Monday, January 21, 2008

5 Websites to try on For Size

I've been tagged by Maverick to share my top 5 websites I visit daily. Not sure if they're my top 5 but they are definately the ones that I can think of this early in the morning.

1.) Perez Hilton ; is like a dirty addiction. I think he can be mean and hypocritical and often his claims havevery little merits. I tell myself I will not click on it daily. It's a lie, as I'm hooked.

2.) In a similar vein, The Superficial. Also full of tabloid gossip but the sense of humour has me cackling out loud behind my desk at work.

3.) Veg Web. Good recipes for vegetarians and vegans, some yummy and tasty and some just pretentious and gross. But it's nice for any vegetarians looking to get away from natchos and pizza pops.

4.) is actually good for having credible and up to date news sources, entertainment news and links to articles that help me to waste my day wisely in the office. Knowledge about home reno's, 'if he's the one' and 'how to dress for success' are amongst some of the daily time munchers.

5.) To copy Mav all the blogs I read that are interesting and informative and make me realize ther's so many people worldwide that have similar viewpoints and great stories to share. Thanks to all of you:)

Now it's my turn, so I'm going to tag



Pirate Jessica

Chelsea (Talks Smack)

Princess Polly

Happy websurfing!


maverick said...

wow...that was very fast...thank u..ur highness :) sites..n lol abt the last one :)


PrincessPolly said...

Oooh, I've been tagged! I now have three memes to do! Oh dear . . . I'll let you know when I've done it. I don't actually know a couple of these sites but I recently checked out Perez's site for the first time and wasn't too impressed with it - I personally think I'M better at slagging off celebs than he is. :)

Meghan said...

Princess Polly-I fully agree. But Perez does use catchy words like 'whoreanous' and 'Unfitney'which caters to my simple mind. Either way, keep it coming:)

Leanne said...

Ummmm hellllo you didnt even think to mention Facebook dearest wifey