Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Open Book

I'm too freaking tired to post anything right now. But feel a Tuesday post is neccesary. Why? Just cause I said so. A real one will come this week. But for now I'm holding an open forum. Any question you'd ever want to ask (for the people that know me well) or are just pondering (for those who well don't know much abooot me at all) and I'm gonna answer honestly and to the best of my abilities. Pretty much I'm just knocking off a question/answer application from facebook.

Next thing you know I'll be poking other people's blogs and adding a "how great a kisser" are you quiz to the sidebar.


Sarah K said...

I can't think of a question. It is late. Also, I always just ask you questions that I have anyhow.

PrincessPolly said...

What do you think your most embarrassing experience was?

maverick said...

what has been the wildest thing u ve ever done??