Thursday, January 24, 2008

They Pay You To Do What?

So I got naked for a class full of students yesterday. They didn't even have to collectively buy me a drink with their student funds. It pretty much goes against at least three pages of the very thick employee guideline handbook I received upon job offer.

Okay, okay it's not so bad. I was a test subject for a spa therapy class and of course had the shirt off. And my pants were a bit high waisted (laundry day) so they had to be undone and hiked down. Of course I was moooshed down on the table so there was no peeksies, but it still felt weird considering I've had half of them as students in my class.

Also the fact that it's been too cold to go outside the house other than work for groceries muchless razors made sure I had a good three days underarm stubble to show off too. But it's cold, I live alone and am currently not getting laid so I figured what does it matter...oops.

So for fourty-five minutes I got paid to get a back massage. I love my job.

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I'm not going to post about Heath Ledger's untimely death at this point but am just going to refer people to read a beautiful story on about her day spent working with him. I'm glad she shared her encounter.


maverick said...

which class is this??when can i join???

PrincessPolly said...

Oh no, i'm all for getting the free massage and all but not on "hairy day"! :(

Sean said...

Well, you've already started identifying "sexually deviant comrades". I'd be quite surprised if the stubble didn't do anything for at least some of the class... :-)

Melissa said...

Uh, I'd love to comment but I've got to go shave the weeks worth of growth from my underarms - cuz apparently you never know.

Steph said...

lol, go you wid yo bad ass self!

Sarah K said...

A whole three days worth of stubble? That's dreadful. You're a terrible person. You are going to a hell filled with giant bipedal razors that will chase you incessantly singing commercial jingles.

I'm going to that hell too, I haven't shaved since December.

Meghan said...

maverick- I can refer you to an advisor if you'd like

princess polly-i know, it was a toss up!

sean-well everyone has their own thing i guess :P

melissa-don't forget fresh knickers incase you're in an accident too.

sarah-jingles are fun!

unique_stephen said...

I worked as a nude model for years, - never as a teacher tho'

Meghan said...

unique stephen-they're more alike than you'd think :P