Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Remember that time I was all blogging is the best thing in the world and I can't wait to tell you everything about my life on a day to day basis and have so much to say and....*Poof Gone*. Yeah..... that was good times.

It seems this is the anticlimax of Nablopomo, as suddenly I have nothing to share despite there being no lack of foddler so I'll just try to break it down into segments....

Usually I'm that person you wanna shank with a candy cane come December as I piss out christmas cheer. But this year I have none of it. Eggnog and christmas baking isn't bringing it out and I'm still staring at the box of Christmas cards rather than writing in them. Despire planning, not all presents have been purchased, plans are not concrete and so forth. I'm not going to blame commercialism, or the lack of snow as it's more of a feeling of just... meh. The cheer hasn't come yet and I'm not quite sure what's going to jump start it.

Every year for the past handful of years there has been a loose tradition where no matter what the family is upto we all go to my parents place for the holidays. Plain and simple. This year my brother refuses to go due to schoolwork due early in the new year and his new girlfriend has to work christmas eve. This annoys me endlessly. We have never feigned to be that close, but it's the one time of year where we all try to get together and pretend to be a happy suburban family. We eat dinner and open presents and watch movies and chill one week of the year. But my brother can't even feign that this year. I can't say how many years when I was in school that I dragged books home over the holidays to work on essays and readings. And suddenly because after fourteen years of procrastinating, he's decided to go to school and get a job suddenly 'noone knows the stress he's under'. Despite people rearranging their schedules based on his. Despite the fact that everyone around him seems to be able to make it work. He can't do anything that inconvienences him for one week. One fucking week.


The roads are safe once again as I parked my car for the winter (it's a summermobile) and have joined the ranks of those who take public transportation. Yes, public transportation (it only works if you say it outloud with a sneer. try it. like this...)

Sexy, no?

Now as much as we all know public transportation is really just a fancy reminder to get your hep shots and not talk to strangers this week I've actually found there are a couple upsides to it. If you're a young professional and you take the bus, you are by default going to be one of the sharpest dressed on there hands down. Also for all nostalgia of wishing I could go back to my college days I am quickly reminded that I don't miss the 30lb backpacks that came with it. Also if you keep your Ipod on and give people the shifty eyeball, they tend to leave you alone. Ex) Yeah, I'm listening to the Little Mermaid soundtrack; you got a problem with that? Didn't think so. Also it has been helping me not buy so much crap as I don't want to walk to the store just to get a cookie. Usually I am that lazy ass that will drive to the store to pick up ice cream when I crave it, even if it's 11pm at night. Not so easy when you're taking the bus.


This last weekend I knocked off one of the scariest things from my list of 101 things to do in 1001 days. Being that I sang kareoke, all by myself at a pub. How was it, you ask? Somewhere in between William Hung and a cat in heat. But I did it. I sang 'Sweet Caroline' and gave it my all to a crowded pub on a Saturday night and it was terrifying but at least no tomatoes were thrown.

That's about it from Meghanworld, any particular thing that you do to jump start the holiday bandwagon?


P said...

Usually once I have my presents wrapped it feels more like christmas. But I'm still waiting for loads to arrive this year, so not really feeling the festive thing yet. Boo. :(

Candy's daily Dandy said...

Umm yeah. I am so feeling the same way about the holidays. Yesterday I wrote about skipping christmas.

I LOVE the "shanking people with a candy cane thing". I'm so using that today....

Organic Meatbag said...

Meh, I have no spirit this year either...we haven't even put up our tree and probably won', the cold weather doesn't make me just makes me sad because it hurts my body...bleh...bah humbug...

Bathwater said...

Sweet Caroline, no wonder you waited to tell us ;). and public transportation? Winter isn't your season is it?

Let's get that over sized candy cane out and get to it there has to be some cheer around here. I can't wait till the whole season is over myself!

Alain Saffel said...

Your comment about blogging being the biggest thing was appropriate today. I was looking through my old blog on blogspot reminiscing a little. I've moved it now, but don't write on it nearly as much.

I noticed that most of the j-school blogs are now idle or just plain gone. Kind of sad in a way. People keep up on Facebook, but it's just not the same.

Most of my writing is now paid or, I'm hoping, will lead to me getting paid for more writing. I've also found that my personal blogging has migrated to other places like Stumbleupon where they're not so much blog posts but lengthy comments about random things.

It's nice to see that you've kept your blog going though.

I'm feeling blah about Christmas too. I don't want to buy anyone gifts. I don't want gifts for me. I'd rather just hang out with family and friends.

Steph said...

Don't feel bad, seems everyone is lacking in the xmas spirit (not the bottled variety, that's still around in spades).

Your brother is a gronk. Go kick him.

Lucy said...

I never really get the Christmas spirit until it is close to christmas BUT I do enjoy sitting by the tree listening to Christmas music, that is always nice.

Your brother is being a poo because of his girlfriend, not school and he won't admit it.

I have never done public transportation because we really don't have it my little town, it always seem so exciting to me but I have to admit I think I would miss the freedom that with my car.

Now, change out the Little Mermaid Soundtrack and listen to some good old Christmas Music and see if that jump starts your spirit!!!

It's Me! said...

You're not alone my friend. The Christmas Spirit is weak in this one too.

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Sadly, I can't reach my Christmas tree that it one the top shelf of my storage closet without a ladder. Ladders and a bum leg don't go together, so I must await the arrival of help.

Congratulations on singing karaoke! I did that -- once -- several years ago. Even though I am an old folk singer and guitarist, I feel that I made an ass of myself with the karaoke gig! I shan't do that again.

Mike said...

My buddy TJ has five kids. My birthday was last night. They like to get me a cake. I like to bring the kids' christmas presents on the same day, knowing they don't do a tree and the kids open up the gifts then and there.

They get pissed but it makes me happy.

Yes, I give gifts on MY birthday. Weird? Maybe.

Bruce said...

The older I get the more I detest the holidays. If I had the resources (positive bank balance) I would be on a beach in Mexico, doing some writing and walking along the beach.....sans tinsel and trees.

Jen said...

This year we (the family) are not getting together for the holiday. Finally given up pretending we like each other and are doing our own thing. It kinda makes me sad but at the same time I won't have to listen to my SIL cry about something stupid.

jamie said...

I hate public trans more than anything in the world. HATE.

But I love you.

Meghan said...

P-presents always lead to happiness, I think it's a medical fact.

Candy-do it!

Organic- we do the grinch thing well.

Bathwater- what makes you think that? :P

Alain- thanks for the comment, its nice to see there are a few of us left.

Steph- I'll drink grog then kick.

Lucy- Christmas music is a good idea, thanks!

Pirate Jess- meh, lets just skip this year.

Nick- I think everyone has to shame themselves with kareoke once.

Mike- awww, I knew you were a softy underneath it all.

Bruce- throw some tinsel on the
palm trees and it'll balance.

Jen- not seeing my soon to be SIL is a present in itself. Mean but true.

Jamie- I love you and Edie too!