymous said...

I've been following along for a while now and you have a great blog.

When I used to work long hours (or even at all, I guess) lunch really was the only time that I felt like a real person. I'm glad I finally decided to become an 'entrepreneur'.

Ed Yates said...

That picture of the evil red headed clown was not something I expected to see visiting your blog. I haven't even woken up properly yet. I assume you guys aren't related despite sharing the carrot top? Although the evil clown has more of a radioactive red going on. And I'm not sure I see any family resemblances...

I totally agree: if you can't be excited and happily look forward to your next meal, then what can you be happy about!

Elizabeth Marie said...

I love your blog! I have a fabulous title as well, but a job is a job huh? And lunch is the best part of the day!! xoxo

Meghan said...

Slacktastic- thanks for the visit!And I agree lunch makes us all feel less like drones.

Ed Yates- sorry to throw you off but that did make me laugh a little

Elizabeth- I debate whether or not the title makes it worth it all..verdict still out.

Anonymous said...